What Does It Mean?

Hi, my name is Rose! *waits for the “Hi Rose!” back* Oh wait, not AA…. (just kidding!)

But seriously, my name is Rose and I’m an avid fanfiction writer. My days in writing fanfic go all the way back to when I was thirteen years old in the golden year of 1999. Back when Backstreet Boys ruled the world and we were looking forward to Y2K (best apocalypse ever, 12/21/2012 so did not compare). Thinking about that makes me feel old LOL. My earliest stories on here only go back to 2001/2002 because everything before that was lost. I mainly write Backstreet Boys Fanfiction but you might see other fandoms on here eventually. Maybe Nikita, Shane West, possibly some Buffy. Depends on my muse cause seriously, it’s random LOL.

Basically, this site is for me to archive everything. A lot of you in the BSB Fandom will probably know me pretty well as Rose on Absolute Chaos. I might post poetry on here, I might post some more personal original fiction one-shots I normally just keep to myself rather than posting on AC. So now I have a place to post what I don’t think will fit too well there. And I like having my own little space.

I’ll still have my stories posted there because that site is my home. This is my little, well, double rainbow in the sky. It keeps everything I write here and locked away in my own little corner of the internet for you to enjoy. I’ll post banners and summaries for ideas I get and hopefully eventually write. And any other additional little extras I might come up with.

So I hope you enjoy my double rainbow!

Disclaimer – Obviously I don’t own BSB or any other fandom I dabble in on here, but I gotta say so anyway LOL. Also, if you try and steal any of my stories I will hunt you down and totally decapitate you.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rose,
    Just found your site and was hoping you might be able to help me. I was an avid BSB fanfic writer back in the day (1998-2002). My stories were never hosted on a website, just part of a email list of other BSB fanfic writers. However, one of my satires was featured on a website. The problem is that I can’t remember which site hosted it, I no longer have to computer I wrote the story on and I have had no luck looking through all the archives online. My story was called “Twinkies on Life Support” and was written with my friend Sarah, with whom I have also lost contact. I know it’s a long shot, but would you have any suggestions or ideas about tracking it down? Any help would be appreciated.
    Take care, Chantal

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply. I never got the email notification so I didn’t realize I had a comment till I went to clean out my spam through WP. So major fail! You know what I would recommend? Try asking on the Absolute Chaos forum here: http://absolutechaos.net/fictalk/index.php if you’re still looking. There’s plenty of writers there like myself from the “glory days” of BSB fanfiction who might have read it or heard of it and would have an idea of where you should start.

      Good luck!

  2. Hi, Rose! 🙂

    I am a fan of your works and… I know it kinda sounds weird, but is there anyway I can send you a private message? I’ve tried to search if you’re on Twitter but I couldn’t find anything.

    The comment section here asked for my name and email address, I left them and I really hope you can contact me just so I can send you a message.

    Thank you,

    • It’s not too weird. I emailed you (at least I hope it went though) but my twitter handle is also @ForeverRebel if you’d like to contact me there 🙂

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