Fanfic Faves

What I feel are the best of the best in the grand world of fanfiction.

Broken by RokofAges75
It’s a classic plot line but with *gasp* realism! This was the first story of its kind to go where other stories like it had never gone before. It’s long but totally worth the ride. It suckered me in and was the first story to convince me all romance fanfic wasn’t evil LOL. So be sure to check out its sequel By My Side once you’re done.

Yesterday’s Blue Skies by Just Marina
One of the best sci-fis I’ve read in BSB fanfic. It hasn’t been updated in awhile and it’s still unfinished, fair warning. It has the classic bromance all BSB fics should have while spanning out into its own world with a great storyline. Feel free to pester here at @breezetwist to try and get her to update if you end up loving it as much as I do lol.

Whatever the Night May Bring by Mare
This story while having the classic suspense and old school flair Mare is famous for, is very different from her usual writings. It’s amazing, personally. It’s sci-fi without being futuristic and has all sorts of crazy things that are so classic Mare.

Save A Prayer by Carter-Orange
So remember all those “Survivor” stories that were popular back in the day? This is similar but not exactly the same. Plus NKOTB gets tortured in it, which for someone who wished the NKOTBSB thing had been NKOTB-less lol, is always a fun time.

Curtain Call by RokofAges75
Yes another story by Julie. Hey, she’s my ZDR and I became friends with her because I loved her stories and wanted to have a chance to write with her. (Hence my joining CB). Anywho, yes, it is what you think it is and yet it isn’t. This is, in my opinion, the best story she’s ever written. Hands down. But be prepared. The title alone should be a warning that you need a seriously big supply of tissues nearby.

Garden by Louise
I love her writing. I wish she would finish her other story Homecoming. But this is a classic she wrote about Kevin back in the day. Its short and beautifully written so everyone should take a moment to read it.

Something Beautiful by Pengi
Before Julie finished Curtain Call, this was the first story to make me cry in a long, long, time. It’s simple and that’s what makes it so lovely. Simplicity can be everything sometimes. Get some tissues and read on.

Ground Zero by Chaos
Another classic. It’s a kidnapping story that while isn’t common anymore, it used to be. But this was one of the great ones within that shuffle. I wish he still wrote BSB fic LOL. But he’s the reason AC exists so he’s still awesome for that.

The Legend by Whitney
Back in the “golden days” of fanfiction/aka the 90s, Whitney was a legend of her own sorts. She was best known for starting the “bus crash” story trend that later died out. (I wish someone would write a really good one again but I digress…). While everyone knows about “Where Can We Go From Here?“, I always loved this little gem more. It’s a blend of sci-fi and fantasy and while it does in fact incorporate Nsync, it wasn’t enough to deter me which should be a statement on how well written it was.

The Answer Is Yes by Eboni
Back in the day she was a fanfic writer I looked up to. Because she had a site with no romance or cheesy plotlines like the girlband fics lmao. While she has many great fics like Boys In the Basement, or Everybody, this one was my fave. It’s another sci-fi but not in the AU sense. Nick is still Nick Carter of BSB the same way Justin was still Justin of Nsync. And it makes you wonder, what is the question if the answer is yes?  I miss her being in the fandom but at least wayback internet archive helps keep her stories on the net. Another must read.

The Disease (Darla) by Mersey
I’ll be back with another story by Mersey because honestly she’s awesome. But this was the first story I ever read by her. It’s AU but it’s interesting, angsty and worth the ride. It’s just an interesting tale about how society can toss people aside and sweep them under the rug because of something beyond your control.

Sammy by bluecloud
Steph, aka bluecloud was a former cowriter of mine. This and the stories that followed (which were sci-fi but this one is not) is what prompted me to ask if she’d work on a story with me. This is a sweet yet angsty story where an abandoned little boy captures Brian’s heart to the point where he can’t just move on, he has to help. The unofficial sequels (basically other stories but do feature Sammy in them as canon) are awesome as well – Time’s Enemy, and then Time’s Revenge.

Finding Brotherhood by Mersey
Told you I’d be back with another story by her. This is sort of fantasy but mainly drama. Definitely one of the best bromances I’ve ever read.

Why I’d do it all Again by Mare
Another classic story by Mare. It takes place during the “reuniting” of our Boys after their hiatus to make the Never Gone album. If I didn’t know better, I’d think she had a video camera filming them during their downtime LOL.

Last Christmas by rebellious_one
A cabin in the woods trip gone awry story that is humorous at times, suspenseful at others, and a great read all around.

Running Up That Hill by Sakabelle
A story that dares to tackle the perspectives of the other four Boys during that dark time of the fandom – when AJ went to rehab for the very first time. Well written, now if she’d finish soon I’d be thrilled! LOL.

The Importance of Fly Fishing by Mare
A great bromance featuring Kevin, Nick and…fly fishing lol. Honestly I can’t get enough of the Nick/Kevin bond so this was right up my alley.

Dodging the Daylight by KeepThisSecret
Honestly one of the best fanfics I’ve read in ages. The best fanfiction of 2014 in the BSB fandom without a doubt. It’s interesting, it’s suspense, and she keeps you guessing. She’s a newer writer but I’m hoping to see a new story from her soon. Why? Because she’s simply that awesome.

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