Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Fifteen

Unleashed Storms

Angel grunted in annoyance as she followed her computer scanning for human forms. One was just staying still and she hoped it wasn’t one of the guys. If they were lucky it would be Fyliza but she doubted it. She stormed through the jungle, after pulling out her laser hand blade to help cut her way through the jungle vines and plants that were in her way. She wasn’t going to let Nick and Brian get killed. Something deep down told her these two were important and true to her and were by far worth saving. Angel didn’t question the feeling, she just went with it. She would take Fyliza down herself for messing with them. How could she have let jealousy cloud her to the plot? She brushed aside strands matted to her damp forehead and away from her eyes. She grumbled at the idea that Nick had been partly right. Jealousy had clouded her judgment but not in the way he had meant. It clouded her vision against seeing just what Fyliza was now putting into action. Not against the fact the woman was not a friend, but a foe.

“I’m gonna find her and I’m gonna kill her,” she said determinedly to herself.

Angel then paused to check her headset to see if she could at least attempt to contact the guys and check on them. To see if Fyliza still had her façade going in front of them. She set in the code for Nick’s transmitter first, hoping he would be the one to see reason. Then again, she had thought that last time and she had been completely wrong. The stubborn pilot hoped she was right at least once during this blasted mess. Ironically the biggest mess she’s been in. For being AC-Free that said a lot. The one she had gotten into ever since Nick rescued her at what seemed inaccurately so long ago on Saturn when Tarkansay had caused her other ship to crash. It had only been a couple months if that even. Angel wasn’t sure anymore. Since that day time seemed to blend far too easily. She shook her head free of the thoughts, her long dark blonde hair tied back in a messy bun and strands have gotten free and stuck to her damp and sweaty face under the intense humidity of the planet, her white piloting suit stained with the violet mud of the planet, and due to the rain and mud the suit clung to her more as a second skin. She hated heat with a passion. She was more used to the coldness of space travel and Standara was considered one of the cooler planets of the Starsras system. She let a small sigh escape. Angel missed home.

“Nick? Nick are you there! Damn the Gods, answer me, its Angel!”

She waited but all she heard was static. Mumbling out curses in several languages she had acquired when she was a White Angel, she tried Brian’s transmitter and got the same results.

“Gods and Goddesses! Damn! This is just great, lets make it harder to save them.” She ranted with a roll of her eyes. It did no good but she always had the habit of letting out her frustrations aloud so they wouldn’t get the best of her or control her. It was how she learned not to let her emotions control her.

The transmitters Angel had for her ship were of the highest quality since all of her tools were from her White Angel days before she let the galaxies believe she was dead. So the young teen knew from her past experiences this could only mean one thing, a communication blockage shield. Those were hard to put up since they were technically illegal anymore though if you knew black market people you could get a hold of the supplies to make them, but the skills to know how are harder to get. This was a woman who knew what she was doing and knew what she was up against. Angel’s ocean eyes turn dark and stormy and flare with anger. Fyliza knew who all of them were. Obviously Brian was more important than he led on, and she knew Nick was one of the infamous descendants and she knew Angel was AC-Free. All of this was a trap sent by the Emperor Zenok.

The rain poured down upon her, getting worse as she kept tracking the boys on her scanner. She was drenched now and instead of cooling, the downpour was hot like as if she had stepped into a shower. Steam and mist still came from the ground, not helping any. Angel hated this planet. She kept an eye out for the cannibalistic creatures this planet was also famous for. She also tried to watch out for quicksand which was hard to look for with the mist and steam that made the ground so difficult to see.

None of this was going to stop her though. Angel charged through the jungle again in search of the guys. By now Fyliza was chasing them in a deadly game of cat and mouse and sooner or later both Nick and Brian would lose if she didn’t reach them in time.


Brian laid there silently on the ground frozen in movement. He stared blankly at the animals as they approached him. Just great. He could be eaten instead of tortured and killed by a servant of his father, just perfect. A large python slithered up to him with curious green beady eyes and its body decorated with yellow and orange stripes to blend into the ground of the planet. Brian just stared, the stun gun’s effects keeping him temporarily paralyzed. So this was his end. He knew Nick wasn’t coming back. He didn’t care for Brian, why would he? He sighed mentally. He should have stayed with Angel instead of letting Fyliza seduce him the way she did. Fyliza. One of his father’s high paid assassins. He knew that now. A long suppressed memory suddenly came rushing back to him full force…

He was only six, and wailing. He wanted to play with other children like he once did and father wouldn‘t let him. All he knew was that he had been alone for so long and he didn’t like it. His father lifted him up roughly in his arms and held them there and with cruel eyes stared him down.

He bellowed at the small child that Brian was then in fury. “QUIET YOU URCHIN BEFORE I-”

The doors opened and Fyliza strolled through, eleven years younger but not looking much older than she did in the present time. Her raven hair was shorter and tied back. Her clothes were splattered with the blood of several different species. Her lips curved into a taunting smirk as she eyed young Brian. He clung to the angry man who held him, his cries now stopped and he remained silent. The only man he knew as his father was less scary then the freaky lady coming towards them.

“I didn’t call for you Fyliza. You may be my best assassin but one day your boldness will get you killed. ” His father said annoyed.

“Zenok, you should know by now I’m not one of those women you can make feel inferior. I come on my own terms. As for getting killed, well…I doubt that will happen without many of your men who you actually value are killed long before I by my own hands.” Her cold emerald glaring eyes stared at Brian. “Who’s the brat?”

“He’s my son now.”

Fyliza just started laughing at him boldly. “Are you kidding me? Is he one of the ones you-”

“Yes, yes he is and he’s my son now.”

“Getting broody Zenok?” She teased with a smirk, watching him. Brian cuddled into Zenok more and that had made Fyliza laugh harder. “Never pinned you for the family type.”

Zenok growled at her, slamming his fist on a nearby table and making it almost split in two. Brian immediately started wailing again till he saw the look on Zenok’s face then suddenly silenced. “You obviously do not know me as well as you thought.”

She watched him with a mocking sneer. “He learns well not to piss you off anyway.”

“The child is weak but he will learn.”

Fyliza snickered at him. “Yeah or he’ll die cause of it.“ She said with a very taunting tone in her voice as she strolled out laughing after informing him some job she was supposed to do was done. Brian didn’t pay much attention. He just missed other children to play with. Why wouldn’t his father let him play? He felt alone…

Brian shook his head. Now wasn’t the time for flashbacks. He willed himself to move but his body didn’t obey. He should have listened to Angel! That was what he kept thinking. If he had he wouldn’t be in this situation. His father had sent Fyliza to track him down he bet. After what had happened on the dark planet when the pilot found he had stowed away, and he had escaped with the help of Nick and Angel, his father must have been fuming.

The python slithered up close to Brian and as it hissed, tickled his face with its tongue. It just stared at Brian curiously, as if not sure what to think.

“You should have listened. This was an obvious trap.” it hissed to him.

‘To everyone but me,’ Brian thought annoyed at the animals invading his thoughts enough to make him think he’s crazy. It wasn’t possible. ‘Why am I losing my mind?’

“You’re not losing your mind, you’re just the first human capable of hearing us. Even if you don’t want to listen.”

Brian would have blinked if had been able to, from surprise. This was just odd. He knew he didn’t say anything aloud. He couldn’t. His body was frozen in stasis mode. ‘How is this possible? You can hear me?’

“Yes I can hear you. Soon your blonde friend will come save you. The stun gun wasn’t set for a long paralysis. I saw her gun, I know it wasn’t. She underestimated you, you must trust Nick though. She is only right if you let your agenda keep you divided. Your father is not worth betrayal.”

“Nick left me! As for my father I-” He stopped then as someone started walking close to where he lay. The python slithered away when the footsteps were slightly audible. He couldn’t trust a snake anyway. He had to do this. Surely Fyliza just always hated him and his father didn’t want him dead. He had to prove himself. He had to. Brian braced himself for whatever was coming next. He didn’t get what he expected.


Angel dashed through the jungle. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest now. Not for herself. Not because she was running. It was because deep down she just knew Nick and Brian were going to be killed soon if she didn’t find them. She frowned as she stared down at her scanner as she ran. According to it, she should be coming upon some human life form that she hoped to be Nick or Brian. Where was it? Could the storm be interfering? No that couldn’t be it. Her scanner never mucked up liked that before. Thunder clapped loudly around her as the lightening lit up the sky in flashes. Where was the human then?

No sooner had she thought that than she tripped over a large form and went flying into the bog. She grunted with annoyance and pushed herself up and used a vine to pull the rest of herself out and standing again when the bog started to suck her down. She pushed the muck off her face and away from her eyes and mouth. Angel spit it away in disgust. She looked down at herself and couldn’t help but be irritated. She looked like the swamp monsters she saw in those old earth movies she had seen growing up.

“Ugh that was just nasty.” She muttered to herself. The young blonde girl then spotted just what she had stumbled over in her haste. Brian! She rushed over to him and knelt beside his still form.

“Brian! Brian! It’s Angel are you alright?” He lay there stiffly without any movement or answer. She then spotted a hole in his shirt on his back where a large orange mark was now on his skin where the t-shirt had been vaporized. This was a typical sign of being shot with a stun gun.

“Damn the Gods and Goddesses” She mumbled and stood, pulling out her own stun gun she had strapped to herself before leaving the ship. She never left her ship on a planet she didn’t know without weapons. Now was a good a time as any to be thankful she developed that habit. Angel set her gun to mobilize and aimed at the mark on Brian and shot at it. The setting was more so people who got tired of carrying a stunned victim could restrict them somehow and then make them walk so they wouldn’t have to carry them any longer.

Brian groaned and blinked rapidly for several moments with surprise. His gaze went to Angel as she quickly went back to him again. “Brian, are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine.” he said hoarsely and smiled weakly at her. He was so glad she had come back for them. Brian never had anyone care enough to keep him from harm not once but twice. He was really starting to think AC-Free’s real name suited her right.

Angel checked him over anyway. Soon in a half hour at the most Brian would be moving again as nothing happened. No mortal wounds or anything. She sighed with relief. “Where did Fyliza and Nick go?” She asked quickly. She had to find Nick before he got killed. If Angel knew Nick eventually after trying to hide he would fight back and get himself killed.

He shifted his head slightly in the direction Nick had ran. His body was tingling in an odd sensation from the second blast that was gonna get his movement back a lot quicker. Normally it would be hours, and depending sometimes on how high the stun setting was, even days to regain movement capabilities. “That way…Fyliza ambushed us…sorry we didn’t listen…”

Angel nodded and sighed. On a moment of instinct hugging him for comfort. She didn’t know his full story or even trust him completely but she just felt she had to comfort him somehow. Moment of pure instinct and she didn’t question it. She pulled her scanner out again and marked where they were. “I have you marked and you’ll be safe here. I’ll be back, I promise. I need to find them.” She raced off in the direction Nick had gone. She had to save Nick and Brian both even if it killed her.


Nick ran into the jungle, desperate to lose his pursuer. He wished he had listened to Angel. He had let a seductress take his guard down. Stupid of him. Incredibly stupid. Demitrius had warned him again and again growing up not to trust anyone easily. Considering everything that’s happened since he left earth, he would think he would have taken that one lesson seriously. But nope of course not. Stupid! How was he meant to save the universe if he couldn’t even keep himself alive? How was he ever going to track his triplet brothers down? He ignored the rain pounding upon him. The bright lightening streaked the sky followed by booms of thunder which drowned out almost all the other noise of the vicious jungle planet. Nick dove into a small hole that he guessed some medium sized native creature had lived in before now. He was just hoping that said creature didn’t come back for awhile. Not until Fyliza moved on and lost him anyway.

“Oh Niiiiiiiiickolas!” Fyliza called tauntingly, as she was trying to follow the tracks the storm quickly washed away. “I’ll find you. This is more fun anyway. A game. You should hear what I’ll do to your precious AC-Free, or should I say Angel? I knew from the beginning who she was. Once I have you out of my way I’ll make sure you hear her die.” She walked around, not noticing the animal burrow in the side of the sloping hill by her feet as she passed it by. “You’ll hear her agonized screams as I torture her but you’ll be stunned so you won’t be able to do a thing.” She smirked, looking deadly yet beautiful despite her being drenched. She was trying hard to draw Nick out, knowing he had a easily noticeable weak spot for the infamous AC-free. Fyliza saw it in her first moments on Angel’s ship. She would play it up knowing sooner or later Nick would charge full force to protect her.

Nick watched her go by him. He tried hard to ignore what she said. Angel could handle herself. He knew that. Still, the urge to keep her safe was strong. He couldn’t go out though, unless he wanted to be killed or worse. He could be brought to the Emperor to be held till his brothers were found and that ceremony to rule all the realms was performed. He couldn’t recall exact details of it even though Demitrius had taught him it but he wasn’t eager to find out or experience it. His instincts were telling him to fight. To defeat this one who was trying to kill him. Yet common sense and logic ingrained by his former father figure told him that despite the skills in fighting he had gotten from training, she was far too strong to try and fight and doing so would get him killed. The shaggy haired blonde was covered almost completely in the plum colored mud. He was being hunted down and he was miserable. What else could go wrong? He blinked as his nose suddenly itched. He shouldn’t have even let that question form in his mind. No. Not now. Anytime but now. This could not have worse timing if Nick had purposely tried to have it. No. No. No. He tried to cover his nose and mouth but the now inevitable happened anyway.

Moments later Nick sneezed loudly when Fyliza was only a few steps away. Fyliza came over and yanked him out. He struggled and threw a wild punch at her that hit her and made her stagger back but she kept her grip on him. Angrily she tossed him against the tree where he slammed his head roughly against the rough bark and slumped down to the ground unconscious.

She smirked and watched him go down. “Well look what the cat found. A little mouse hiding in its hole.”

Angel skidded to a stop finally just in time to see Nick slump down from the tree. She then tightened her jaw when she saw Fyliza. That whore was going to get it. She pulled out her guns and carefully crept closer to her. She prayed she would just blend into the jungle and not be spotted. She looked down and for a moment she almost thought her feet looked like the mossy floor! She rolled her eyes at that one. Now was not a time to lose her mind. Angel got in range and fired at the seductress angrily. Fyliza had heard the shot coming and dived for the ground.

“So miss AC-Free decided to come rescue her little boyfriend. Predictable. And they said you had no weakness.” She called up and stood.

Angel lunged at her and tackled her to the ground. The two women immediately wrestled. Both losing grip of her guns. Punches were thrown along with kicks and the two were just a blur as they rolled along the ground. Fyliza kicked Angel off and she flew back several feet and landed with a grunt of pain. Fyliza stood and pulled out what looked to be a primitive 21st century pocket knife. She pressed a button and it grew to be a sharp and incredibly deadly sword. Angel leaped up and grabbed her laser hand blade which now grew into a full laser sword which had the effects of a metal sword. She watched Fyliza.

“What do you want with us…”

The two circled as if two tigers about to face off in a cage. Neither took their gaze off the other. Their ocean blue and jade green eyes clashed as the storm continued. Thunder booming around them loudly and lightening blazed across the now dark sky in flashes. Angel was soaked, covered in mud and the sticky goo from the bog, and her blonde hair was tied back in dark matted strands that looked almost brown. Fyliza was just soaked and looked just as deadly, which Angel attributed to the empty cold look in the assassin’s eyes.

“The guys? Nothing, the Emperor wants them. You he just wants dead.” She smirked, running her tongue over her blood red lips. “He wants to kill you himself but I would rather do that myself. You know if you weren’t such a do gooder I would almost like you. Not many women who can actually do shit anymore.”

Angel spat at her. “Shame I never want you to like me then. Guess I’ll have to keep doing the right thing instead of murdering people. I know who you are now. I realized it as I found you. The so called General. I would have thought Zenok would have sent an actual talented assassin to kill me.” She smiled at her cheekily to taunt her. “Sending you is a flat out insult.”

Fyliza growled and charged at her. Swords clanged and the two battled it out more. The two women were so equally matched. Back and forth they fought on and on, Angel’s eyes blazing with fire to defend her friends for the first time. They fought and their swords hit against each other so roughly small sparks even appeared about them. All those times before it was for innocents yes, but people she had never known personally. Now it was for people she was really starting or already cared about. No one else would be taken from her the way her real parents had been. Angel fought harder and stronger and didn’t let Fyliza fight back as strongly. She kept making the fierce assassin back up away from her in the battle. Soon Angel was able to trip her and pin her down, holding a sword to her throat. Fyliza glared at her defiantly.

“I should kill you” The freedom fighter said vehemently in a low tone.

“You won’t.”

“I will for what you tried to do.”

“Do it then princess.”

Then a loud groan was heard and for a split second Angel’s glance shifted to Nick since she had recognized the voice. Fyliza used the opportunity to kick Angel off over where Nick happened to be lying. Quickly Fyliza tapped into the transport on her wrist that called a small ship down to where she was in light speed. She hopped on the small plane and smirked. Angel groaned since she had hit her head against something when she landed. She got up to go after Fyliza. “We’ll have to do this again AC-Free” The murdering woman said and flew off into the darkness the storm provided easily before Angel could get to her.

“Damn damn damn!” She cursed loudly. She had had Fyliza. She had her! Why did she let her go like that? Her eyes widened when she realized what had happened. Zenok would now know AC-Free’s identity. Well her face anyway. That was why she before had always kept it hidden, a faceless person was much harder to track down. She was as good as dead when he found out and matched up AC-Free to be Angel Rose Cantrell. Angel screamed in frustration. She was ruined. Or was she though? According to the records she was dead. That could help make Zenok that Fyliza was describing the wrong person. Angel sighed. She wasn’t sure what to think of this right now, all she knew was this mess could not get worse. She was so wrapped in her thoughts she didn’t notice Nick sit up rubbing his head and blinking.

“That hurt…I‘m going to…” he looked over at Angel. “Angel! Where did Fyliza go? Are you ok?” Nick asked immediately with concern. His hand touched the back of his head and he brought his hand back to see dried blood on his hands. He must have hit that tree hard. His hair looked purple from all the dried mud.

Angel looked and stared at him and didn’t answer. Nick looked at her weirdly for her reaction to the question. She was an obvious mess but Nick didn’t care. What had Fyliza done to distract his attention from her? They were both beautiful yes but Fyliza was different. Angel was just, her beauty wasn’t skin deep, he realized, hers came from the inner strength that radiated from her. Great, and now he screwed up any chance of her trusting her again. By falling for Fyliza’s trap. He sighed, and then Fyliza tried to kill them, so he did what he did just to be killed. Isn’t the life of a chosen decendent grand.

“I’m sorry” he said to her softly. “I should have trusted you before about her.” She remained quiet. “I guess you hate me huh. Otherwise I’d ask if you would forgive me…”

The two stared at each other in silence for a moment. Much remaining unspoken between them. Nick felt the guilt for what he had said before stab his heart and he sighed. He wouldn’t blame her if she wanted to leave and not help him anymore. He finally breaks the gaze on her and shifts his deep azure eyes focusing on the floor. “You could quit helping me if you want I would under-” he said more when Angel suddenly hugged him tightly as if he was the only person left in the world. Nick smiled to himself as he hugged Angel back just as tight while the rain finally stopped and the clouds started breaking up and once again the sun could be seen peeking through the sky.

As all that had happened raced through Angel’s mind, she remembered Brian and stood. “We need to go get Brian…” She trailed off as suddenly something just clicked in her mind and her eyes narrowed. Oh the Gods and Goddesses had she been blind. How could she not have seen it before? How could she not remember? Her of all people…

Nick stood as well and eyed her seeing something was racing through her head. “What is it?”

“I’m a complete idiot!”

“What do you mean? Angel, what’s bugging you?”

Her eyes were dark with anger once more. “You know how Brian seemed familiar?”

Nick nods, pushing a dirty lock of blond hair from his eyes. “Yeah, why?”

Angel starts storming off to where she had left Brian and Nick went with her. “I just realized why. This entire time he’s been with us….we’ve been helping Zenok’s own damn son himself.”


Zenok paced his throne room. Why hadn’t Fyliza contacted him yet? The murderer never took long on these jobs. His blood boiled. Not even that wench AC-Free could defeat her. Not his top assassin. Soon Fyliza would be back with the two triplets and the wretched woman. His eyes narrowed in frustration. He still hadn’t a clue of where the third triplet was. It infuriated him so that the watchers had hidden the last one too well. He had to have all of them or the two he would have were utterly useless in his quest and the last one alone could possibly save the universe even if Zenok killed the first two due to not ever finding the last one. He paced with annoyance. Surely his lackeys had uncovered some sort of clue to this. Hazlin entered the room quickly with an almost joyful look upon his face. Zenok glared at him with his dark eyes.

“This had better be good.”

“It is sir! It is!” He said hurriedly. “That blue one in the coma, Tarkansay, has come out of the coma a two hours ago and he has something you must hear about AC-Free!”


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