Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Twenty One

Depths of the Soul

Darkness surrounded Brian, and at first, confusion attacked his mind and yet something within fought against it fiercely. Already knowing that he’s not in a dream and yet not exactly conscious, he continues, searching for who he knows who will be here. How he knows, is in the myth surrounding the family line he seems to have been born in. Nothing makes sense anymore, he could talk to animals, hear his siblings in his head, and is now who knows where. Yet something within urges him to keep going. He must, before those who finally care about him will be lost forever to an abyss no one will ever return from once there.

And he would do it. Somehow, someway, he would.

He just knew.


In a closed off room in another part of the ship, Howard began to set up what he would need. The ship on autopilot, he had no worries of the craft crashing. Also, there were secondary controls in this room if it came down to it. It was why he chose this room to perform it in. For now, when everything seemed to be falling apart, everything lost, he could not wait any longer to put this off. Yet here he was, delaying himself for in a way he wished this moment never had to come. For the fact that it has, means there were little options left. Contacting the gods and goddesses was beyond tricky a task, even for the most advanced Watcher, and few of those capable were left. Howard had never actually done so himself. He had seen the one who raised Nickolas; Dimitrius do so soon after the young one had been taken into his care, for guidance for the prophecy concerning the three and wisdom on what to do next for Brianian had been taken shortly before. Now, eleven years later, Howard must attempt to do so alone, without the help of his friend. He must contact any god and goddess who may answer.

He prayed for the road to salvation, but knew, it was in their hands this time.


The scene began to morph around him, familiarity struck him at the surroundings. The screams of those he cared about faded softly into the abyss as the sky began to shift into a light mauve color and the two suns shone brightly upon him. In the distance three young children played happily in the grass, three children with hair that looked to be spun of gold. Two boys and one girl. One had hair pure and golden, one had sunny hair tinged with the lightest strawberry hue, and the girl had darker shades of blonde seemingly only faintly kissed by the light. The three chased each other happily, with two older people watching them with love in their eyes. Pure bliss and euphoria are all that they feel, darkness has not yet reached them, and none of them have any understanding that would come to them later in their lives.

Brian’s heart almost stopped. This was them, their parents, and their home. Why was he here? Before it was darkness followed by screams from both Nick and Angel before their voices were taken back into the night. Now it seems he has wandered into the depths of a subconscious, but of whom? Himself? Nick? Angel? He wanted to reach out, to touch his parents, feel their love at least once after a life of nothing but the empty coldness provided by Zenok. Yet that was impossible. His mother and father, long dead before he could really know them, faded soon from his field of vision. Yet the children they had once been, himself, Nick, Angel, remained. However one had paused from their games of chase, watching Brian expectantly now, as if just realizing he stood there. His younger self it had to be, the only one who knew he would be the one lost and raised by the darkness itself. And then, they slowly fade away into wisps of nothing as well. Gone as quickly as they came, and a bleak absence of light once again took over.

Whispers filled his ears, of languages past, far beyond before his own time. They spoke secrets he knew, secrets of the past, of the power that had been born within him and his siblings. The power they will have to master if they were to save all of creation of his stepfather’s malevolent hands. Haunting muses swirled around him in a hypnotic almost invisible dance around him. He watched, frozen by all that around him. Until the cries of those familiar to him captured him once more. His head shot up as he pushed his way through the spirits of descendants past, hoping to live up to their legacy. Still unsure of where he truly is, if any of it was real, he makes his way forward.

Soon she stood beyond him, flames slowly beginning to consume her from where she was. Fear is what controlled her actions, her eyes, her feelings, her thoughts. Brian could now sense it all, the rapid heartbeats, panic, and the burning heat growing ever more near. Light radiates within his eyes as they glow with an almost blinding light, matching the one emanating from the ring he wore. Within moments Angel is there beside him, unharmed, all illusions dissipated. Although they had gotten free of the primal scene that had been torturing the fighter he now knew so well, there was nothing around them. Darkness reigned with only a pale light to illuminate the two siblings. A heavenly halo in a personal hell. He tried to step toward her, and all that did was get her to step back, weapon now armed. Her gaze was unlike he had ever seen with her. The blue eyes unfocused, crazed, dominated by fear, and to the point where he wondered if any sanity was let within them.

“It’s okay, you know me, and you know I’m on your side.” A soothing melodic voice had always been Brian’s, easily able to tame ferocity.

“What…is this?” She asked lowly, gruffly.

“I don’t know, it was your plea for help that got me to tap into my power to get here.”

“Who are you?”

“What do you mean? It’s Brian, don’t you know me?”

“Nice name, do you happen to know my name? I thought I did but I’m not sure. I don’t know much, but a name should mean something.”

“What do you mean you don’t know yours? You’re Angel, AC-Free, freedom fighter, revolutionist of the galaxies.”

“Angel? AC-Free? Pfft, silly names.”

“Better than Angelique Rosalyn Carter.”

“That sounds familiar in an annoying way…”

“It should.”

“How…how do you know all this?”

“I’m…I’m your brother…” A haunting light begins to fill his eyes as he speaks with earnest. “You, me, and Nick, we’re triplets we just learned. We’d been separated by the time we were five years. Now we’re ring bearers, destined to damn or save everything forever. You’re my sister Angel…”

That was when all that had been around Brian, slowly formed around the two now. Again they were before the scene of the three of them as only toddlers, with loving parents watching over them. All he’d seen before tracking down the true subconscious form of Angel. It then fit together of why it was this scene, this memory his conscious self had long forgotten. This was his subconscious self’s safety zone. Perhaps it was the image of the Carter family as a whole once, something none of them truly experienced for long, only when they were little; or it was the escape from her psychotic pain. Yet now Brian finally saw once more clarity, strength, her fiery spirit, sanity again within the ocean eyes so like his own.

“Nickoli…Brianian.” Memories surged through her soul, all she had known before this, and even once before the separation, hidden down deep to forget the pain, now resurfaced, bubbled to her mind. “Oh my gods and goddesses! Brian!” She embraced him in a rare moment of letting down her guard, but only for a moment as she was still tender, after all she endured.

“Good to have you back.”

“That…That’s us over there…” And instead of the child Brian stopping now, it was the girl. Long golden waves, a doll like face holding a look of innocence not yet stolen by others who hated her wish to be herself and not what others wanted to mold her to be. Angel saw herself full of life, free of turmoil, and with her brothers who tugged the little one back to her game. The sight stung enough to make her gasp. “Holy shit.”

“I know.”

“Where are we?”

Brian wasn’t sure, all he knew was that this was part of his gift, his power born into him through the prophecy that controlled them. “A safe place.”

“From what?”

“From whatever it is that’s attacking you and Nick. This…is…” He felt a small smile appear. “Something I can create and control. I guess my only happy place was before Zenok. I couldn’t even…” He motioned at the happy moment around them. “…remember any of this before now. I think we’re only three here.”

Her eyes duller, tired from the trauma she had endured both physically and mentally, she tried to form her own smile. Yet watching themselves happy once did warm what she thought was a hard to reach heart. One too many betrayals had caused that. This however, hit it hard. “Before the chaos and separation.”


“Where’s Nick?”

“I don’t know.”

“We need to find him. He’s in danger too.”

Brian nodded, concentrating once more, feeling the ancient energy bubble within him. Finally awakened after almost seventeen years. He would be seventeen soon. It would be the year 4000. When the climax and ending of the prophetic tale that has controlled their lives long before any of them existed would finally happen. He never thought after hearing the revelations only a short time before, he would be the first of them to tap into such an old primal power. “I know, but you can’t do it.”

Forever the freedom rebellious fighter, she looked indignant, even in her subconscious astral projection form. That was the best way Brian could describe all of this. Her arms crossed, eyes disapproving. “What do you mean? I can’t just wait here and-”

“Angel, I-I- I somehow just know that you can’t do it. You’ll end up comatose I think. You and Nick are already in serious trouble. That’s why I was able to do this. Stay here. I…I don’t know for sure, but this should be a good safety zone.”

And within seconds, Brian disappeared before her very eyes, leaving her to relive a forgotten past of toddler days unraveling before her.


Heavenly beings are what stood before Howie, a purple flame behind them, which opened up the space between realms momentarily. A risky time to do that, with the year 4000 rapidly approaching. Yet there were three of the most powerful gods before him, answering his summoning prayer. Kevinia, or Kevin, God of War, with dark raven locks down to his shoulders, trying to hid his unworldly and bright Jade eyes. Then there was the God of Temptation, Alexander, or AJ, who looked like what most creatures would consider a con-artist, a learner form, markings along his arms, his soft brown eyes hidden by shades to fit AJ’s own unique persona known throughout the Rintistian religion. And finally, Luckius, or Lucky, a goddess of Wisdom, long flowing russet locks, dark hazel eyes that bore the knowledge of the ages.

“Do you know what risks you caused by bringing us here Howard?” The God of War bellowed out with rage.

He bowed his head with nothing but respect for the beings before him. “I know, but it was necessary.”

“I think we’ll decide what is necessary honey. Time is near where the portal will shut till the time destined step up and do what had been foretold long ago.”

“I know, I think it is…it is time to prepare them.”

A smirk came from the youngest of the celestial beings, AJ. “That time already huh. Joy.”

Howard sighed, regaining his bearings. The Gods and Goddesses have always and forever been nothing if not temperamental. That was why the Watchers had been taught to be so even tempered. The raven curls framed his solemn face as he tried to plead again. “Chaos reigns right now; malevolence already has two of them. Once free if not trained, we’ll surely reach damnation.”

“The time may have come too late…” Lucky said with a mournful tone. “Soon all ways between realms shall close, this own venture itself was risky for even we are not sure the doors shall lock.”

“But we cannot prepare them without your guidance! If you are all powerful as I have taught, there must be a way. Or we’ll all soon be under the control of an evil beyond imagination.”

The three pondered this before turning back to the violet flames that had gotten them here. It was Kevin who spoke finally. “We shall see.”

And as quickly as they came, they vanished within the flame and the tiny room on the ship looked as nothing ever happened. The Watcher collapsed with exhaustion into a chair.

“May fate have mercy on our souls.”


Nick sensed the presence of the enemy near. Feeling half dead, his chest still aching beyond belief from a wound that was no longer there. For somehow the ancient scene before where he had been wounded, was now nothing more than a confusing fading memory. He staggered around in search of the one he knew to be there. His blaster by his side now, he was ready to fight. Perhaps he knew nothing else, who he was, where he was, why he was there, but he knew he must defeat the one against him. All he knew was a name, his, Nick. Nothing more, but that he must be rid of the evilness surrounding him.

His eyes take in the sight of the boy coming up before him. There he stood, the Emperor’s Son. How he knew that, he could not comprehend. Yet, he did know, and he also knew that this boy must be pure evil. That he must ignore the pathetically weak appearance of him, because he was the Emperor’s Son. He had to kill him, or be killed himself.


It was the way Brian had been tossing and turning that concerned Howard. The ring he wore glowed with an almost blinding light. And if he looked closely, the bearer’s young body was emanating the softest pale glow. He was using his powers, but how so? Were the other two in even more danger than they feared now that they were in Zenok’s possession? Was Brian trying to connect to them, to transfer himself there somehow? Could he save them? Or was the young one becoming lost in their own battle? Howard had sensed the others slowly begin to lose sanity, but the feeling had faded some. So one seemed safe, now however he feared for Brianian. Brianian who had bruises rapidly appearing on his skin as if from nowhere, Brian who had cuts coming along the same way. Whatever it was, it was slowly winning against the one raised by the evil one himself.

Howard quickly ran for his religious relics, and began to slowly chant over him, hoping to slow whatever it was to come. That was all he could do.

That, and pray.


Angel had never been one for listening. Sure Brian had told her to stay here. Perhaps she did know nothing about this state she was in, except that Zenok and Fyliza had caused it to happen to both her and Nick because they had been injected with Cryonin. By all rights, it was a miracle she had been able to regain her bearings, and credited Brian and whatever gifts he possessed. Howard had told them they had been born with gifts in addition to what the rings had given them. Was this Brian’s? An ability to enter one’s subconscious even when controlled by a psychosis chemical drug? If so, then she couldn’t leave this safe zone even if she wanted to. But instinct, part of her own gifts, a premonition of sorts, told her this was because the three of them were connected in a way no other beings were. She sensed Brian was in danger, that Nick was still beyond lost. Focusing her mind, she began to run away from the memories of childhood past, and towards her brothers of the present, ever hoping she would make it in time.

Finally, she would run towards something, instead of away.


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