Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Nineteen

Divided We Stand


The blue skinned creature before her smirked as he moved his long elephant styled nose over his shoulder, weapons strapped across his body, backed by soldiers outnumbering them by far. “Thought I was dead right?” He stepped closer to them, crushing the soft mossy canary colored grass beneath his feet. Angel held her gun ready to go. Nick behind her, his gun aimed for the alien, no trace of fear within his steely blue eyes, only waiting because he knew Angel had to confront this on her own. Brian held his smaller gun, scared, but fighting not to show it. Bravely burying his fears inside, ready to help the only two ever to care for him. He went unnoticed however, the two mainly in the focus of the enemy were the rebellious girl and the one raised by a Watcher.

“More like hoped really. But I guess you’re like one of those cockroaches I heard about that inhabit earth. Not even a nuclear war was able to get rid of the nasty little critters.”

“I look good for my age, and live through a lot Angie; I age twice as slow as humans. I was only told you were of some importance, never knew you were one of the prophecy descendents, you never looked that important.”

“What do you mean you were told?” Nick demanded fiercely, stepping forward and next to Angel, the two were blocking the view of Brian and Howie unbeknownst to any of them. He pushes his shaggy blond hair away from his eyes as his other hand held the loaded weapon, ready to rumble at any time.

“Assigned bodyguard the watchers hired, they just didn’t say she was prophecy girl.”

Angel remained silent, keeping her emotions in check despite the shock at her friend being older than she thought and discovering the watchers assigned Tarkansay to care for her.

“And still you did this to her.”

How Angel was able to stand there with the large leaves hovering above her, Tankras screeching softly in the sky, as she stared her friend down, seeing the lack of emotion in his void violet eyes, she would never know. Her tone was cold, trying to hide the hurt and shock at all the turn of events that had brought them here, it still surprised her, still took her off her guard, and more importantly, it still stung the depths of her sensitive soul. “Me and my brothers are going to kick your ass.”

“That’s another thing; I thought the prophecy spoke of one. Besides, I was hired to get rid of AC Free, turns out you were born for chaos Angie baby. After watchers were getting killed left and right, pay went down for my bodyguard gig-”

“So when Zenok made the offer, you switched sides.” Nick finished for him. The twenty soldiers of the Emperor stood waiting for Tarkansay to give the ready signal. A silent standoff was between them, even though the three destined in their watcher were outnumbered five to one.

“Pretty much.”

“You disgust me.” She said with fury. Let it end now.

“Well, says the person who is going to be killed for the good of all creation.”

“More like the damnation you bastard.” Nick said with annoyance, and spat at the blue creature irritably. Tarkansay gave the signal, and they were ambushed with blasts of lasers and fire. They dove behind statues trying to fruitlessly keep them at bay. How were they to get to Howard’s ships now? Brian and Howie slipped around the chaos while Angel and Nick, having only known battles, dove straight for the heart of it. Angel began slicing with her sword and shooting with a blaster left and right, not caring who gets killed as long as it wasn’t her brothers or the Watcher. A strong shove thrusted the female warrior forward and she swung back only to be caught by Tarkansay.

“Come on, you and me, I’ve always wanted to take you on.”

“Why do you have to do this!?” She shouted in desperation, in agony of her urge to know the truth. Nick was forgotten as he continued fighting ahead of her with a skill beyond a normal human. Yet that fact goes unnoticed in the heat of war.

“Nothing personal.” He ducked as she swung her laser blade with brute force aimed at his neck.

“The hell it isn’t!” She screamed as once again the thunder boomed in the distance. Seemed the storm wasn’t gone completely yet. Clouds began to move in, blocking the sun and beginning to cover the battling with darkness.

It was then his elephant nose, gripping an object she didn’t see, jabbed it into her side. A jolt of energy can be felt racing though her body before complete darkness consumed her. Electricity making her body jolt uncontrollably. Tarkansay smirked as he stood above his fallen former friend.

“You always did let emotion distract you.”


Brian raced to help Angel but Howie tugged him along, not letting the one weaker physically join in. Brian’s power lies elsewhere and he was not ready.

“You must come.”

“What about the others?”

Howard tucked the hood of hic cloak back over his head as they hide amongst the brightly colored enormous foliage as they made their way towards where Brian assumes the ship is to be. “They are strong, they will make it. You my son, your power lies in another form. This is not your battle.”

“We can’t leave them…”

“Leave who?” Nick asks as he catches his breath, about to follow them, knowing they had to escape while they could when he realized Angel wasn’t with them. “Where’s Angel?”

“Angelique will catch up with us.” The watcher replied. Nick shook his head.

“I’m going back for her.”

Brian frowned, torn once again on his choices. All the animals had fled in fear when the battle began so none could advise him this time. He remained silent as he hand his hand through his strawberry gold hair.

He looked towards the two before him. “Go on! Me and Angel will catch up!”

“Nick don’t be stupid, Angel can handle it!” Brian shouted, knowing Nick’s recklessness from their journey together. Howard said to go, and he’d trust him. What choice was there? He had realized.

A voice filtered through Nick’s mind faintly, so faint the almost didn’t catch it. ‘Don’t come for me.’

He ignored it and gave Howard and Brian a confident nod. “I’ll meet you guys there.”

‘Go on without me.’ The voice said once more, sounding so familiar.

“I‘ve seen what he does to prisoners. For the love of the gods and goddess don‘t get captured!” Brian cried out with concern.

Nick, listen to Brian. Don’t come back.

“Its us, come on, we’ll be there soon.”

Nick listen to me! Don’t play hero!

“I’m going to save her” he muttered as he pushed his way fighting only for moments till he could get past and get back to where Angel was.

Gods damn it, Nick don’t be a reckless moron! Listen to me! I’m in your head for a reason! It’s a freaking TRAP!

He raced back, shaking the voice off as just thoughts of random fear. Using his laser powered sword to get through the foliage and men. As he does, their blood splatters across his chest as if nothing but a child’s finger-painting, and it doesn’t even register on the fated one’s mind. When he finally got there, he found Angel, bound and gagged, unconscious with a confident Glacar before him as he aimed three guns at him. Two with his hands and a third with that long nose. He turned to see the ten men they hadn’t harmed appear from the bushes as if from thin air. Tarkansay just laughed smugly as he kept the three weapons aimed at him. He sighed and dropped his weapon, knowing he had lost. Angel had been caught, and this had been a trap. The voice had come from his sister. As they cuffed him, Nick sent a message to his brother mentally, hoping they’d have a good enough connection to get it through. Then he was shot with the same electric weapon and feel to the ground with only his thoughts desperately trying to reach his brother….

‘Go on without us. We’ve been captured, you were right. If you come back they’ll take you too. Me and Angel will be fine. You have to get away.’

‘You have to get out Brian, me and Nick are survivors.’

As those voices floated through Brian’s mind, he boarded the ship. The panel shutting with a resounding thud, Howard turned to the destined triplet. “You seem troubled.”

“Nick and Angel have been caught…”

“They told you.” The watcher said with a small smile.

Brian shifts his head towards the window as the ship began to blast through Yaresia’s several atmospheres. “We have to go back for him.”

“No young one. If we do that the Emperor would have you and that would be all he’d need to control the realms for all of eternity.”

“If my Fa- if Zenok has them, they’ll be tortured…I know what he does.”

Howard sighed as he plotted their course into a safer quadrant outside of their current galactic location. “This was not supposed to happen this way. Damn the heavens for us ever hiring that damn Glacar. We’ll get them back Brianian. Zenok will not kill them, they are too valuable.”

“But how?” He sighed. “I only wish, after everything they’ve done for me Howard…it had been me instead.”


Her eyelids fluttered faintly and she groaned. Her arms were bound by photon beams of light going around her wrists and legs. Any movement and she knew it could very well slice into her flesh depending on the strength. Her voice croaked out into the darkness surrounding her. “Nick!?” How she knew he was here Angel couldn’t say. She could only sense his presence near her.

“Angel!?” Nick cried out, sitting uncomfortably on the ground, not wanting to know what covered it. Bars of photon power lay before him. He was in a cell he knew and could hear the power buzzing. That ruled out escape through force. His hair was matted to his face, completely adding to his aggravation. All he could see before him was other cells where creatures were trapped like himself. Most were women, supposedly crimes against the Emperor’s Female Commandments. The ones he knew Angel had fought against. He was glad he was seeing this rather than her. His eyes focused on the grimy floor in front of him, wishing a solution could come to him. He screamed out his sister’s name once more, hoping she could hear him. He doesn’t know where she is, but at least she could have the comfort, that in this…she wasn’t alone.

She could hear his distinct voice just barely. He was a good ways away from her it sounded. They separated them to control them, figured. Her mind raced. Brian. Was he safe? Her mind searched for any memories of what occurred to comfort her. Brian, he was with Howard, they had escaped, they had to. Or they would be dead by now. Her eyes taking in the steel floors in the building they had been brought to. The brick and metal rusted floor was soaked in dried blood of many species. The thought wanted to make her hurl. Her sapphire eyes spotted a window and she got the tiniest glimpse of her surroundings. She was on Mars. The Emperor’s home base.


There he was again. She allowed herself a tiny smile. They were divided, the three of them, but they were not alone. She glanced up when she heard a voice that felt like burning acid in her ears.

“He’s in the chambers. You my dear are chosen first to deal with the honored Emperor.”

“Tarkansay you bastard. You’re going to be the ruin of anything living!” She screamed at him, not caring anymore about showing her emotions. That had to be saved for later. For the torture that was going to inevitably come.

“He will save all creation, you will die so that everything can unify and live.”

A roll of her eyes came as immediate response. “Save the bullshit.”

“It’s not bullshit, it’s the truth Angel, you will be killed for the greater good, and you should be honored.”

“I never knew you could be such…a SAP.” She leaned her head back before spitting at him, landing the bit of bodily fluid directly between his eyes. A chuckle came as he was about to charge at her in rage. She was unfazed, and continued her soft, sad, worn out giggles.

“Tarkansay, I had said for you to leave me to our new prisoners of war.”

Unable to see the owner of the voice, judging from the Glacar’s sudden bow, she knew who her next visitor was. Angel watched as the man stepped up firmly, now in her line of sight. Taking in the towering impressive figure, the cold and cruel onyx eyes, and the slicked back raven hair, she just smirked. Finally face to face with the man she had loathed for her entire existence.

Zenok, the man she had fought again for so long was there before her, looking void of any emotion as a twisted smile grew upon his ghostly maniacal face. “And so we meet, AC Free…”


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