Divisions Of Reality – Chapter Twenty Three

Taking Action

“How does that sound?”

“Insane Brian! That’s how it sounds!”


“Don’t tell me you like this…”

“Actually I hate it, but…”

“You guys have a better idea?”

“You…have a point there.”


“Well he does, what else can we do? We’re hanging on the wall from shackles, we can’t tap into any real power without Brian, and we need all three of us to…you know…” Nick still couldn’t say it. Both knew he what he meant. But he still couldn’t utter out loud that they had to save everything in existence. It would only make what he was denying all his life, suddenly real.

“I can’t believe we’re going to do this.” She grumbled.

“But we are.”

“This has to be precise.”

“Oh yeah Bri, no problem, it’s not like we’ve never tried manipulating our powers or anything. Nothing can go wrong at all.” Angel shot back, still unhappy about the plan Brian had laid out before them.

“It’s not like you to be so pessimistic.”

“Well staring into the face of my own death can do that to a girl.”

“We all agreed we don’t have much choice.” The eldest stated for what felt like the hundredth time. He was annoyed as well that it had come to this, but Nick was able to see that this was the only way. Though it worried him that Angel was concerned, given her set of gifts.

“I’ll tell you two once I’m close, and then try to-”

“Yes, we know. Prophecy boy and I can handle it, hopefully.” A smirk followed the response.

“If not and he knows you’re close, everything is damned, we’re completely screwed.”

“Understatement much?”

“I need to wake up…” Brian paused, with a glance around the serene area, the dreamscape he felt so peaceful in. He wondered if it would hold once he awoke. He prayed it would, to help his siblings, his friends, stay strong.

“Okay, we’re clear on the plan. Just get here soon, and safe, okay Bri?” Angel hugged him. Brian smiled, he felt loved for the first time.

And it felt pretty nice.

He then felt everything around him fading away.

Bright stark walls, man-made unnatural lighting.

Both attacked his line of vision relentlessly, and he was blinded for a moment as his eyes readjusted to his sharp surroundings. He stretched without a sound and looked at himself to catch a fading glow surrounding his ring before disappearing completely. So, it had been real. He hadn’t doubted it, had accepted it without question, but it served to remind him of what had to be done.

He stepped off the bed with a simplistic glance around the room. It took only mere seconds for his soft, pure, yet burdened blue eyes to spot Howard. His cloak concealed him as he knelt in heated prayer. A prayer Brian knew had to be for him. It shook him, just how important Howard considered them all. It hit him then, that all his life Howard prepared for the day they arrived. So many Watchers had died, to see him, Nick, and Angel live. They were supposed to be so important. Could they do it? Was it even worth it? He wondered at times.

Now it was up to him, to rescue them, to help save everything in existence. He felt unworthy of it all. Why him? He wasn’t up to this, but he had no choice. Or did he?


The other man jerked with surprise, having been so deep in meditation, he hadn’t noticed Brian had risen from his deep slumber. He too caught the last glimpses of the soft now absent glow around the ring. A light that had shone so strongly earlier. He had known Brian would be the first. The first to tap into his own gifts, unique to him. It came with the nature of the realm that Brian was the human incarnation of. He also knew, however, that none of the three had even touched upon the generalized powers that were to be given to all three of them, to them and all the bearers that had come before them. But, there was time for that later.

“You’ve rested.” Were the only words he spoke. He couldn’t say too much, it could become a risk to them.

“I talked to them.”

“Helped them as well.”

“I know where they are…”

“You cannot go Brianian. If he captures you-”

“Then how do we get to them, to help them escape? If we’re not together somehow, we can’t use our powers. They won’t be able to get away.”

“You connected to them.” It wasn’t a question.

“Mentally Howard. I just…” He ran a hand through his strawberry gold curls, tired and frustrated. “I just need to be close enough to they can test their abilities. We…we think we know what they are. They can try to escape, and Zenok won’t know how close I am.”

“You can’t guarantee that.”

Brian looked over at Howard then. “You’re right, I can’t.” He walked away from the older man, through the doors and to the main controls. He wasn’t a hundred percent sure about how to navigate, but it wasn’t a large command ship or even a fighter pod like what Angel had. This ship was bigger the small, common speeder he learned how to drive two years ago, otherwise it wouldn’t have been able to get so deep into space. Still, the navigational system looked remarkably similar. He could figure it out if he had to. “But we’re still going…”

Howard sighed as he followed, gently taking a seat at the controls. “I’m driving us there. We’ll settle upon Mars’ moon Phobos and that will be as close as I shall let you get.”



Something felt different in the air of the Emperor’s base. It felt as if sparks were crackling about in the air, even though nothing could be seen out of ordinary. Dark eyes searched the room for any backing could just be a paranoid feeling. There was nothing, just the prisoners cries and pleas for mercy that fell upon the deafest of ears.

A flick of her hair, and another quick glance confirmed to the deadly assassin that perhaps she was too on edge this time. Zenok and even herself had grown bored with the torment of the bearers some time ago. She was far too eager for the ceremony. Zenok, had left for the upper levels of the base to instruct his best men upon the brutal search for the scrawny brat they were to be sent on. The kid was putting up more trouble than either could have expected. None of them had known Brian was so good at escaping. Now she patrolled, and felt like a mere lackey for doing so. Fyliza was better than this, worth more than simply guarding the prison hold. With a roll of those cold jade eyes she possessed she decided to head upstairs, to see if there was some lives that needed ending. She wanted to be productive.

Nick heard her muttering as she walked by their cell. He peeked an eye open as the footsteps faded. Now he saw they were finally alone and were able to escape their guise of being under the chemical Cryonin. He glanced at his sister, and it still felt weird to think of her as such, but couldn’t deny the fact any longer.

“Angel.” He whispered, just in case some guard was in hearing range. Her eyes were still shut, her face blackened by what she had endured before Brian had freed them. Her hair was tangled and strands had fallen around her face from the loose braid she had worn. Slowly she opened her eyes, with a tired yawn that followed. He smirked a little, she had used the time to take a nap.

She took a look at Nick. He looked like a giant bruise, to put it nicely. Cuts were along his face, and she could see an ugly slash across his chest, his garments bloody and torn. His face was mostly shades of various blues and purples, all from the torture his mind had been forced to create. Yet he managed to grin at her with ease. “I’m awake…I just hope Howard lets Brian get to us.”

A worried frown comes across her brother’s face. “You think he might try and stop him?”

She tried to shrug as the two kept their voices in hushed tones. “Why not? He’d have the same reasons we did for trying to talk Brian out of this crazy plan.”

“His job…”

“Is to make sure Zenok doesn’t get us all. Yep.”

“No matter what, we’ll find a way out of here.”

Angel nodded. There was a look of certainty settled within her youthful eyes, yet her face remained grim. “I know.”


He was watching. Watching the one meant to watch them. Thinking like that made it sound ironic, even though it truly wasn’t. He felt anxious. He didn’t feel ready. He knew he was beyond confused on what was to come. And in the end, he was torn from all the directions that seemed to be pulling at him. The ship soared through the galaxy and stars zoomed by them, dazzling for mere seconds as they passed by in the black velvet surrounding them. Soon he could see them coming upon the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy, after what felt like forever, but was only mere days. Pluto was the first to come within their sight and range.

Brian took in a breath slowly. He wanted guidance, true guidance. For the first time since knowing the truth, he wished his real parents were alive, so he would know what to do.

There was no doubt Zenok would be there. It would be the first time he’d seen the man he once believed to be his father since he had run off those months before. It felt like so much longer. He hated the man, always felt so inferior growing up because of the dark Emperor. He never wanted to go back, and had meant it when he had said so on Yaresia. But events, always events beyond his control, were forcing him to return home, to Zenok. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that yet.

And there was still a chance he wouldn’t have to confront him. A chance where he could help his siblings and get out. But he doubted it. Was that because he wanted to confront him? Somehow, did he want to still find a way to show Zenok that he was something? That he wasn’t the worthless weakling he’d been brought up to believe all because he couldn’t be heartless?

But could he really face him? Perhaps he wouldn’t have to. He wouldn’t if he was going to go by Howard’s version of the plan.

But he wasn’t.

Brian was going to do this his way, in a way that would show he had a backbone. Finally.

Within seconds Brian lifted his hands, and held tightly within was one of the stun guns he found back in the weapons hold. He pulled the trigger, Howard turned only seconds too late to meet dead on with the blast. He fell to the floor of the ship, now still, unable to do anything but stare at the descendent who had suddenly turned on him.

Brian stepped over Howard’s body without much of a glance and sat at the controls. He had been watching how he had flown the ship since he awoke for a reason. He set the course, and picked up speed.

“Sorry Howard, but it has to be done….” He said coldly as his eyes focused on the solar system around him.

“For Zenok.”


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  1. Dang it! How is this story not done yet? (kidding… sorta…) I first found this one years ago on Steph’s site and I’m glad to see it didn’t disappear. I hope this one can be finished.

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