DRATW Award Rules

I want everything to be completely fair so here it goes…

  1. You cannot nominate your own story. If you are caught doing so, all your nominations will be disqualified.
  2. On that same note, you cannot nominate any story by me (Rose). It’s unfair because I’m hosting these.
  3. Any story/author besides me however is eligible as long as a Backstreet Boy is in the story and fits the category. I don’t care who they are, what site they’re from, when they’re written, as long as you love them! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)
  4. You may only nominate a story for four categories. Not sure one fic can fit more than that but either way, variety is the spice of life and awards LOL.
  5. When nominating you must link to the story/author – it takes too much time to try and find what you’re talking about otherwise!
  6. You cannot nominate past winners for a category they’ve already won. Runner ups are fair game. For example: Curtain Call won for “So Vivid” (Best 1st Person POV) so Curtain Call cannot be nominated for that category. If there’s one you feel fits that story that it didn’t win last year, you may nominate it for that.There is a list of the previous winners so please check that first before nominating.
  7. All categories will be decided on by voting – you may only vote once so don’t try stuffing the ballots!
  8. If a story is a one-shot featured in a round-robin on an archive site (such as Absolute Chaos), it may count as an individual story nomination for the OneShot category. Please be sure to link to the specific chapter.
  9. To show fairness once the voting period is over, I will personally screen-cap the results and post them so that everyone may see.
  10. In the comments section of the nomination form, please put #RedRibbonForHowie to show you read the rules. I will NOT accept nominations sent in without this.

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