Sites on the net that are totally zombie double rainbow all the way.

Absolute Chaos – This is THE best archive of Backstreet Boys fanfiction on the web. You can’t find a better collections of stories anywhere else. It’s my fanfic home lol.

Dreamer’s Sanctuary – Home of the fabulous Julie (aka RokofAges75). My writing partner in crime, the other half of my brain, the sharer of my Siamuse. She’s best known for her Broken series and has some amazing stories, hosted and written by her! (I recommend Curtain Call.)

Climbing The Walls – Home of Sakabelle, you should be sure to check out Running Up That Hill. She writes both BSB and One Direction fanfiction and is a lover of pink and boybands lol.

Must Be Scandalicious – Jen’s (evergreenwriter over on AC) brand new site! She’s probably best known for her Coaster series, though I personally enjoyed The Games We Play.

Llama Say What? – Hannah’s little random corner (also known as Pengi on AC). She’s very diverse, but my recommendation? Something Beautiful. Fair warning – when you read it, have tissues nearby.

Sweet Serenity Fiction – Ritz’s (Alexsgirl_ritz on AC) new site! She’s a newer author and is well known for The Other Side of Nick Carter. It’s still in construction.

Blue Starlight Fanfiction – Tracy’s (DelphinaCarter on AC) new site, it’s still in construction but she’s always been one to have something for everyone genre wise.

Could You Do Me Right? – Lore’s (PurpuraLipstick) website, one of my cowriters for 00Carter. It’s comedy, there’s fanfiction, something for everyone lol.

Kaos Online – If there’s a better Nick Carter site out there, I don’t know about it. Emilia’s so awesome Nick even wanted her for his own official site! How cool is that?

The Darkside – This is the best Backstreet Boys forum around, always updated and in the know. Sometimes before the Boys it feels like! LOL. (I also happen to moderate there too, but the place is still epic!)

The Dark Side Of Backstreet – This is the official blog for the TDS community that I write for and run. A little bit of news, a little bit of BSB fun. So check it out!

What Happens On The Backstreet – This humor site has been created by my friend Sara. She’s awesome. (Nick Hearts Her you know). So this site? Just as awesome as she is, of course.

(If you wish to have your site listed here, just tweet me on twitter @ForeverRebel and let me know!)

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