Season Two Winners!

I just first want to say thank you to Julie (also known as my ZDR or RokofAges75 in the fanfic world) for the amazing background she sent me for the winner banners! I wanted those and my runner ups to be as unique as possible LOL. So thanks again! You’re DRATW!

And your winners are…


sovividrunner sointense sointenserunner sobright sobrightrunnerohohmygod ohohmygodrunner1 ohohmygodrunner2 whatdoesitmean whatdoesitmeanrunner wholerainbow wholerainbowrunner capture capturerunner triplerainbow triplerainbowrunner baddestrainbow baddestrainbowrunner fullofawe fullofawerunner DRATWauthor DRATWauthorrunnerup looknew looknewrunnerup

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