Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Nine

Mixed Agendas

Zenok watched on as his pilots slowly approached to Jivitra’s second moon. He needed to get that little brat back in his hands. This was time annoyingly wasted when they could be searching for the other triplet, Nick. Anger boiled within him. He had just been out of his grasp at Saturn, and now it seemed that wench AC Free was helping him. His spy had not been able to kill her. He would kill the blue creature if his value were not still so high. No one before him had been that close to killing her. Maybe he knew something the others did not. He would know until he healed and came out of his coma.

To make matters worse for Zenok, the whereabouts of the last triplet, the female, was still unknown. The Rintistian Watchers had hidden her well and far away from her brothers. Although they had kept Nick with them, Zenok felt that the young teen had not been told everything about his destiny. This was to be his advantage. For in the past generations there had only been one bearer of the rings every time the walls began to weaken. Then it had been told there would someday come three bearers instead of one. These would be the most powerful of them all. The one who was able to capture them and do the ceremony would be the most powerful being of all time. So this generation of bearers would either save the universe for good, or it would be destroyed for all time. Either way, these three would be the last bearers.

As they began to land on the planet, a slow malevolent grin appeared on his face. He would have that power. It was his destiny. It starts with getting Brian back. No one could stop him now.


Angel landed the ship quickly on the other side of the mountain where they could not be seen by Zenok’s ship. She used her ships scanners to look for life forms and frowned at the results she got. The outlook seemed very grim. She herself had been on this moon only once before on one of her AC Free missions. She hated this place and nothing good ever came from here.

Nick glanced at her curiously, “What is it?”

“The bugs are out, so that means something is making them hungry. And there’s…” she trailed off.

“There’s what?”

“There’s a sand-monster. One of the other beasts that live in the sands. He’s huge and very dangerous, also has a taste for human blood since it’s so rare here. He can smell it though.”

“That could mean….”

She nods, “I see a crew waiting, I’m betting they’re the ones who called Zenok here, they were probably helping him look for your brother. “ She points at the scanner where a blue spot was shown in the readout of the mountain. “See that? That’s the human being inside there, which I am sure is your brother.” She points at a glowing red spot advancing closer and closer to the blue spot. “And that red one is the sand monster.”

“Oh no he could be killed!”

“Not could be, will be if we don’t do something. Plus, we still have Zenok and them to deal with. Hence our lovely situation.” She tells him dryly, grabbing her helmet and putting it on. Again, only using it to conceal her identity.

“So what’s the plan?” She leads him to the back of the ship and presses a small button, a shelf opens and reveals many different types of advanced deadly weapons she had gathered from her travels. She had always known that the most deadly ones would come in handy someday. She pulls out the largest one and hands it to Nick. “We kill anyone or anything we’re not saving. “ She takes a smaller one for herself. Nick notices that and begins to protest.

“Wait, you take the g-897, I can take the d-79.” He tells her, trying to give her the larger and better gun.

Angel shakes her head. “You obviously know how to use one since you know what it is, and you’re the better marksmen, we’re both better off if you take it. Now come on, we’ve got a guy to save.” She chuckles and Nick gives her a weird look.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh nothing really, this is just a new experience for me.”

“How’s that?”

“Well one, I usually go rescue women, not men, and two, I always did it solo.”

Nick laughs, “It’s good for you to try new things then.” He replies, flashing her a charming grin as they both head out of the ship and towards the mountain to save his brother. Neither would expect the sight they will come to see.


Brian starts backing away through the tunnel he chose randomly. It seemed he would meet his end here. His heart beats rapidly with fear. He stands finally when he comes to an opening in the mountain, and sees the familiar dark sands. He had gotten out of the mountain. He heads the roars and realized the beast was not far behind. He runs wildly away, going on pure instinct to save his life. He glances behind him and his cerulean eyes widened.

A large ten-foot tall beast was chasing him. Black matted fur covered its body, making the bright glowing neon green eyes stand out. His four strong, long arms reached for Brian as he chased him. Deadly sharp claws grew in moments from his hands, as it’s large feet kept advancing towards Brian. No matter how fast he ran, the beast kept getting close and closer. Drool escaped the monster’s mouth, gleaming on its yellow, bloodstained teeth, clearly meant for tearing things apart. Brian had no clue what to do. His mind was racing for an idea. Anything at all. He gets further into the desert, glancing back and sees both the crew’s ship as well as Zenok’s ship just beginning to land. He was trapped and had nowhere to run. He sees a ship he does not recognize out of the corner of his eyes and groaned. Who wasn’t here to capture him or see him killed? He feels the wind from where the claws swipe at him again, barely out of his grasp.

Finally the creature’s claws get a hold of material that is Brian’s clothing, and it growls with victory. Brian trembles with fear as he’s being lifted into the air. This was his end. An ugly creature’s dinner. He shuts his eyes tightly, hoping it comes quick. Then, out of nowhere, he falls roughly to the ground. He blinks, opening his eyes to see two teens angrily shooting at the beast repeatedly.

“So this was the sand-beats?” The young golden haired male asked his companion, whose identity the helmet hid well.

The other one nodded and shot at the creature, but not with as much accuracy as the male had. “Yeah, ugly smelly thing ain’t it?”

He nods, shooting carefully and dodging the creature’s claws and gets a deadly shot to the head. The sand-beast starts to fall and the two move out of the way and the girl in the helmet pushes Brian down to the ground as shots are fired their way. She grabs him and pulls him with her behind a rock and dodges the mess of shots going around them.

“Wat ne howa?” Brian asks, in his native tongue, Martian.

The one with the great shooting stands and gets behind another rock and starts shooting at the people back. “What the heck did he say?”

The girl looks at him and tells him, “He asked who are we.” She turns to Brian and starts speaking in Martian herself.

“We should ask you the same thing, but can you speak English? My friend can’t understand you the way I can.”

Brian nods and starts to get up, and the girl pushes him right back down. “Stay down before you get yourself killed!” She takes a good look at him. “Jeez, you’ve obviously been through a lot,” She looks at the guy, “Nick, I do think this was a trap.”

“Duh,” Nick keeps shooting, killing several of the men attacking them. “So now what?”

Angel looks at the young man they had saved and then at Zenok and his men. The boy did seem to be a wanted man. He seemed familiar to her and it bugged her she could not remember where she saw the face before. She brushed the feeling aside. “Well we can’t just leave him here. He’d be a goner.” She stares at the young man, “Who are you?”

Brian blinks, knowing he’d have to give them a false last name if he was to live. They obviously were not favorites of Zenok, and if they knew he was their son, they’d leave him here.

“Brian Littrell.”

“Okay Brian, you’re basically coming with us. We’ll talk more then.” She looks to Nick, “We clear to get to the ship?”

“Yeah, we better hurry though,” A rumbling can felt throughout the sands, “Those beetle-beasts seem to be coming for dinner.”

“Okay, when he says go, you run with us, I know you’re probably exhausted as all hell, but if you wanna live, you do it.”

Brian nods quietly. Why was a female risking her life for him? Zenok had always told him women were inferior. Had he been wrong? This one seemed to be braver and stronger than most men.

Nick looks around and smirks as another sand-beast had started to advance Zenok and the crew from the other ship. What a perfect distraction. “Okay, lets go…they’re a little busy at the moment.”

The three run at once towards the ship. Once on, Angel and Nick throw their guns aside, and Angel goes to the controls. “Okay Brian, buckle up, my piloting is a little rough.”

Brian does as he’s told and watches her closely. “Wait, you’re flying? You’re a female right?”

Nick frowns, “Yeah she is, and if you don’t like it, get off now. There is no sexism on this ship.” Brian stays quiet and the girl takes off flying off towards the stars.


After they had been flying a long while, it seemed they were safe from Zenok. They had put too much distance between them for him to catch up today. Nick and Angel silently hoped the sand-beast had eaten him. Then, their problem would be over. Deep down however, both felt it would not be that easy. Angel finally takes off her helmet and sets the ship on automatic pilot for the moment, setting it to alert her when an enemy ship is approaching so she can handle the problem then.

“I hate that helmet, it’s so stuffy in that thing. Glad I can take it off now.” She says, trying to fill the awkward silence.

Nick sighs with disappointment. He had not found his brother. It had been a trap the whole time. Although, it had bee an expected possibility, he had felt that this had been it. He would finally get to meet his brother. But it had been a trap. More proof they could not trust Howard. He pushes the thoughts on his mind and forces a smile at Angel. “Yeah, but I think you have helmet hair.” He half joked.

“Eh oh well,” She looks at Nick with concern, “You ok? I mean this sucks we couldn’t find your twin.”

“Yeah, fine.”

Her sapphire eyes meet his, obviously not believing him. Silence again fills the room. For a moment, the two just stare at each other. Nick finally looks away and turns to Brian as Angel gets out the first aid kit and some items of clothing from the back to check him out for injuries and get him cleaned up.

“I’m Nick and this is Angel, welcome aboard Brian. But we have one question. Why were you back there and what does Zenok want with you?”


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