Divisions Of Reality – Chapter One

Not For Me…

Year: 3988

He watches on as the three flaxen-haired five year olds play happily together in the sunlight. Who could believe that they are the ones who are capable of causing so much chaos and destruction to everything in existence? The kind man smiles faintly, they look so happy together. It’s a shame they have to separate the three siblings. But he and the other watchers of the Holy Rintistian Faith have no choice. If the story is true, the three children cannot remain together…


Ten Years Later…

“But every thousand years there is also hope against the evil. In the darkest of nights…”

“There will be light, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, I get it already! Are we done now?”


“Can you ever just call me Nick?” Nick cries, pushing his shaggy light blonde hair out of his face. He’s only heard this infamous religious tale everyday of his life, and to him it got more boring every time. He steps up to the older man angrily. His young childlike face meeting the man’s older, stern one. Nick’s face looks to only be one of a twelve year old, but his 5’9” frame shows his age is actually fifteen.

“We’ve gone over this a bazillion times Demitrius. I know I’m the last one of the sacred triplets still alive. I know the other two rings are lost so mine is deathly valuable! I know I must prepare! I only train every second of every damn day!”

His long time mentor, Demitrius, sighs as he pushes Nick aside slightly. His wrinkled face is worn from his constant troubles. His dark hazel eyes are swirling with worry. His graying brown hair is a sign that his youth is long gone.

“I know my son, but-”

“I’m not your gods damn son!”

“Watch it, Nickolas Gene Carter with your swearing against the gods and goddesses! As for family, well, I’m all the family you have left so-“

“So nothing! I have no GODS DAMN family Demitrius! My parents are dead! My triplet brothers who I never even got a chance to know are dead! I am the last of the Carter Family!” he yells, his sapphire eyes dark and stony with anger.

“Yes, but you must prepare so you do not end up like them.”

“Why not? My life is worthless anyway! What do I have to live for? There is no pleasure in my life, so what is the point? I train twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! That is my life! So why am I never allowed to relax? You know, here I am living on earth, one of the most fun and entertaining planets in the Milky Way Galaxy, but do I ever get to have fun? NO!” he shouts, his rage growing rapidly to reach dangerous levels. Nick slams his fist into a nearby wall and easily going through it and causing a large hole. He pulls his arm out, ignoring the pain as numerous hazardous cracks begin to quickly creep up along the walls as the end result. “So leave me be!” he screams and storms off to his room.

Nick is tired of the stress filled life he must always deal with. Demitrius has raised him here in Florida for as long as he can remember. He knows though for awhile he was with his parents Jane and Robert Carter, before the evil came and The Watchers were forced to separate him from his siblings. He was told that he was the only one who is still alive and who’s hiding place is unknown. Nick has been raised to train and is a born fighting machine. He hates it however, he loves drawing and tries to do it often but Demitrius often discourages it. He looks out his window at the starry night and sees a ship sail through space. He loves flying, and can do it if necessary, but isn’t very good at it because that is yet another thing he isn’t allowed to do. He watches two young teens laugh and giggle as they stroll down the sidewalk and sighs. He longs for a companion. Because of his so-called sacred duty, Demitrius will not let him have friends outside his trainers. Also, his birthday is in a couple weeks, and he knows he doesn’t want to spend it here. His birthday is on December 31, but Demitrius considers that a bad omen, so his birthday is never celebrated. This year, he wants to have fun and he knows he can’t do that here.

“All I want is to be normal and to have some friends, is that really to much to ask for?” he asks himself softly.

“No,” he tells himself, “It’s not.”

Nicks flops onto his red and black bed, and grabs a nearby duffel bag. “That’s it, I’m outta here. I’m gonna live my life on my own, and I’m gonna live it my way.” he grumbles.

He walks over to his closet and several shelves automatically pop out. Nick grabs his guns, expertly strapping them to his arms and legs and hiding them beneath his clothes quickly. He then throws in random clothes hurriedly. He’s about to leave when he suddenly rushes back to get what he valued most, his drawing pad. He sighs with relief knowing he had almost forgotten it. It falls open to a clearly detailed drawing of a young girl on a foreign planet, standing happily next to her spaceship. You cannot see her face though, for she still has her helmet on with her long hair sticking out in tuffs out of her helmet in the back. Nick smiles as he closes the sketchbook, putting it in the bag, and sealing it up securely. He slowly slips his muscular, trim frame through the window and jumps to the ground.

“If you can’t let me be me, then I’d like to see you do your stupid mission without me.” he whispers as he goes out into the dark night.


Angel Rose Cantrell beams as she lands the sleek aircraft carefully from space and by her home on the beautiful planet, Standara. It was a peaceful planet just beyond the Milky Way Galaxy, and in the Starsras Galaxy. Humans are a severe minority there with only one other human family besides her own on the entire planet. She doesn’t mind though, in fact she loves it that way. She joyfully steps out of the ship, taking in the gorgeous, pale green winter sky above her. Angel sighs happily, taking off her helmet, her long dirty blonde locks tumbling down her back.

“Angel!” she hears a voice yell out. She grins widely as her friend Tarkansay comes running over to her. Of course, he wasn’t human. He’s a Glacar, the species that makes up most of the population of Standara. All Glacars are tall, human like creatures with navy blue skin, no visible ears, three bright purple eyes, and long elephant type noses. Angel smiles at her friend, his disheveled baby blue hair shimmering under Standara’s many suns. Tarkansay smiles brightly, hugging her tightly. His 6’7” frame making her own 5’9” body feel small and tiny as he picks her lean, agile body up and swings her around. He places her down gently. She shakes her head somewhat as he looks over the spaceship with amazement. She wasn’t surprised, like her he was a space nut, but he flies too poorly to become a professional pilot.

“It’s about time you came back Angie. I missed ya. I love the ship though, how’s it run?” he says in Glacan, but as a native of Standara, she understands him perfectly and answers him easily in the same language.

“Well for one thing Tark, I wasn’t gone THAT long. I missed you too ya goof. And thanks, it runs great. Zero to light-speed in 2.5 milliseconds.”

“Nice… ships that fast aren’t even out on the market yet. So why were you gone so long?”

She reaches up and tousles his naturally sky blue tresses playfully. “It wasn’t that long.”

“Those people are running you ragged.”

Angel smirks as they head into her house. Tarkansay throws his arm around her softly. “I like what I do.”

“You better after what you went through at Shinning Stars Academy girlie.”

She looks at her friend thoughtfully. Angel pulls a small red lever on the wall, and a moment later a comfortable red velvet couch appears in the room. They both go and sit down together. She twirls a silver ring with strange ancient marking on it around her finger. The blue jewel sparkles with its own seductive glow and as she watches it, she begins to think of her past…

Angel Cantrell loved flying; she has all her life. So when she was ten, her talents had gotten her into the highly coveted Shinning Stars Academy. It was very selective, and one of the best space pilots’ academies in the galaxy. So she decided to enroll, despite everyone’s disapproval. It was very rare for a female to want to become a pilot, let alone be accepted into Shinning Stars. She didn’t want to let this great opportunity pass her by.

Being a pilot is mainly seen as a man’s job. She didn’t let that affect her though, and throughout her time at the school, she had gone through constant cruelty, prejudice, and sexism just because she was a female. She is not the only one suffering; women all around the world are forced to fight for their rights all over again.

It started in 3980, three years before Angel was even born. A man named Zenok, began ruling Mars, and soon was ruler of five of the most powerful planes in the universe: Mars; Pluto; Mercury; Amarousia, the planet neighboring Standara; and Amarousia’s largest moon, Kiltona. He then made himself known as The Emperor. Zenok began abolishing women’s rights on those five planets. He’s still constantly giving speeches on abolishing these rights universally, not just on the worlds under his rule. He justifies this by telling the people that women are only good for childbirth and being slaves to men everywhere. Although women’s rights are legal everywhere else, his powerful influence makes it difficult for a women to make something of herself anywhere in the universe. Now a days, women are subjected to much prejudice, and most are domestic wives.

Angel runs a hand through her dark golden curls tiredly. Her own parents had even discouraged her from entering Shinning Star. But she was too stubborn to listen. She did it anyways, and as a result was the only girl in the school and a complete tomboy. Soon enough, The Emperor had heard about the shocking news. He was furious, but he couldn’t get anyone to give him her name. Therefore, since Standara is not under his jurisdiction, she succeeded. Throughout it all she made it, and when she was thirteen she had graduated top of her class. Angel’s pilot’s license has high ranks and gives her several privileges most pilots don’t get.

“Ok, Standara to Angie, Angie you there?” Tarkansay’s soft voice calls, freeing her from her thoughts.

She looks at him sheepishly, “Sorry, I was just thinking for a second.”

He grins, “You think? That’s gotta be a first.”

“Shut up blue boy.” She jokes.

“So what’s it like being a White-Angel?”

Angel beams, “Unbelievable.”

When Angel had turned fourteen she had joined the elite “White-Angels”. The White-Angels are a special, highly trained space travel air force for the entire universe. The Emperor does not like it, but he goes by it knowing he has no other choice. Only the best pilots are taken in. To become one is one of the greatest honors in space. Angel had always wanted to be one so she had joined immediately. Angel is one of the three other girls on the force. She’s one of the highest ranked pilots because of her almost superhuman reflexes and flying talents. Because of her job, she travels nonstop and knows about twenty-five of the fifty well-known languages out there.


“Yep, I love it.” She says as a tiny blue remote slides over to her. She pushes a button and the wall in front of them becomes a giant screen. “Local News.” She commands and a minute later, the Standarian News is displayed on the screen.

A newscaster looks excited and frightened at the same time as a new item of news comes to his attention. “This just in, the female crusader only known to us as the mysterious pilot AC-Free, once again librates two hundred women from one of the Childbirth Prison Camps in Amarousia. The Emperor Zenok again is asking the public for news leading to her true identity. A large sum will be rewarded to those who come forward. More news at eleven.” The man says and Angel angrily uses the remote and the screen once again becomes a normal wall.

Tarkansay looks at her curiously, “You okay?”


“So, do you know who AC-Free really is?”

Angel hesitates, and then shakes her head. “Nope, I’ve never seen her face just like everyone else. I’m curious about her too Tark.”

AC-Free is well known around the universe. She is a crusader for women’s rights and is constantly frees women from the jails Zenok places them in. She is a talented pilot and a fighter for freedom. The thing is, she always has her helmet on so no one has ever seen her face. The Emperor hates her for she is proving his speeches about women wrong, and no matter how hard he tries he can never seem to catch her. She always escapes because she’s an amazing pilot who is able to out maneuver him. So he’s always asking people to reveal her identity to him or at least tell him where she lives. For when she leaves so goes around the universe so she confuses him on where her home is. The truth is no one knows that she is actually Angel Rose Cantrell. Angel makes sure no one knows, not even her parents. If her parents knew, they’d freak. When she’s gone she uses her White-Angel missions as a cover-up. She’s always wanted to do this ever since her experience at the academy, but was only able to do it after she joined the White-Angels. She has had many encounters with Zenok and is determined to bring him down. Because of her secret, she is forced to live a lonely life, but knows it’s worth it. No one can know she is AC-Free, or she’ll risk their lives as well as her own, and she can’t live with that.

“Well rumor has it she’s a White-Angel, is it true?”

Angel snaps her head up with surprise, “No! That’s insane, if she was, trust me I’d know it. She wouldn’t be able to hide herself that long.” She lies quickly.

“Oh, well I hope she doesn’t get caught.”

‘Me neither’ she thinks a little sadly.

“So where are my parents?” Angels asks, immediately trying to change the subject.

“Out. They told me to tell you that they’re going to try to settle the deal on that new housing unit you guys are going to move into.”

She doesn’t want to move, she likes being so close to one of Zenok’s planets. It makes it easier to do some of her freedom operations there. They are making her move to the other side of the galaxy, she growls with fury.

“I can’t believe they’re making me move. I love Standara!” she cries, her deep ocean blue eyes blazing. “They say it’s for my safety cause of The Emperor and my job as a White-Angel. Well, Zenok has no power here, no matter how close Amarousia is to us. There is no way that I’m in any danger!”


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