Coming Soon

Stories I have banners for, summaries, and a few even have previews of what’s to come. These are the stories I haven’t had a chance to start writing on consistently yet.


Summary: Nick Carter’s girlfriend has a lot secrets, but he’s never minded that because he always loved how she seemed to be different from others. She has a dark past she’s desperate to hide along with her present life in Division. When it’s discovered that Nick’s more than just her cover, everything changes when Michael steps into the picture.
Fandom: Nikita (Season 1)/Backstreet Boys Crossover
Genre: Action/Adventure
Main Characters: Nick Carter, Michael
Click Here For a Preview of the Story!

Summary: The story of the serial rapist/murderer has swept the country. Women everywhere live in fear of being next. There’s a pattern to the crimes, one eerily similar to someone’s tour…
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Suspense, Horror
Main Characters: Nick

Summary: Everyone knows that when I was born, there was a hole in my heart. What people don’t know is the true story of how I survived to grow into adulthood. It was something I’ve had to keep quiet my entire life, for the truth is far too dangerous…
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure
Main Characters: Brian
Click here for a preview of the story!

NoMoreShadowsSummary: After the battle of New York, the world knows Super Heroes really do exist. What S.H.I.E.L.D. soon discovers is that one was hiding in plain sight, using that as the best alter ego of all.
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./Backstreet Boys Crossover
Genre: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure
Main Characters: Nick

Summary: When AJ’s fallen off the wagon yet again, he assumes that’s why he was experiencing memory blackouts. But when he regains his sobriety and the blackouts keep happening, he realizes it’s something far more sinister…
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Horror, Suspense
Main Characters: AJ, Group

After the thunder’s spoken
After the lightning bolt’s been hurled
After the dream is broken,
There’ll still be love in the world

Everything you know, everything you love, can change within one moment of time. The challenge is in trying to cope with whatever life chooses to throw your way. The hardest thing to do is to keep living, even after the storm has passed.
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
Genre: Drama/Angst
Main Characters: Nick, Group


Summary: As with any story, it all started with a beautiful girl…
Backstreet Boys
Genre: Suspense, Horror
Main Characters: Nick
Click here for a preview of the story!

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