Divisions Of Reality

Started off originally as a collaboration with bluecloud and has been written by me alone since Chapter 16.

This story is probably my favorite sci-fi ideas. You can see a lot of Star Wars and fantasy inspirations in this really. I was sad when Stephanie (bluecloud) stopped writing with me but I understood it and she okayed me continuing alone. I started this with her in like 2002/2003 and you can tell in the early chapters compared to the latter ones. But I love this idea so much I refuse to abandon it. Even though it takes me ages to update this, I stick with it. One day, I will finish it.

In the year 3999, humanity is again on the verge of either salvation, or utter damnation. There are three who hold the fate of all creation within their young teen hands…

Original Banner

Chapter OneNot For Me
Chapter TwoThe Emperor’s Son
Chapter ThreeUnpleasant Surprises
Chapter FourThe Crash
Chapter FiveDeath, Destiny, and Despair
Chapter SixEscaping
Chapter SevenUnexpected Confrontations
Chapter EightThe Dark Desert
Chapter NineMixed Agendas
Chapter TenTrapped
Chapter ElevenRising Tensions
Chapter TwelveFyliza
Chapter ThirteenInternal Instincts
Chapter FourteenThe Jungle
Chapter FifteenUnleashed Storms
Chapter SixteenFound Out
Chapter SeventeenThe Truth Of It All
Chapter EighteenInstinct
Chapter NineteenDivided We Stand
Chapter TwentyWaking Sleep, Sleeping Wake
Chapter Twenty-OneDepths Of The Soul
Chapter Twenty-TwoNever Dream Alone
Chapter Twenty-ThreeTaking Action

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