Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Five

Death, Destiny, and Despair

Nick gasps for breath as he reached where the ship had crashed awhile before. Beads of sweat gather, glittering on his hot and dirty face when he bends over, placing his hands on his knees, attempting to rest. He glances up at the sky, the sun, almost completely set in the velvet red Saturn sky. Nick walks around, the wreckage, looking it over with awe.

“The damage ain’t too horrible, but the impact had to have been deadly. I don’t think anyone would’ve survived this.” He says to himself pessimistically.

He sighs as he gets closer to the ship, the dented metal of the ship shining in the light of the setting sun as darkness begins to settle onto the planet. He runs a hand through his damp golden locks with frustration as he begins to walk away.

“What good will it do?” he tries to convince himself, “I doubt anyone’s alive anyway.”

But what if there was? Could Nick really live the fact he abandoned someone in need of help? Is he really going to leave without even seeing if anyone made it through?

He shakes his head, heading back towards the spacecraft. Nick begins to reach towards the manual door handle, that’s only used in an emergency. He pulls it back, realizing he’d burn himself since it would be searing hot from when it went through the atmosphere at those speeds. He takes off his shirt quickly, wrapping it around his hand so he can force open the door without harming himself. He winces at the unbelievable heat he feels when he finally feels the door give and slowly move up.

“Hello?” he calls out shakily, walking into the ship with caution. Who knew how stable it would be in the ship. He walks in, the inside sparkling like crazy from the frayed live wires.

“Hello? Anyone in here?” it was a relatively small space-plane, and he didn’t see anything. Nick turns with regret and slight anger at wasting his time when a dark blonde curl over by the control console caught his eye. He rushes over to it immediately, pushing debris aside. He grumbles, this plane had more damage than he had originally thought.

“Holy shit.” Nick breathes when he finally pushes past and makes it over to where he had seen the hair. He discovers an almost lifeless young teen girl under a few pieces of what must have been metal from the ship that landed on top of her when it crashed. He checks her neck for a pulse and is surprised to feel one still going strong. He slowly pulls the heavy metal off of her piece by piece and picks her up gently.

“I’ve gotta look you over for injuries.” he tells the unconscious girl. “But not in here, this place can collapse on us any second.” He grabs a first aid kit from under the console where he knew they were stored in every spacecraft just in case. “Let’s go.” He says quietly as he carries her out of the ship, never seeing the blue arm of another creature underneath much wreckage in the back of the ship.


Nick sits outside next to the ship, with the injured female lying on a few items of his clothing he pulled out from his travel bag while he sat on the bag itself. The soil was still much too hot for humans to touch without getting badly burned. He uses the hand held x-ray palm-pilot he got from the first aid kit, over her, checking to see if she had any internal injuries. He wanted to avoid hospitals if he can, it would be too risky for him to be caught there.

“Okay no internal injuries, wow girlie, you made it out better than I thought you would.” He says more to himself, and slowly turns her over. He winces when he discovers that parts of her pilot’s suit was melted away, revealing a few second degree burns as well as several gashes, the blood beginning to crust over slightly. He begins bandaging her back carefully, not wanting to wake her yet and shifts her on her back again. When he finishes, he checks her head for any serious injuries, and he only sees a large welt there from what he figures to be falling debris, but nothing for a concussion.

“I wonder why you’re wearing a pilot’s suit, there not many female pilots except for two in the white-Angels, and that freedom fighter chick, AC-Free. Maybe you can tell me soon.”

He grabs a water bottle, about to get a drink when he hears an almost inaudible groan and he turns back to the girl. She begins to move her head in diminutive motions.


“Hey, you awake?” he asks, then kicking himself a moment later. ‘Oh yeah, great’ he thought, ‘That’s gotta be the dumbest question ever.’

He leans over her and finally gets a good look of the girl. Her dark blond hair tangled and matted about her face, her face almost childlike somewhat similar to his own. He watches her with what he nearly considered to be adoration. Her eyelids flutter and her ocean eyes glance about dizzily.

“Hey, you’re awake.”


Angel stares at the figure above, her vision blurred and unclear. Her head throbs with an unbelievable pain. Her back begins to feel as if it was on fire. She blinks repeatedly, trying to get her vision to clear. Who was this above her? What happened? Was it all a dream?

“Tarks?” she croaked out, hoping he was the one watching over her as he always has in the past.

Two clear kind blue eyes, crinkle with confusion. “Who’s Tarks?”

She sighs with despair as the figure above her becomes suddenly clear, revealing a young man with shaggy sunny tresses and a muscular frame. This was not Tarkansay. Abruptly everything that had happened came rushing back to her. The ship trouble. Tarkansay finding her and discovering her secret life as AC-Free. The ultimate betrayal from the one being closest to her. The struggle. And finally, the suicidal crash. It was not a dream like she had hoped. She gazes up at this kind man who helped her. Was he an angel? Had she died?

She begins talking in her native tongue, Glacan, instinctively. “Waknah spetnahzut zu lu tot? Nakle zu toke zola snak raka?” (Where am I? Am I with the gods and goddesses now?)

Confusion comes across his face. “Huh?”

Angel mentally kicks herself for not recognizing the language as English the first time. She sighs and says it again in his language. “I said, is this heaven?”

She hears a slight chuckle. “No, not heaven, Saturn, you’re the luckiest damn girl around to be alive right now. That crash was nasty.”

She stares at him dizzily, still feeling the affects of being unconscious so long. “Who are you?”

He smiles, making her beam. It was such a wonderful smile that reached his sparkling eyes. Eyes she could stare at and fall into forever….

“Oh, my name’s Nick. What about you?”

She struggles to push herself up, only to writhe in agony. Pain goes up and down her back. “Ow! What the hell?” she cries.

Nick helps her sit up and looks at her with sympathy. Angel grimaces. She has always hated pity from others. “You got a few nasty cuts on your back as well as second degree burns from where the metal fell on you. Nothing too serious though.”

“Oh,” she looks away feeling guilty for being angry with the one person who most likely saved her.

He tilts her chin up softly, his gentle face filled with concern. “Are you sure you’re alright? I mean, we could go to a doctor. I can’t go with you but-“

“NO!” she creams. She can’t go to a doctor; Zenok could be looking for where Tarkansay crashed the ship. If he found it and then not her body, he would surely check the hospitals first. It was just too risky. She looks around for his tall blue frame but can’t find it. It hits her for the first time that he must have died in the crash. She shuts her eyes tightly for a moment. Poor Tarks, he was a good person until the evil of greed corrupted him. She decides to remember him for the big brother he was for her in the past, not for who he became in the end. Angel pushes the thoughts away gloomily, there wasn’t time for mourning now, she has to be strong.

Nick raises an eyebrow at this sudden outburst. He had reasons for not wanting to go, but he didn’t expect her to be so set against it as well. Maybe he’s not the only one with something to hide. She suddenly looked thoughtful, but he decides not to pursue it.

Angel groans at the questioning look on his face. She has just met Nick, and after what happened with Tarkansay, she’s weary about trusting people. Angel doesn’t want to give him any ideas of who she might be. But there’s something about him that makes her want to confide in him of things she still hasn’t willingly told anyone…

“You know you still haven’t told me your name….”


Angel painfully stands, stretching her tightened muscles and Nick gets up along with her. She continues to ignore the pain and be strong.

“Pretty name.” He tells her softly.

She smirks knowing she usually never goes by that name. “Yeah, but I usually go by A-“ she tops, realizing the slip up.


“Nothing” They begin to walk in circles around the ship, more to relax than anything else. Nick watches her curiously, there was something mysterious about her, something she wants to keep hidden. Nick eyes narrow, but he still is finding himself beginning to feel at ease with her.

Angel sighs at the eerie calm between them, “So where are you from?” She question, taking in his rare looks. Blondes like herself and Nick were hard to find anymore, especially with a fair complexion and blue eyes. Most people had black, brown, or red hair nowadays. She knew he couldn’t be native to Saturn.

Nick looks away, trying to find an answer, for most humans on earth never travel away from it as he had. He thought for a moment to find a lie, but his gut was telling her to tell her the truth. He disregards the thought immediately. He says the first distant planet he knew of in his head. “Uh…Standara.” He replies, not realizing she was from there herself.

Angel guard come up, backing herself away from him. There was only one other human family there other than her own and he was not part of it. He was not from Standara. He was lying boldly to her. How can she trust him? For all she knows he can be with Zenok. She runs and grabs a gun she sees poking out from his bag. She aims it at him immediately.

Nick backs away cautiously, “What the hell?” his hand rests near his leg where he knew several guns were strapped.

Her eyes narrow angrily, “Who are you? What do you want with me? Tell Zenok I’m not going down that fucking easily!” She shouts out into the night.

Nick pulls out his own gun quickly at the mention of Zenok, “What do you mean Zenok! Oh no, you ain’t gonna confuse me for an easy capture; you ain’t getting me or the realms! That was smart sending a woman to catch me off guard. ”

She frowns, the accusation catching her off guard. She lowers the weapon slowly. “”Wait a minute…I am the last person you will find willing to be buddies with Zenok. “

Nick nods in understanding, “Yeah, same here.” He places his weapon on the ground as she does the same.

Angel shakes her head, smiling, “I guess we both have something to hide. You think maybe we can try to…”

“Talk and try to see if we can help each other?” Nick finishes for her.

Angel nods, and they both go to sit by the ship, each for the first time, willingly sharing their tale.


“…And so yeah, Tarkansay betrayed me and the ship crashed. That’s pretty much where you came in.” she jokes, “I mean, I’m no prophesized hero like you but-“

Nick shakes his head, “I don’t feel like a hero.”

Angel nods, “I know what you mean. But, we need to get out of here. You know, before Zenok’s goons come here after one of us.” Her shoulders droop slightly. “I mean, I have to make sure this never happens again. So I guess, instead of AC-Free dying, it was Angel Cantrell, Tarkansay’s best friend. The two were going out to have fun, and they just tragically crashed. Tarkansay will have an honorable death. I owe him that much. ”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, they’ll find my DNA when they find the ship, I’ll just let everyone assume I’m dead. AC-Free on the other hand will still be out there in the public eye. So no one will connect them together anymore. My friends and family will be safe for sure now. Angel Cantrell will no longer exist for anyone to track down and link to AC-Free anymore.”

Nick gazes at her with despair. “You sure you wanna do that? I mean once it’s done, you can’t go back.”

“Yeah, I have no choice.”

“I have an idea then, how about you can help me find my two triplets?”

Angel nods, “Sure.” She sees something shinny out in the distance. “Uh oh.”


“Zenok’s idiots, not too far away. We’ve gotta get outta here. You got a shuttle nearby?”

“No but-“

“We’ll use mine then.”

“But it’s a wreck and-“

“NO! Not that one.” Angel pauses; taking a small silver device out of her pocket, happy it came out unscathed. Her white-Angels ship would have to do for the moment. She had her shuttles programmed to where if one of them crashed the other would land nearby so she can still get away if necessary. If she was fine, she’d use the remote to send it back. She grins as it maps out the area and her other ship and it was one a few feet away.

“Grab your stuff! No evidence other than what I told you!”

Nick grabs the bag and follows her. They head towards the ship, screams and laser blast grazing by them at close range. Nick pulls out a gun and expertly begins shooting back, several of Zenok’s men falling behind them. The two board the ship, with Angel at the controls and Nick manning the weapons. She pulls away quickly; ready to use her flying skills to escape as they fly off into the night. Neither sees a blue body begin to pull himself from the wreckage of Angel’s fallen ship. Angel was not the only one who had survived the crash.

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