Short Stories/Novellas

Not quite a one-shot but definitely too short to be a novel.
(Generally I consider a short story to be 2-5 chapters, a novella to be 6-20)


Show Me A Reason
Summary: The time has come but you know that it’s not too late…
Nick hates himself, hates his life, and hates everyone around him. What he wants more than anything is for it all to end. But sometimes, when all you wish is to just lie down and die, you finally find a reason to live.
Years Written: 2014 – 2015
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Drama, Angst
Main Characters: Nick, Group
Status: Completed


Here We Stand
Summary: Everyone believed if Kevin came back, everything would go back to the way things used to be – not just the fans, but the boys themselves. The thing is, nothing ever stays the same, and they’re no exception. The trick is knowing it, accepting it, and learning from it.
Years Written: 2012 – 2013
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Dramedy
Main Characters: Group
Status: Completed


Walked Out Of My Dreams
Summary: In times you want to forget, the mind can be a wonderful thing. It can also be dangerous. When tragedy strikes, Brian’s life is irrevocably changed in ways he never could have imagined.
Years Written:
2010 – 2012
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Drama/Angst
Main Characters: Nick, Brian
Status: Completed


Grape Expectations
Everything seemed like it couldn’t be better. At least, until Nick hears it on one fateful day. That’s when his life takes a drastic turn…
Years Written: 2012
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Horror
Main Characters: Nick, Group
Status: Completed

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