Just Another Day

Summary: Sometimes, the best things in life, come by surprise. Life is all about the unexpected, and things you never knew you wanted, can come into your life and save you. At least, that’s how it happened with us. Funny thing is, it had all started on just another day.


Chapter One Ordinary Wallflower
Chapter TwoShallow Image
Chapter ThreeAngels In Disguise
Chapter FourFreeing Me
Chapter Five Living In a Shadow
Chapter Six – Damn
Chapter Seven – Us? Babysitting?
Chapter Eight – Just friends, Of Course
Chapter Nine – Stuck Between Two Girls And a Hard Paparazzi
Chapter Ten – The Aftermath
Chapter Eleven – You Can Call Me Selfish
Chapter Twelve – Crash and Burn
Chapter Thirteen – Last Night You Saved My Life
Chapter Fourteen – You Get Me
Chapter Fifteen – The Artists
Chapter Sixteen – You Did What?
Chapter Seventeen – Helpless When She Smiles
Chapter Eighteen – Blind But Now I See
Chapter Nineteen – Promises. Promises.
Chapter Twenty – What I Want
Chapter Twenty-One – It All Falls Down
Chapter Twenty-Two – Maybe…Just Maybe?

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