Miles To Go before I sleep…

One thing this year has done, is make me look at things I haven’t in a long time. Yesterday I looked at Miles To Go for the first time in over a year. I forgot how much I loved writing that story honestly. It’s dark, it’s twisted and I’m proud of it. It got my brain thinking about it and I started reworking the chapters I never posted, figuring out what had me so stuck before. And today I started writing.

So I’m posting an update to Miles To Go. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know if I’ll be back to this story consistently. But I wanted to post this anyway, because this story deserves that.

So enjoy the latest chapter. Remember I also cross post on Archive Of Our Own if you like the format there better.

Updates In Times of Corona

Writing is my escape. Enough said.

I should be on a trip to Chicago to see Julie (y’all know Julie), my ZDR partner in crime along with our friends, and we should be getting ready to see the Boys three times this week. Sadly that’s not happening. But that’s okay. Now we have a crazy road trip planned for next year and we’re seeing them five times together. And I added an extra show to see with my friend Andie in LA. Still depressing but this year I’m focusing on myself, bettering myself, and doing what makes me happy. Writing is one of those things. I’m on vacation which is more staycation, but it also means writing! It could mean blogging on my BSB site The Dark Side, and it probably means fiction writing too. Either way I’m in my writing cave for a week.

So enjoy Chapter Three of When The Daylight’s Gone

Happy Easter! Here’s an early update

Or as I like to say, Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Shocker, right?

It seems I can focus on blogging or fic writing but not both. Which for now is okay. This has definitely been a good way for me to channel some stress from everything going on in the world right now. Please stay safe and inside. I myself, am an essential worker and I can’t stress this enough.

I’ve been productive so I thought I’d post Chapter Two of When The Daylight’s Gone early but don’t expect me to post Chapter Three before May LOL. Here’s hoping the streak continues and that I am able to blog on my fan site as well. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts! Either here or on AO3. While I always write for my own personal satisfaction I can’t stress enough what feedback does to help motivate writers.


When The Daylight’s Gone…

This is sooner than I planned to post this but I’m feeling inspired by a lot of current events. To force myself to stay on track though I’m not going to let myself update sooner than once every three weeks. So in about three weeks if I write like I plan to, then I’ll update again. No sooner. I don’t want to fall off on this idea! I’ve also just missed posting and I think that will motivate me as well. We’ll see.

I’m also on Archive Of Our Own, in case you didn’t know. My profile, is of course ZombieRainbowRose. So if you’re more comfortable commenting there then go for it.

I would love to know your thoughts, so please share them.

I give you…When The Daylight’s Gone.

I never disappeared…And I miss updating.

I miss fic writing. I actively still write but it’s typically for my BSB fan blog The Dark Side. But the thing is I never stopped writing fiction, crazy as that is to believe. I know I practically fell off the face of the fic world. It’s because I became so inconsistent that I felt bad making promises that I wasn’t keeping. Posting new ideas because I was excited and then watching as I failed to follow through. What happened is basically I would get new ideas, start them and then repeat the process with newer ideas.

But I never stopped writing. My goal for 2020 is to try and get out this fic I’ve been working on. My partner in crime, Julie… (y’all know Broken Julie, the Choppage Queen!) knows about this idea. I literally brainstormed it while at a museum with her. She helped me flesh it out in fact. But I promised myself I wouldn’t post it till I have ten chapters.

I’m not there…yet. But here’s the banner for my upcoming project, and the summary. I’ve gotten a lot more productive since I bought a Chromebook back  in November and I’m hopeful. So if you’re reading this, know I haven’t gone away from the fan fic world forever. Life just has a way of moving and getting in the way the older you get.

It’s always darkest before the dawn…

They say there is a reason for everything, that God has a plan for us all. Nick didn’t know that what started off as just another day would set off a chain of events that threatened everything that mattered most to him.

I miss fanfic

I miss fanfiction. I’m horribly stuck on Miles To Go (well, I know where it’s going but it’s writing it that’s been difficult). I started that story as a challenge and man, has it been. In good ways and bad. That said, I miss fanfic. I’ve been sitting on this new idea, but I’ve held off in my efforts to focus. It’s not working. I have no idea how consistent I’ll be but I’m inspired and I decided to hell with it. Post a new story and see what happens.

So I give you… Inside The Grey.

It’s amazing what random feedback does…

Life got in the way, and Miles To Go had fallen to the wayside. It sucked but my motivation was in the toilet, essentially. But then, I got a review out of nowhere. Just general praise but it made me go back and look at my twisted little story. It reminded me of why I loved it. And it got me writing. So thank you reviewer. This is the effect reviews can have on a writer.

Enjoy the new chapter of Miles To Go!

I’m alive, and back!

So lets see, I haven’t updated in ages. But I still adore fanfic. It’s just real life got in the way a bit. I also happen to help run/contribute to the TDS blog if you guys go there. THEN, post DWTS after life was settling, my computer died. So things got in the way. But I’m back and with a new oneshot! I’m not sure what fueled this besides listening to that NG b-side “Memories”, but it got me thinking about Remember Me This Way, and this followed. I’m working on Miles To Go now that I have my notes for it back. So I’ll update when I can. Till then, enjoy Memories.