Divisions Of Reality – Prologue


The planets of this system were cast into shadow. The people weep beneath the smoldering wreckage of their homes and the smoke rises into the sky like phantoms of the dead. Once the orders had been given, the destruction had been swift and brutal. When the emperor ordered that the planets be searched by any means possible, his men had taken this as an opportunity to destroy what they saw. Now the innocents could only cry.

This is the sight of a crumbling universe that is falling into chaos. Every millennium, chaos sweeps down upon the universe in a blatant attempt to conquer and consume everything. Every thousand years there is a new, malevolent personality that longs for supreme power over all others.

But every thousand years there is also hope against the evil. In the darkest of nights, there will be light. There will always be those whose destiny it is to fight, even if they do not realize it yet…

* * * * * * * * * * *

The Emperor Zenok sits heavily upon his chair, an enraged frown creasing his pale face. He gives a roar of frustration as he brutally smashes everything form his desk to the floor in one vicious sweep of his arm. He leaned down upon the desk, his hand reaching to his head as he tried to think. There had to be something he had missed. He had been almost certain they would be in this system, but he had been wrong.

He had searched every planet in this system without even coming close to finding what he was looking for. He cursed every incompetent civilian on every planet. Surely one of them must know something of interest to him? He might have to begin using more brutal methods of persuasion upon them… They would learn with the spilling of their own blood the price of their silence.

He reached across his desk and his fingers found a glass case which had just narrowly missed being shattered in his heated anger. He pulled it close to him and stared at the precious object inside as his fingers gently rubbed the glass, as if soothing the object inside from his anger.

“Where are the other two?” he murmured to the ring inside of the case, watching the way the blue jewel in the center sparkled with a hidden glow of its own. Even when there was no light it dazzled and glowed brightly like a jeweled star that had been snatched from the heavens. Its beauty captivated him and he watched in awe as each tiny facet winked seductively at him, teasing him with the power it secreted.

If only he could find the remaining two rings. He needed all three if he was to gain the power he coveted. The three rings were the most powerful objects that man or nature had ever created. Nothing could compare to the awesome powers inside of them.

He had thought that possessing one ring would be enough, but he had been sorely mistaken. One ring alone was weak and insignificant. The powers inside would remain locked away for all eternity unless he could find the other two. Only when all three were together with their bearers would the astonishing powers be unhinged. When that happened, he would be indestructible. He would rule everything, not only the humans, but the very realms of the gods and the demons too.

Greedy flames of desire played inside his eyes as he thought of the power he would have at his command. Everything would belong to him. He smiled at the ring. It was only a matter of time…

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