Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Twenty Two

Never Dream Alone

As Howard prayed for the safe spiritual presence of the one bearer left within his care, Angel came upon a scene changing around her within a rapid pace. Her surroundings blurred crazily at a rate that almost made her dizzy. It soon gave way to feelings of mental and physical shocks to her senses. Her eyes skipped around in the chaos to try and spot something familiar, and widened in surprise. There she finally saw Nick, with fury clearly blazed within his hellish blue eyes as he advanced again and again against their own brother. Against Brian who was frantically trying to defend himself against Nick’s higher skill, his honed fighting techniques, and brute force beyond Brian’s own.

Laser blades similar to the one Angel always carried slammed against each other, which itself stuck her as odd since the boys always carried blasters. She was completely at a loss of how the brothers had acquired them. Could reality in the subconscious realm, (in which she assumes the one they were in currently to be Nick’s), bend to conscious wills? Sparks flew in the air, dazzled for seconds in time as the sabers met forcefully again and again. Angel screamed their names, fear evident within the vocalizations as she raced towards them.

Her footing now with some sense of stability now that the setting remained the same, Angel took a breath and renewed her energy. She regained her senses and sped up with the undeniable knowledge that Nick had not a clue of what he was truly doing. The Cryonin was controlling him, his thoughts, rationalizations, his actions, and even his essence, his sanity. He was as lost, hidden within a shroud of chemically enhanced darkness, as she had been, if not more so. Her instincts told her he was more attuned to darkness than she or Brian could ever dream of being.

“Nick!” She heard Brian yell when Nick was finally able to have Brian pinned against the wall. She screamed at the sight. Finally Nick’s superior strength had won out. And in honest truth, she was surprised Brian, who was the weakest physically of them, was able to hold up this long. Now he was at his weakest, since she knew he was already using his power to keep them wherever they were in the subconscious.

He was going to die.

“NICK NO!” She had to do something. Now. Finally she got to him, grabbed him fiercely by the shoulders and turned him away from Brian, simultaneously knocking the sword from his grasp.

“Must…kill…Emperor’s son…” He said in raspy breaths, within a daze.

“He’s Brian, our brother. I’m Angel. Your sister. Get back here to us blondie…”

“Women inferior…” Was Nick’s only reply.

And without fail she smacked him for the sexist degrading statement. A welt appeared upon his face and she winced slightly at the force she used, remembering then it would also appear upon him in true reality. Brian was still trying to catch his breath, regain some sort of strength in case he had to continue.


A smile flitted upon her lips, as if afraid to settle in case of disappointment. It reminded her of how painfully skittish she was of trust, no thanks to the still stinging betrayal of Tarkansay. Nick remembered her. Nick who was the first to accept without other plans to use her in mind. “Yes, yes that’s me.” She coaxed as Brian had to her when she had been found. “Angel Cantre- I mean Angel Carter, at your service prophecy boy.”

It was the last words that triggered it. Teasing words she’d often used playfully towards him, to make light of the burden always plaguing him. Plaguing them all now. Slowly it hit the oldest of the three, as it had with her, as Brian meandered carefully over. He placed each of his hands in theirs, using his newly tapped into power to bring them back to the safe place as he had before. Nick smiled to himself at the memory that replayed before him too now. Now he was met with a sunny, carefree, energetic, younger self. One who stared up with big curious eyes yet couldn’t keep still before being tugged back by the toddler sister.

“I’m…okay now.” Nick finally spoke. “And I’m sorry.”

“It wasn’t your fault, fathe-Zenok, did that to you. It could’ve killed you if he injected more.”

Angel smirked. “He’s not that stupid, he knows us and he needs it. I just happened to piss him off.”

“Hey guys…” Nick interrupted, wanting to silence them. A noise outside them came to his ears. One not of the old memory, nor of the three current aged siblings. No, this was from somewhere else. Familiar, harsh voices ringing of familiarity. “I can hear them…” The area changed again as the three stepped closer to where the voices seemed to be coming from…


As the marks appeared upon the young bodies bound to the walls of the jail cell, Fyliza couldn’t stop smiling. Finally she had brought down the “champion” of the people. To be quite honest, despite her distaste of the sexist tones men had against her, she quite liked the status of the universe. It gave her a more valued position; it proved to her how she was so much better than the other women in existence. She knew she was smarter, stronger, and more powerful. Many men like Zenok underestimated her constantly, which was to her advantage. Truthfully, that was the way she liked it.

The only female to really match her was the AC-Free, better known as ring bearer Angelique Carter. And she eventually brought her down. Her and her brother. Now only the little brat was left. Who knew the weakling was so good at escaping? He would be the easiest to find, then they would all die. It was quite satisfying. She glanced back to Zenok who was watching the two triplet siblings more carefully than she. Watching for something, anything to lead them back to Brian, wherever the brat may be. It had to be soon, the month was August in Earthling time, which is what the prophecy ran by. The realms could crumble upon the birthdays of the triplet, on the end of the old year and the dawn of the new one.

All they got however was the pleasure of watching the two dream themselves their own personal physical torture.

“They may not know where he is ya know.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion Fyliza.”

“So?” She crossed her arms upon her voluptuous bosom. Another great distraction for any man, she often used as well. “Think about it, we captured them and they didn’t even get the chance to tell him to run. They don’t have a damn clue where he is and are probably too damn insane from the Cryonin to tell us or remember anyway.”

“And what do you suggest?”

“We try to track the Watcher, the one helping them. Had to be one of the older ones if he knew what was on Yaresia for them.”

“Our attempt to kill all Watchers we could not corrupt obviously missed a few.”

She wanted to tell him that fate played a hand in the final battle. Or so history told. Zenok could win, that was why the prophecies always said “salvation or damnation”, but fate would prepare the triplets, and a Watcher would be destined to survive. Zenok always thought she knew little about these things, but Fyliza knew early on her hunger for power would require her to be knowledgeable about it. And it led her to where she was now.

“Perhaps we should involve…”

“If we cannot find the sniveling brat, I demand you track him down wench.”

“Such a sweet talker.”

“You’ve got a lot of brass.”

She smirked, tossing her long raven locks over her shoulder. She was getting bored. “Only because you need me too much to kill me.” Her hands reached for the heated spiked whip she wielded earlier. “But now I’m bored.” Fyliza chucked and swung it at the female prisoner…


The smack was harsh, painful, and almost knocked her out of this other realm Brian held them in. No longer was it like a dream state. It was real, yet not. It was surreal yet reality. It was almost like Brian carried them from the Cryonin induced dream world, and the three of them created this space, hole, between reality and the unconscious realm. Brian helped bring them there, but all three shaped it, created it. However without Brian it could not have been done, she didn’t ask how she knew this, it was of the instinctual gifts given to her. None of them could explain it, but it took Angel all she had to hold in the flaming pain that invaded her body. Reality had definitely filtered into the space and it was as if the three siblings were hiding somewhere in-between dreams and actuality.

“Shit! Hold it in Angel; we can’t let them know we got past the Cryonin.”

With a nod at Nick she bit her lip as Brian rested his hands upon her agonized back. Within moments the pain was soothed and she stared up at him in amazement. He shrugged, having no understanding of this himself. He had felt the energy leave him though, focus upon the wounds. Was healing another power? Why was he the first to start tapping into their powers? He didn’t get it.

Nick was the one to refocus them all, oddly enough. “We need a plan.”

“And to keep the charade up.” The youngest reminded them.

“Or we’ll get something worse. Zenok was fed up with both my identities, twice the anger double the fun. And he despises Nick for escaping him so many times.”

A grin slowly grew upon the face of the adopted son of the Emperor. A confidant one. “We can plan here; figure out your escape, what we can do once I’m there.”

The two who were imprisoned outside of the dreamscape stared at Brian incredulously. “Are you insane? He already has me and Angel. All he needs is you and we’re toast along with everything else in freaking existence. No. Hell to the Gods and Goddesses no.”

“We’re weak apart. That‘s how we got in this mess, we were separated. Fyliza got to us apart, we escaped her once united, we escaped Zenok, and you saved me, together. We‘re not that great divided.”

“Well Nicky Boy, Bri has a point there.”

“It’s a huge as hell risk.”

All three stared at each other in awkward silence, the impact of the situation truly hitting them. Brian was the one needed to get Nick and Angel able to tap into their powers for all three were needed. Nick glanced around them, at the scenery, which he now realized was no longer a memory of them, just a serene empty beach with the waves rolling in gently. It would remind him of home if the sand wasn’t dark blue and the waves a soft violet. Yet, it was familiar. He just didn’t know how. He shifted his gaze back to Angel and Brian. It was Angel who decided to break the silence first. He winced sharply as a sharp pain entered his spine. Seems they were back to old fashioned attempts back in the real world. He bit back the pain, for he had no other option.

“We don’t have a choice.”

Nick sighed with defeat. They were right and he hated it. Oh what he wouldn’t give for Demitrius right then. For some wisdom, some guidance that was even beyond Howard’s. Would he still be here if he hadn’t run off? Would he have still met Brian and Angel, the two he had reaching for his entire life? Would they be better off now? Questions he couldn’t answer. Only wish. “I just wish Demitrius or even Howard had told me what powers each of us, it’d make planning a way out easier.”

“Maybe…” his sister trailed off, looked thoughtful as she did so. “…we’re supposed to learn for ourselves. Brian, you’ve discovered three.”

“I talk to animals…heal…”

“And this, whatever you did to our dreams.”

“And you know this how?” Brian asked shakily, a bit scared of how rapidly everything was developing now that it was.

Nick answered instead however, with a smile, as the realization hit him. Could it really have been that simple? He should have caught it earlier, on Yaresia. “Instinct.”

“Huh?” Came the girl’s reply.

“Demitrius, when he spoke of three…he always said…”

“There are three sides to the destined, three parts that must be developed young one.”

“Yeah, yeah, listening.”

“Instinct shall be the guide of one, tying deeply into this world, the realm of Creation. The gifts of that shall be of that around us. Able to represent everything that is part of that realm. Instinct is the master, shall be balanced by the other two sides. It will be able to soothe, and control situations as if a simple song is all that is needed. Instinct will tell that side of all that may come, once controlled.”

“Okay…keep going…”

“Spiritual peace shall be of the second. A side of purity, and able to control the peace time every living being needs. Of dreams…hope. This side is at peace with all, able to communicate with all that has a spirit within the realms. Able to understand, comprehend. Able to heal the wounds of time.”

“Okay, and the last one, I’m tired Demitrius.”

“Last is the one you have already mastered Nickolas. Strength, physicality that so many demons possess. Physically able to master any technique, showing of extraordinary strength beyond compare, of any beast of the Demon realm. Able to read the minds sneakily, such as them, to have objects come to you with a simple dark thought. This side is fueled purely by fury, by passion, fire. Enough to make you heed caution, for this side can lead to true damnation.

Remember this well…”

“We done yet?”

“Yes Nickolas but I heed you never to forget this…”

As he finished retelling the conversation of so many years ago, one in his youth never to be important, he saw it in their faces. The knew now as he did. Demitrius had done his job well in making sure Nick knew what he had to, to lead them. He was the one meant to guide them, to be the leader.

“So he did mean us, told you then…Brian’s Spirit, I’m Creation, and you’re…”

He nodded. “The Demon Realm…”

“The easiest to fall to temptation. Thank the gods you weren’t raised by Zenok like me.”

Angel was pacing. “So, we need to break down what he said. What he meant as for powers. We know Brian’s, and my instinct future type thing, but…” A flash of the jungle came to her.

She then tightened her jaw when she saw Fyliza. That whore was going to get it. She pulled out her guns and carefully crept closer to her. She prayed she would just blend into the jungle and not be spotted. She looked down and for a moment she almost thought her feet looked like the mossy floor! She rolled her eyes at that one. Now was not a time to lose her mind.

What if she hadn’t been losing her mind? What if…”Able to represent anything of that realm. Shape shifting.”

Nick stared at her, impressed. “That can be handy. Mine are Strength…”

“Telepathy” Brian piped up. “With people other than us I mean.”

“So, Brian can heal, talk to and maybe control animals -possibly plants, and does the dream thing…Nick has strength…” She concentrated and that rush, the voices of that other language were now clear once more. Because they were spiritually together. “Telepathy, and telekinesis. Well damn. And mine are…” She shut her eyes, focused again, while shutting everything else out. “Instinct, Shape shifting…and being able to temporarily get people under my control….by um…”

Brian was the one processing this as Nick and Angel continued talking. He had to be strong, no matter how many fears lay within his soul. They saved him too many times before; he had to be the one to fix this. It was his fault. His mind ran though the layout of his father’s favorite base on Mars, where the other two were being held. They could do it. They could really do this. He knew how this could work.

“Guys, I have a plan.”


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