A list of all the stories I’ve written or taken part of. (Novels on hiatus over on AC are not included)

We Burn the Sky; Remember Me This Way; Divisions Of Reality; Born To Be; Just Another Day

Short Stories/Novellas
Show Me A Reason; Here We Stand; Walked Out Of My Dreams; Grape Expectations

1000 Ways To Kill Nick Carter (An Absolute Chaos Exclusive Round Robin); Revenge of the Slaughtered (sequel to 1000 Ways and another Absolute Chaos Exclusive Round Robin); Song For The Undead (written with Julie ); Nick’s Zombie Nightmare Before Christmas (written with Julie); 00Carter (written with Julie, Purpura Lipstick, DragonStar ); Code Blue (with Julie, Bianca, Louise, Rose, Drama_Queens, starbeamz2, Sabra, Shauna, & Rachel), Revelations (written with Anastacia, and Jamelet )

Family; Blondie and the Beast; Just Kids; Cursed; I Will Be…; Falling Down; Life After You; The Only Truth I Know; Hey Kevin? Thanks…; Tough Lover; Back To Me; Haunted; L-O-V-E; Birthdays; He Had It Coming; Crazy; Are We There Yet?;To Whom It May Concern; Instead, It Was Him; The Christmas Album That Never Was; I Don’t See It; Coffee and Cigarettes; A New Era; Why I Hate Justin Timberlake; I Remember

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