Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Eleven

Rising Tensions

Angel sat at the controls, watching the stars go by as the ship soared through space. Flying had always been something to calm her fiery soul. Her eyes go to Brian and Nick, who were talking subtly, and she shrugs as she steers the ship around an asteroid. There was something about Brian that was so familiar to her and it irked her not to know why. Now they were going to see Howard again. Likely for more trouble he caused. Yet, something kept telling her he would also give them information they needed. That was why she insisted to Nick that they go anyway. Perhaps there was a reason they did not find his brother and found Brian instead. That fact in itself was a tad odd, but she chose to ignore it and shrug it off as coincidence. She set the ship on autopilot again, setting it up again so it alerted her when something approached. She played with the ring that now lay on a chain around her neck, she had almost lost it when she had crashed so she had taken it off and put it there and kept it under her pilot outfit. For a moment Angel thought of her foster parents, she did love them and she wondered how they were dealing with news of her “death”. She sighed silently, it had to be that way. She just hoped she was making her real parents proud, fighting against the man who killed them, and fighting for what she believed was worth fighting for. She put it back and headed over to Nick. Nick, she trusted the man so much already. She couldn’t understand it. Angel’s instincts should have told her to be weary yet they told her exactly the opposite. She just prayed it wasn’t another repeat of her past mistakes…like Tarkansay.

Nick gazed at Angel softly after watching Brian. His instincts were urging him not to trust him. He saw the distant look in his companion’s eyes. “You ok?”

She nodded and gave him a grin. “Of course I am Nicky Boy. I can handle myself.”

“Didn’t say you couldn’t…”

“I know, Just reminding you I’m no damsel in distress” She replied teasingly, flashing him a pretty grin. “But I want to make sure Brian knows too…and why does he seem so damn familiar? Where do I know him from?” she thought.

Nick poked her playfully, “I’m sure Brian knows that too.”

Angel blinked, “How did you know I was thinking just that?”

Nick frowned, “You just said it.”

“No I didn’t….”

“You did, I heard you, maybe you didn’t realize it.”

The young pilot shrugged and laughed, “Probably, must have spaced.” The two head over to Brian to talk to him some more.

Brian’s gaze went to both Angel and Nick, as he ran a hand through his reddish blonde curls. Angel sits at the table beside Nick and he could tell that the two trusted each other fully. They could read each other with just a glance. When they discovered his true identity he would be dead. He could not ever let that happen.

“So what is your story?”

Nick’s jaw tightened. There was something off about this guy. He seemed to be an enemy of Zenok and he had been in real danger back on the dark desert but that doesn’t mean the guy was trustworthy. He had to tell him something, but before he could signal to Angel not to tell him anything, she spoke for herself. He should have known, that was her nature.

“I’m someone who fights against Zenok’s reign. Freeing those who should have never been imprisoned in the first place” She replied, blowing a stray dark gold strand of hair from her face.

“He must hate you then.”

Angel shrugged nonchalantly, “he does he calls me a terrorist, an anarchist, but anyone with sense know what I do is right. He thinks the people are gullible but he’s more wrong than he knows. I have friends everywhere who help me with my cause.” Alright so that was a slight fib, but until she could figure out who this Brian was, she had to make sure any type of betrayal would mean dire consequences. She flips her hair out of her face, eyeing the young man before him as she leaned against Nick slightly. She was tired but she wasn’t something to be cared for like women were forced to so damn if she would let Nick know.

Brian blinked, the girl had looked familiar when she had had her helmet on but he had not a clue or an inkling it was the one his father so despised! His mind made all the connections immediately. This was the only and only AC-Free facing him. If that was true, who knew who this Nick really was. Brian smirked mentally, perhaps he can finally impress his father after all.


Fyliza strolled through the hallway with a haughty grin as she headed down to Zenok’s main chamber. The only respected woman in the galaxy. It was great to be her. No one had ever matched up her skills as an assassin though to the deluded she was just a general. Which was rare enough but garnered her more than enough respect and that was the way she liked it. She had not been called up for a real assignment in awhile so the idea perked her curiosity a bit. Who could infuriate this pig of an emperor so much that she of them all was called in? She was rarely used and rarely known about as an assassin so it must be big. She approached the dark emperor and stood before him. Her long raven hair wavy and framing the seductive curves of her body, a pair of emerald eyes standing out in her deceivingly pale and innocent face, and lips colored blood red, ready to give any men the kiss just before his own demise.

“So is it that has angered you so Zenok?” she demanded with a smirk

He stroked his chin as his eyes bore into her. “You have a lot of brass asking that Fyliza.”

“Yeah well you only call me when someone is on the top of your shit list.”

He glared at her with hatred, this woman he needed, and he knew it. So he could not kill the wench no matter how tempting it sounded. “I need a capture, not a kill.”

She raised a brow at him, placing her slender hands on her hips. “You DO NOT want me to kill someone?”

“Actually I do not, I want the satisfaction of killing these ones myself. I need you to find my son, the missing triplet Nickolas…”

The young assassin rolled her eyes at that one. That was it? She felt like a lackey. “If that’s it, use your gods damn goons to it. I have bigger space geeks to kill.” She turned and started to stalk out. The nerve of that bastard.

“You want this assignment”

“Really, how ironic seeing as you know that before me.”

“Would I call you here otherwise”

“Obviously seeing as you did”

“I have a reason for bringing you here”

“You annoying hell of a bastard I kill I don’t capture, get someone else to.”

“The others have failed”

“Your problem, not mine.”

“There’s one more thing about your assignment…”

Fyliza paused to look at him. “Oh yeah, what is that?” she kept an eye on him, an obviously irritated look within them as her mouth curved into a sneer.

“This one will give you the challenge you love so much.”

“Just tell me Zenok, time is wasting…”

“AC-Free….they are all together but I believe AC-Free will be the bitch that gives you trouble catching them. It takes one whore to catch another am I right?”

“You want me to capture AC-Free?” she asked incredulously, this had come unexpected. Sure Fyliza knew he hated her and wanted her gone, but she had no idea that she had managed to give the Emperor this much trouble.

“Yes I want that bitch out of my hair.”

“Is she a kill?”

“No I want to make her pay ass well”

She grinned, there was a challenge alright. The uncatchable AC-Free, well she wouldn’t be that long. “Aight Zenok, I’ll do it but I better get the big shit for it this time. I also want the privilege of watching AC-Free die.”

“You’ll get it, just give them to me alive, for I have so much planned for them.”


Howard sits at a table upon his small ship, staring into the foggy glass globe watching the three triplets finally united after eleven years. It was best for now they don’t know of their bond or they would have more danger. Zenok only knows of Brian and Nick, amazingly enough Angel has remained safely anonymous as the last remaining sibling. Who knew she would also end up a crusader for the rights of women in the galaxy. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he watched them in the small orb. It did not surprise him though, it fit the realm she represented. Nick’s temper and fury he sometimes had trouble controlling was no surprise as well. In fact Howard commended Demitrius for teaching Nick to control it as well as he does. Brian, was soft spoken and drawn to music the way he should be. The three different personalities matched who they should be perfectly it amazed Howard it still happened that way despite the separation. His mind goes back to Demitrius, his old friend. One he lost contact with after Nick left Earth. He sighed, he was probably long gone now. Like all the other watchers murder by Zenok’s men. Howard was just one who slipped through the cracks. He puts a cloth over the globe and stands when the panel started beeping. He had reached his destination and soon it would be time to greet the destined triplets together for the first time in far too long. Whether that would be an advantage or a disadvantage to their unknown mission and their cause, time will tell.

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