DRATW Award Winners Season One

Winners For Season One:

“So Vivid” (Best First Person POV)
Winner: Curtain Call by Julie
Runner Ups: Running Up That Hill by Sakabelle; Begin Again by Lisa

“So Intense” (Best Angst)
Winner: Nick’s Dirty Kicks by Sakabelle,
Runner Up: Unsuspecting Sunday by Julie

“So Bright” (Best Romance)
Winner: Falling In Love Again by emily_michele
Runner Ups: I Wanna Be Bad by Karah; You Don’t Know Me by Hannah

“Oh, Oh My God” (Best Horror/Suspense)
Winner: Hope Is The Last Thing Ever Lost by Mare
Runner Up: Save A Prayer by Carter-Orange

“What Does It Mean?” (Most Creative)
Winners: Thesis of a Cruel Angel by Sakabelle; Got Away by Hannah
Runner Up: Confessions of a Backstreet Boy by Karah

“That’s A Whole Rainbow There” (Best OneShot)
Winner: Does You Have Any Grey Poupon? by evergreenwriter83
Runner Up: Crash and Burn by mamogirl

“I Can’t Even Capture It On My Camera”  (Best Novel)
Winner: Curtain Call by Julie
Runner Up: A Million Little Things by Mare

“Starting To Look Like A Triple Rainbow” (Best Series)
Winner: The Broken Series by Julie
Runner Up: Protect & Serve/Scars Run Deep & Wide by Mare

“The Baddest Fuckin’ Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen” (Best Villain)
Winner: Tim in Hope Is The Last Thing Ever Lost by Mare
Runner Up: Nick Carter in Twisted by Lisa

“Full of Awe” (Best Hero)
Winner: Nick in Leave by Hannah
Runner Up: Nick in Save a Prayer by Carter-Orange

“Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky” (Best Author)
Winner: Julie
Runner Up: Carter-Orange

“Look At That Rainbow!” (Best New/Unrecognized Author)
Winner: emily-michele
Runner Up: mamogirl

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