Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Eighteen


“There can be no mistakes”

“Of course.”

“We end it here and power finally can be in my grasp”

“I will not fail.”

“If you do you know what’ll happen.”

“I understand.”

“You know what to do?”


“You’re lucky to even have this opportunity.”

“I accept it with humility and pride.”

“Good, now go so that we may end this.”


The three siblings stayed silent, staring at Howard in shock. Angel’s mind spun in circles. No she couldn’t be related to Nick and Brian. It was impossible; she was born an only child before she had been adopted. She would know if Nick was her brother wouldn’t she? Angel’s feelings were never wrong, she would have sensed it. And what about Brian? He was the Emperor’s son. Besides her name was Angel Rose, not that Angelique Rosalyn thing he had said. Howard had to be lying.

Brian couldn’t say a word. Could he be right? Was that the real reason Zenok always seemed to hate him? How did he end up in Zenok’s hands if he was supposed to have been adopted? How could any of this be true? He wanted it to be true so badly. He always hated the idea of being the Zenok’s son. Even when he strived for love from him, he wished his father was someone else. Someone kinder. Someone who could accept him. Millions of questions ran through his mind. With running away did he end up finding his true family in the end? Was his entire life a pointless life where he was all this time supposed to have better? Why was life so unfair to him? If he was a bearer why did the Gods and Goddesses let this be his fate?

Nick felt the fury build within him. It had to be lies. He couldn’t be related to Angel. Not with how he felt…or did he just think he felt that way? He didn’t know anymore. Everything since he left earth has been so jumbled. Nothing was what he thought it would be. Has he been chasing the two people he found almost immediately after he started searching? None of it made sense. No, Howard couldn’t be right. It was impossible. Angel had even told him she had been born an only child before she was adopted. Still, he knew from experience Watchers could have the records altered, hidden…All he wanted was truth now, and he had no idea how to get it.

“Stop playing games with him.” Angel demanded in an uncharacteristic burst of anger. “With us, I’ve been trying to find out about my true parents all my life! I was the only child my parents had before they died! I would know if Nick and Brian were my brothers!”

“How…” Brian murmured.

Nick was the only one who remained silent just then. All he felt was fury at being lied to again.

“Angel,” The young watcher interrupted gently. “Your instincts are part of your power, but not developed. You did sense Nick and Brian were your brothers, but you did not understand the feeling. You mistook the sibling love for Nickolas for another emotion. Brian you did sense it for, it’s why you feel so protective of him. Nick is the eldest, born five minutes before you were, and you were born five minutes before Brian. That is why Nickolas tries to protect you.”

“You’re lying.” She muttered defiantly, wanting to deny it all.

Brian looked up at Howard, wishing it to be true and at the same time, feeling so bad for Angel and understanding why she wanted it to be a lie. “If you’re telling the truth, why did I end up with Zenok?” He asked sadly, wanting to cry yet again but his eyes had long ago run out of tears.

Howard looked at him with a compassionate sorrow. “That was the biggest error that was made, and it was not meant to happen that way.”

“How do we know that you’re telling the truth?!” Nick spat out with sudden annoyance at the entire scene.

He smiled, “Angelique and Brianian knew you were a ring bearer but you never showed them the actual ring did you? Why don’t you show them now?”

The blond rolled his eyes but did as he was told. He carefully took the ring out of his pocket and set it in the palm of him hand, the blue stone was brighter than any sapphire and dazzled in the light unlike any stone they had ever seen. The markings matched the type of ones along the ancient temple, and despite how the ring had to be thousand of years old; it looked new, the white gold shimmering like a star in the sky. Angel stared at it in shock, suddenly speechless as she watched the ring with recognition.

“Angel, you know that ring, let them see what’s around your neck.”

She pulled out the chain she wore that had been tucked under her pilot’s suit, and on the chain was a ring identical to the ring Nick held, with the exception of one marking along the ring. Nick’s eyes widened. “Where did you get that?” He asked almost inaudibly, amazed.

“My adopted parents told me it was the last thing my real parents could give to me.”

Brian then pulled his ring out as well, identical to Angel’s and Nick’s, with the exception of one marking along that ring that was different, as Angel’s was from Nick’s, and now Brian’s. “But I stole this from Zenok, that just means this could be someone else’s, my mother’s-”

Angel interrupted her brother. “How is this possible? I-I mean, who were my-our-Nick’s-ugh-whosever’s parents? How did Zenok find them? How could I be a bearer and not know? How did you hide us? Why didn’t I know when I met Nick and Brian? How-”

Nick then interrupted Angel anxiously, knowing now that the watcher had been right. Even though part of him, because of how he and Angel had thought they felt about each other before, wanted to deny it. He knew it was true. “Why are there three of us? I was always reading in the legends there was always only one descendent alive each time to rise up. Demitrius had said the fates had made sure of that after me and my brothers-I mean sibs, were born. That that had been why they had supposedly died. How-”

Howard shook his head, adjusting the cloak he wore, as he settled more. “I know now that you all believe me now. This is a lot to handle, I understand but you must know it all. You are in shock, I can see. But I must start at the beginning and that will answer you all.

“Okay.” The eldest Carter replied, anxious to know it all.

“Fine” the sister said, unsure of how she was feeling now.

“Please.” The youngest sibling said, so confused about himself, what he thought of this, everything.

He cleared his throat before speaking, moving a stray raven curl away from his eyes. “You all know the story of your ancestor, the one who separated the worlds to begin with. The rings had been a gift from the eldest and most powerful of the Gods and Goddesses in existence. They told him he must guard them well, that they would be the most sacred and precious things in existence. But though their purpose was for the good of all creation, they could be twisted, as with all things, for selfish power and evil. That this was a great power, one unbreakable for a 1,000 years, but to be cautious for that thousandth year, the power would begin to crumble, and there would only be one decedent left behind who alone must defend all creation and keep the barriers between the realms intact.”

“That is the more in depth version of the story you know, the one Nickolas here knew. When you three were born, we knew you would be the ones alive in the year 4,000 who would defend the rings. Which one, we couldn’t say, for we were surprised when your parents, Jane, and Robert Carter, had triplets. That was the first time in your line’s history this had ever occurred. The watchers always kept a watchful eye over your family line and warned them of what was to come, knowing they would not be alive to see it, for the parents of the bearers never are. We searched mediated, contacted the spirits and gods, for wisdom for why there were three.”

“For years we looked, but the search was halted when word of a new power was rising. Emperor Zenok, far too malevolent a power, and we knew he would be after the rings. We separated you three. Nick stayed with Demitrius and was taken to earth in case the watchers were weeded out, as they had been. So one of you would know of the truth and what to do. He took him to Earth, such an obvious place where Zenok wouldn’t waste time to look. Brianian’s name was altered barely to Brian and had been taken to a planet in the center of the Tricuzian galaxy, your birth galaxy. He had been adopted but we had left one too many hints and Zenok discovered him and despite our efforts, we could not recover him, and we have always regretted that mistake.”

Brian watched Howard sadly, knowing now he wasn’t meant to have lived the life he did. He wasn’t meant to suffer. He did not say a word however and let the Watcher continue his tale.

“Our only hope was that Zenok would know to keep him alive for one day you would find him and help him out yourselves, they way you did once I told you were he was. Angelique Rosalyn was changed into an earthling styled name, Angel Rose, her records changed to her being born an only child, the name of her true parents deleted, and sent to a family several galaxies away from her home on a planet where humans were so rare Zenok wouldn’t think to look. The watchers went into hiding and studied everything to find an answer out, as Zenok hunted them down one by one.”

“We found an answer when we searched the catacombs of this very temple. Three years after you had been separated. Engraved below where the body of the first bearer still rests in peace. There is a warning along the walls that had not been included in the original prophecy. That the day would come where three would be born to bear the power. Each one would be human incarnation of a realm: one of the demon realm, one of the spirit realm, one of the creation realm, then called the human realm. The power of the rings would be born within them in a different form than the power of the rings themselves, and in fact an addition to it. That the power would only release when they were joined. But they would be the final bearers for they would be powerful enough to keep the barriers up till the end of time. But if evil prevailed, all creation would fall into eternal damnation.”

Angel stared at him and not to anyone’s surprise, was the first to speak up. “So you’re telling me, we’re the ones who end it all?” Howard nodded solemnly. “Yes that is so.” She shook her head as she played with the shimmering ring in her hands. “We are so screwed.”

The softer spoken one stared at his own ring as he placed it upon his finger. Soon Angel did the same, as did Nick. Nick’s eyes widened slightly with surprise at the feeling he felt once the ring was on. He had worn it before yet never got the rush that came to him then. It felt right, complete, and whole. He felt at peace rather than the chaotic incomplete feeling he had lived with since Demitrius had taken him in. The triplets sat in silence until the youngest of them interrupted the quiet. “I think we can do it.”

Raising a brow, Angel stared at her younger brother. Brother. That would take some getting used to. “We’re stuck here, they know where we are, who we are, and we have no where to go. We’re screwed.”

Nick frowned, putting an arm around his sister. A lot of things made more sense now that everything has clicked together. “That’s pretty cynical, not your style.”

“Sorry but finding out everything I knew was a lie can shake a person up.”

“You feel tension don’t you Angel?” The watcher asked, ever so calm.

“Of course I’m tense, and you know why, all knowing one.”

“Angel-” The brothers called, unsure how to react when the stable one was becoming unhinged herself. They relied on her to stay true, to be strong. While Nick was physically strong, she had been the inner strength they needed, and it seemed to be slipping away from her, from them all.

“That is not what I mean. You have an intuition you are starting to tap into, focus your mind and energy and you may see what is disturbing your inner peace.”

She just stared at him as she pushed her long dark blonde braid over her shoulder. She was sick of lies, or stories, never knowing what is real. Sick of it all. Angel turned away, hoping to calm her thoughts. The young fighter looked within her own being. Darkness. Then, everything became still around her as she saw a faint blue light in her own mental vision, her surroundings forgotten.

Someone is close.

Someone we know.




Must escape.

If we don’t leave now, we will not all make it.


Her mind’s eye took in a variety of fuzzy images, ones she attempted herself to make clear, but it was unfocused. The feelings of danger and chaos still remained. Brian, Nick, and Howard then reappeared in her vision, she stumbled a few steps backwards, the power having been unused, took a lot out of her. Taking a few deep breaths, she regained her composure.


A glare was aimed at Howard for calling her that as she stood there, just slowly taking in air.

“Angel? You alright?”

“What is it?” Brian asked, sensing she tapped into the personal power Howard told them about. He could feel it when she did so. The rings had glowed, but not as brightly as hers had. It intrigued him as well as scared him.

“We need to get out of here.”

“Why? What’s coming?” Nick urged.

“I don’t know, but we have to leave, now. We’re in seriously, deep shit.”

“How do you know?”

She grabbed her gun out of her holster, loading it with the ammo strapped to her side. “Trust me, I just do. Now let’s go.” They raced for the exit, Howard knowing better than the rest that Angel’s instincts were more than they seemed. It was why he urged her to focus on them. Until they could get the formal training, it was a start.

“I have a small shuttle we can escape with.”

“I’m piloting.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll manage the weapons to keep them from getting too close.”

“Where will we go?”

“I don’t know yet Brian, but we gotta go.”

A chuckle could be heard outside as they neared the exit. They froze as Angel stopped with a sudden halt to face the one now in their way, with a group of well armed troops from Zenok’s best warriors behind. “I wouldn’t say that….c’mon, why don’t you say hi to your old friend Angel?”

Her face in shock, she almost dropped her weapon. “Tarkansay.”


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