I’ll never claim I’m good at poetry, but what little I’ve written, I’ll share here.

The Comet
Streaking through the starry night
A comet burning burning fast
So many people are blind to see
A streak of light in a darkened sky

But yet a few do stand to witness
Such a dazzling image above
A renewed life, sparks hope inside
Such a short uplifting sight

A shooting star ablaze and beaming
Missed, unseen by far too many
But for one, it shall remain inside
Burned within her memory always

Comet, comet, burning bright
Streaking through such a hopeless night
Here for such a shortened time
Yet leaving it’s mark forever in minds


All She Knows
A starlet stands alone in the night,
Felling the pull of the dark velvet sky,
She stares at her sparkling star,
and dreams her hopeful dreams.

Dreams she knows may never be real,
Still she stands there staring at the sky.
She feels it to be foolish, yet she stays,
For she knows of nothing else.

She soon turns away,
She feels the pull no longer,
Walking away into the night.
She glances up at her sparkling star,
Dreaming her precious dreams.
She knows of nothing else.


Shallow Lie
In the shadows I will cry
all believe my shallow lie
No one ever sees the pain,
keep me for personal gain
yet here too much I care
wonder what’s behind that stare
do you like me
do you see me
do you hear me
or is it that mask I wear
not caring how I fare
I want someone to see
past who I pretend to be
too much to ask for
so I walk out that door
worse off than before
all the time pleading
all the time needing
for them to hear the painful cry
and see beyond my shallow lie

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