Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Twenty

Waking Sleep, Sleeping Wake

Knowing he couldn’t kill her, she hopes she could count on at least getting the pleasure of pissing him off. “Prisoners of war my ass. You don’t have wars with cowards Zenok. By the way, we haven‘t exactly met.” Her smirk remained there as she blew a stray lock of dark gold hair away from her tired eyes. “Name’s AC Free, or as you know, the one kicking your ass all the way to Sunday on those women’s slave camp liberations.” She knew her position, bound to a wall, dirty, and about to face serious pain. She didn’t care. When you hit the bottom, your inner strength was all one could have left. She wasn’t ever going to let that go. She had been fighting far too long and hard against this man to.

“Arrogant for one bound for torture beyond your imagination.” His face was still empty of any human emotion, with the exception of his cold eyes, in which fury slowly began to grow.

“You can’t kill me. I know that much…and while I’m alive I fully plan on pissing you off. It must get you off, degrading women the way you do. I must have been the ultimate kink right? But then, why do you let that slut work for you?”

“Watch who you call a slut.” Heels clicked as the female voice grew closer. Angel’s ocean eyes hardened as the raven haired beauty with the emerald eyes stepped forward with a bound Nick being dragged behind her. The blonde girl silenced at the sight of Nick struggling before her. The photon bonds were holding tightly on them both. Fyliza thrusts Nick brutally against the wall, the bonds somehow magnetically binding to the wall next to Angel, just barely out of each other’s reach. The female General looked to the Emperor. “Now you really thought you could handle the bitch without motivation.”

“You think too much you whore.” Zenok growled at her.

The two triplets smirked at each other. Well, he wanted her to know they were not alone. He glared at the witch before her. So much rage bubbled just beneath his deceivingly cool exterior. A fiery ember stayed within his inner being that stubbornly refused to go out, continuing to grow at its rapid pace. Malicious thoughts floated about his mind in its venomous ways, and he had to fight to ignore them. Thoughts travel to elsewhere. Brian. He wasn’t with them, had he been they would be dead. It was just him and Angel. Nick remembered what happened earlier, before their capture, sending thoughts to each other. Brian wasn’t near; could they still do it now? Now the three had been reunited and knew the truth?

How you holding up? Angel’s voice enters his head and he could still hear the concern. That answered his question.

Alright, seems like they haven’t brought out their toys yet.

I can try to see if I can get what Howard had me do on Yaresia.

When you knew trouble was coming?

I don’t know if I can do it without Brian.

Try it Angel.

She shut her eyes, as before, trying to tune into herself and her own emotions. For a moment she could feel Brian, his presence coming near, she tried to get an actual feeling, or even a blurry image like before. The voice she had heard telling her before, was audible, but only murmurs that felt like babble of another language, losing a connection she had before. She felt what she knew was true, she didn’t have the other link she needed, Brian. A feeling of dread rushed to her. But it was unclear, and then nothing. She sighed and opened her eyes, not paying attention to the General or Emperor before them.

I can’t do it without Brian near.

Its okay, we’ll make it through this.

I know.

I felt Brian, but I know he’s nowhere near here Nicky Boy.

I…I feel him too. How?

I don’t know, but-

A violent slap from a hard leather strap covered with small metal spikes, heated to burning temperatures, broke Angel’s concentration as she felt it whack against the base of her skull. Spots sprang before her eyes as the room spun a bit. Another slam of the brutal strap came to blows with her skull. She blinked as her head throbbed. Harsh green eyes stared down at her. “Pay attention.”

“Heh, Fyliza…you couldn’t beat me till you had me tied up. You know what that makes you? Pathetic.” She croaked out. It was then she heard a sharp grunt from next to her. Her eyes skipped over to her brother and widened at what was being done to him. A triple whip with the same heated spikes was being whipped at his stomach with such joy. Nick was taking it in silence, but she knew he was only trying to stay strong. Yet although Nick is physically strong beyond both hers and Brian’s capabilities, she knew she could take the degradation longer than he.

Zenok chuckled lowly; it sent shivers down her spine, making her skin want to crawl fiercely away from the flesh of her body. “Every time you smart mouth Ms. AC Free, your brother will be punished as well.”

“You fucking BASTARD! Deal with me you coward, I’m the one you’ve been trying to silence!”

Fyliza, watching in amusement, only worse an impish grin over her blood red lips. “Wrong answer babe.” A syringe came out, with a violet, almost black fluid that you could see bubble violently in the needle. As a former White Angel, Angel knew the substance. Cryonin. A toxin that would send who was injected with the chemical into temporary madness of visions beyond their nightmares. It would cause physical pain to match what they envisioned. “No, you fucking face ME!” She screamed, knowing what Nick was about to face. Her own pain fading.

Zenok pulled out another, identical to the first. “Oh you won’t be left out, I will be forced to keep you alive, but no one said a word about your mind being intact, and my dear, I am ecstatic at the idea of watching your sanity crumble.” The only thing she knew was having the needle jabbed into her side, as it was done to Nick simultaneously, a burning sensation, and then…nothing.


Brian sat in the ship as Howard drove, a nagging sensation tugged on his very being. Something was off. Something seemed very wrong. Beyond the fact Nick and Angel were captured. That feeling troubled him beyond any contemplation of meaning. It seemed they had been traveling for ages, even if that fact wasn’t true. He had been awake for over twenty four hours however, that much was true. Even when Howard set the ship on autopilot with an alarm to alert when ships approached, and went to sleep himself, Brian did not. Waiting still, Brian kept himself awake, wrought with guilt about getting away, wishing he had been taken instead, wondering how he could get away. Pointless questions, with not an answer in the jumbled bunch. Pacing, pacing, pacing. Back and forth, with no real thoughts in mind. Anxiety consuming, controlling his every thought, his every move, lethargy trying to sneak its way in, slowly, ever so slowly. Brian himself was on the brink of driving himself utterly mad with guilt ridden gloom and grief. As time ticks by, with every second, a spark of hope runs off with it, escaping inch by inch. Soon it would all be gone, where would he be then? Would he be alive? Would there be any chance? If there was, would it work if his hope was leaving him at this pace? Sense had already taken the first flight out. That much was more than true.


The Watcher’s voice shattered his rapid thoughts like a meteorite through a stained glass window. Obliterating them. Finally, if only for seconds, his frantic mind was silenced. “Yes?”

The older wiser man gave a small yawn. “Get some sleep, you will lose strength unless your rest your spirit. That is where your power lies.”

He wrung his hands together fiercely as he sat down next to Howard in the co pilot seat. “I can’t use it without them anyway.”

“We will get them back, but now you rest, I will figure out what path we take next. However, we cannot help them if we not at peace with our mind, body, and soul.”

The reddish golden haired man stood again, not wanting to stay still. The lack of sleep was obviously getting to him now. “How can I sleep? I can barely sit…I know something is wrong, something worse is happening. I know cause I get a vibe from Angel. I don’t know how I know its from Angel but I know. And then Nick-”

Howard stared at him. “You must rest or your siblings will die. Now rest or I will stop the ship here, for it will do no good if we are not strong enough to fight when the time comes.” He watched as the one of the Spirit Realm finally headed to the back where the cots were. He needed his rest. Also Howard knew he could not have the younger one interfering with what he was about to do. It was far too crucial, and he knew if he did not get the proper wisdom from the source, the fated three would have no chance left to save the world from its oncoming damnation.



He floated, well more stood but on what she was far from sure. A black void is all his eyes can take in. Unsure of what was supposed to happen, he started walking, hoping to see something more than the dark abyss before him. Something to give that spark of lightened hope to his mirthless spirit that felt so despondent then, so dejected, at what was before him. Last he remembered was…a fluid entering his body. His mind was fuzzy as it struggled for images of the memories he knows are supposed to be there. Yet when he tried to recall any at all, visiting his inner vision were only senseless blurs of faces and unrecognizable images. He could recall little. What was his name? Did he exist? What was this place? Was he dead? Was everything lost? What was he so worried about losing?

He ran a hand through his hair as he strolled through the area of nonexistence. His name. That was something to answer first. It, it had started with an N. Nick. His name was Nick. It was then the sharp excruciating pain started vibrating throughout his chest. Overwhelming suffering. His gaze shifted down and suddenly the surroundings whirled around him in a burning haze of blinding dream feeling glow.

He felt hot, humid, beads of sweat began to glitter as they collected quickly on his warming forehead. He was outside. His chest thumped like an ancient tribal drum in the middle of a celebration. He glanced down to see a metal sword, styled from ancient earth times back in the 1600’s. As the pain grew great, the sword began to glow with a mystical force. His attacker was before him. Nick stared up into a face that looked similar to his own, but not the same. He screamed as the man twisted the blade deeper, making the crimson fluid flow with such joy. He yelled in agony. The pain was beyond anything he could comprehend, anything he had ever known, but did he know what he knew? His mind was confused and muddled, lost in the sea of darkness in the depths of his own consciousness.

Then he yelled out of instinct for the only ones who could help him. He did not know the faces that the names belonged to, or anything connecting to those he shouted for next, only that, he knew he needed them and that they needed him.



Angel walked through the desert, knowing what she would see is an illusion. Yet how could she know that if the chemicals were taking effect? It made no sense to her. Not much did then. She only knew this wasn’t real. What was real then? Was she real? Did she even exist? Was she just part of someone’s dream? Was she alive, was she anything but a figment of imagination? Who was she? What was her name? Why did she feel as if she was being summoned? There was a tugging feeling that bugged her swirling soul yet she could not identify any source to it.

A light began to shine in the distance, and she ran towards it, knowing nothing but to get to the light, having no other sign of what to do. She didn’t even know who she was. How would she have an idea of what to do now? She stepped into it, only to be grabbed roughly, forced onto a large wooden post as a primitive angry mob screamed in triumph.


“Die you heathen harlot!”

A man in robes tied her painfully to the post, just above a pile of dry wood. A torched neared it hesitantly. Achingly slow, by one that felt familiar but did not know. He looked like a male reflection of her own looks. What was all this? She struggled with panic and fear. She did not want to die. Not without knowing anything. What was her name? She began to pray before it came to her. Angel. That was her name. The flames ignited excitedly upon the wood. She could feel the heat dancing around her, as the beads of sweat met together upon her now pale brow. Where were her brothers in her time of need. Wait, how did she know she had brothers? Searing pain crawled along her calf in a teasing manner, waiting for it’s true time to arrive. When it reached her foot with true intent. That was when the blood curdling cry escaped her lips, searching for anyone near.

“Brian! Niiiiiiiiick! I need you!”

He lay on the cot in the back of the ship, wishing, praying for these vibes of pain and misery to go away. They kept coming to him, in waves of agony. Brian’s pale blue eyes stared at the stark white walls of Howie’s ship. He missed Angel’s craft, he had grown quite used to it. Almost like a home. Worries continued to wrack his brain. Yet his body was beyond exhaustion. He had not the physical strength Nick seemed to always have, or the cunning grace Angel had. He was just Brian, an unwanted child of the emperor, stolen from his parents and true life. How was he going to save them? He only doomed them all every chance he got. It is no wonder that at first his siblings thought he had been out to get them captured. After the latest turn of events, he would understand if they blamed him for it all. Brian knew he was no hero, he is only him, a mistake. His eyes grew heavier as such depressing thoughts lingered in his plagued mind. A yawn slowly escaped his lips, sneakily, as if sensing his resistance to sleep. Yet sleep soon came, overcoming him with swiftness. It was when he was between the realms of sleeping and being awake that he heard their voices.


“Brian! Niiiiiiiiick! I need you!”

In that moment of sleeping wake, waking sleep…Brian finally knew what he had to do next.


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