Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Thirteen

Internal Instincts

Angel watched Nick and Brian lead a young woman on board the ship. She frowned. There was just something off about the woman. But she looked harmless enough. Then again the same could be said about her. Her eyes narrow slightly at the woman. While the boys fawned over her, she seemed to be basking in it. Heh. Her sapphire eyes met the other woman’s emerald ones and for a moment unnoticed by the boys a cold look passed between them. That was what made Angel not trust her, she realized. The unnatural coldness that rested in her eyes. Then Nick finally noticed her and Angel forced herself to look unsuspicious, lest he think she had no reason behind it. She forced a smile and headed over to Nick while Brian led the raven haired beauty to a chair. A small frown formed on the pilots face when she noticed Nick wasn’t exactly happy with Brian doing that. No now she was over thinking. She had to relax.

“Angel this is Fyliza” he told her without even looking at her, and he ran a hand though his shaggy golden tresses and gave a charming smile to Fyliza once more. “her ship was a wreck so we brought her here. The damage was un-repairable. Fyliza, this is Angel, our friend and the best pilot around.”

Angel once again tried to hide her discontent. He made her sound like all she did was fly the plane. Why was she so jealous anyway. She shouldn’t be. She shouldn’t. The idea of one more person probably knowing her identity also disturbed her. Well all they knew was her first name. Still….knowing her face made her uneasy. She had guarded her identity fiercely as AC-free…and this woman could guess it. Brian was one thing but Fyliza….

“Nice to meet you.” Fyliza replied coolly with an obviously fake smile.

Angel just rolled her eyes. “Nice to meet you too.”

If there was obvious animosity that was evident between the two Brian and Nick didn’t notice. Brian ran off to get a drink for her while Nick led her to a comfortable chair. He smiled. “we’re flying to Yaresia”

Fyliza couldn’t help but smirk inwardly at that. Things were proceeding like the prophecy. Of course she knew it. She had to to be apart of Zenok’s inner workings. How did these to know where to go, it seemed obvious they had befriended someone, who knew of what was coming. Who…all the watchers had been turned to their side or killed. Curious, something to keep an eye out if she were to succeed.


Only so much time of watching the two men fawn over their new guest could Angel stand. They had been flying on the ship for hours and the two could not get enough of her. Yet Fyliza dismissed Angel immediately, and only paid interest to Brian and Nick. There was something so dark about her. She could see it, and it was driving her mad. There was something…perhaps she could talk sense into Nick. She approached them at the table where Fyliza was recounting some tale to them.

“Really now?” Nick said laughing, his eyes sparkled with adoration. “tell me more.”

Fyliza smiled shyly, “Oh you don’t want to hear more of my drabble.”

Brian shook his head rapidly, “No we do…”

She coughed loudly to get their attention, they all looked at her with obvious annoyance which made her blood boil more. It was hard enough for Angel to get companions and then this one tries to steal them. Fyliza disliked Angel, she could tell. She always trusted her instincts, they never lead her wrong with the exception of Tarkansay. Even then…the day he made them crash she had gut feelings moments before that something was off. She flashed them a cute smile, more directed to Nick since she was going to attempt to try talking to him first.

“yes?” the seductress asked in an icy tone.”

“I just wanted to borrow Nick for a moment.”

“Angel, can it wait because Fly here….”

Fly? He had a NICKNAME for her already? He has barely known her! This has gone far enough…

“No it can’t….” She forced an apologetic look for him. “I need to talk to you”

He stood begrudgingly, obviously not wanting to go. Brian sent his competition an superior smirk to his competition as he ran a hand through his strawberry golden locks. Nick sent Brian a glare of annoyance. Two pairs of icy blue eyes met for a moment, the obvious competition and distrust standing between them. As Angel watched them and watched she could have sworn she saw Fyliza smile at the boys’ discontent for each other. But the moment Angel turned and looked at her to make sure, the look of amusement turned to one of displeasure. This woman was causing more trouble, something they already had enough here on this ship. The young pilot was determined to put a stop to it now. She dragged Nick to the weapons room in the back of the ship. She closed the blast door behind them for the needed privacy. No one would be able to hear them once that door was closed. Nick crossed his arms impatiently.

“What?” AC-Free asked, surprised with the look he gave her.

“Well what is it?”

“Its about Fyliza.”

Nick beamed as he ran a hand through his hair anxiously. A trait she noticed already that both Nick and Brian seemed to do when nervous or thinking. His ocean eyes gleamed. “Isn’t she amazing?”

“Not exactly the word I’d use.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you think I mean?”

“I don’t know that’s why I’m asking Angel”

“I don’t trust her is all.” She tightened the ponytail her dark dirty blonde colored hair was in. Her sky blue eyes met his in seriousness.

He frowned, his boyishly charming face shifting in irritation. “Why not?”

“There’s something about her…”

“She’s harmless”

“I don’t think so.”

Nick rolled his eyes and faced her. “What has she done to cause that?”

“It’s a gut feeling. My feelings haven’t failed me yet.”

“What about Tarkansay?”

Her eyes went to the floor, that comment stung and she knew Nick knew it. “That’s not fair.”

“Well she hasn’t done anything!”

“Its coincidental her ship was on the way of our route to Yaresia isn’t it?!”

“You think too much!”

“Nick come on, you know we can’t trust people easy!”

“Yet you trust Brian….”

“He’s different.”

“What cause of your FEELINGS?” He mocked. “I think you’re just jealous!”

Angel paused there, she didn’t expect this reaction from him. This wasn’t the Nick she usually knew since she met him. Damn that woman. She was already making sure the boys were well trapped under her spell. Too well. Damn the gods.

“See I knew it!” Nick smirked smugly.

“No that’s NOT it. I know she’s trouble….I know it. It was odd enough to see her piloting alone…you and I both know that’s not common.”

“This coming from a pilot herself!”

“I know my type is rare.”

“I expected better from you….to be above jealous tricks like this Angel and I…”

He was interrupted by the loud beeping coming from the autopilot. Angel gave him a hurt look, trying to keep her emotions in tow. When he had kissed her earlier….well she couldn’t ignore that she was jealous. She was, but Angel thought Nick knew her better than to think that would be why she came to him. She came to him knowing this woman wanted to be their demise. Angel sighed, looked like she was going to have to be the one who kept an eye out. And that Nick was just like every other male in the world….just not worth letting her feelings show.

“If you excuse me….we’re finally approaching Yaresia and I have to land this gods damn thing. Have fun with your little Fly….” she replied coldly as she opened the door and stalked off to the controls.

Nick frowned as he watched her go. He hadn’t meant to hurt her. Thoughts of apologizing though went right out the window as Fyliza called him over. He couldn’t let Brian steal the show.


Fyliza smirked as she followed the three blondes off the shuttle. Yaresia, one of the most wild planets in the galaxy. Hasn’t been inhabited since the ancient times when the realms were still merged. It had been left to the wildlife to grow here. Natural beauty was exceptional here in the jungle planet. It was also one of the most dangerous to explore due to the fact it was all too easy to get lost on and there were plenty of animals who loved the taste of fresh humans. This would be the perfect place to get them. Perhaps she would kill the precious AC-free here. The idea was all too tempting. Zenok would forgive her, she was too valuable to kill and he knew it. Also he would appreciate the two of the three triplets too much. She figured he would never succeed though. He needed all three and the third remained hidden far too well. She had to give the watchers credit. They hid one right. That was all they needed for it wouldn’t succeed without them all. She chuckled to herself as AC-Free had the navigational hand held and started guiding them. Fyliza knew it would be her leading. AC-Free was the only one who has an iota of what’s she’s doing and Nick would have been long caught by now if it wasn’t for her. Them finding her was either a stroke of fate or luck. Time to turn things around. Her long dark hair flowed behind her as she marched up to Angel and stopped the three from going further. Angel raised a brow and the two gazes met. Angel who looked her namesake and Fyliza who looked the opposite.

“Just what are you doing?” Angel demanded. Heh AC-Free liked control, well so did she.

“I know this planet, I was here once before.”

“Impossible, few ever navigate this place successfully.”

“My ex-boyfriend was an wildlife expert, he studied this planet and I was with him. Let me lead.”

Angel rolled her eyes and glared at her. “I trust my charts a lot more.”

Fyliza placed her hands on her hips and gave a saddened look to towards Brian and Nick who were watching the two girls face off with interest. Nick seemed more torn between them than Brian. Brian, hah that brat was on her side the moment he saw her. Nick was a little more difficult but not much. “This place has a strong magnetic energy that throws the charts off. That’s why so many get lost here. Let me lead.”


“Angel,” Nick said softly, “ We do need the help…”

“I am not following her.”

Brian frowned and decided to interject as well. “Why not?”

Nick rolled his eyes, “Because her feelings cloud her common sense. Fine Angel, you go your way and we’ll go ours and when you get lost contact me through the a communicators.”

The communicators were small tiny devices located by their ears that you put on to keep track of the others in case of separation. You pressed a tiny button and it turned into a headset perfect for getting your companions help.

“Fine I will!” She headed off into the jungle furious and following her chart.

“Its this way…thanks Nick, Brian, for listening…I wish Angel had done the same.”

Brian beamed, “We trust you…” Yet as he watched Fyliza there was a faint memory nagging at him to remember.

Nick nodded and glanced where Angel had gone for a moment. “Yeah, I just wish she had listened.”

Fyliza started leading the boys into the opposite direction Angel had gone. All she had to do is set up her attack and then find Angel. It would not be long till everything was in her grasp and none of them see it coming….

Let the games begin.


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