Brains! Brains! Brains!

So apparently I got inspired despite my Writer’s ADD cause I just wrote an entire chapter for Song For the Undead in one night. A little insane? Probably but the goal is to try and finish before the end of the year. Our hope is to finish before Julie and I go on the cruise. That and we have some great plans for what’s next. Y’all don’t even know.

Enjoy your dose of brains during this Double Update!

Don’t forget voting for the DRATW Awards starts Friday, the 25th!

Double Update All The Way! #SorryDeadNick

So having been talking to my partner in crime and ZDR Julie (aka RokofAges75), I got inspired to write a Nick death. Nick’s gotten off pretty easy for awhile from me LOL. Now I’ve killed him yet again in the round robin “1000 Ways To Kill Nick Carter” with Death #63 – The Power of Backstreet Compels You! So between that and my update of Show Me a Reason I have a Double Update!

Hopefully you enjoy!


Show Me An Update – Five More Days To Nominate!

So of course I updated Show Me A Reason here and at Absolute Chaos even if it is a little late in the day. Sorry, I got distracted by Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family LOL.

Keep in mind also, nominations for the DRATW Awards end on the 19th! Only five more days!

Voting will start soon after that.

Enjoy the update!

Random Rainbow Ramble – Pretty sure Jordan Knight is bringing Nick down in terms of musical quality LOL.

Updates, More Nominees, Look at me! I’m being productive!

So I posted more nominees at the Double Rainbow Awards. So far most people are following the rules. More than last year. I had to throw a few out because of that. Please remember that if you’re nominating for the “New/Unrecognized Author” category Look At That Rainbow! – it must be an author who has not as of yet won fanfic awards that you know of. For example Lisa from My Confession has won several Felix Awards in her time so she wouldn’t be eligible for that category. However she would be completely qualified for “Best Author”. So please keep that in mind.

Nominations also run till July 19th. Send them in! I want each category to have at least three nominees. I’d rather not strike any categories out. :).

In terms of updates I’ve posted one for Show Me A Reason, both here and at AC.

See you next week with another chapter!


It is time…to recognize the best of the best!

So, as Absolute Chaos gets set to reveal what people voted to be the top ten authors of ALL time for their featured story of the month on their countdown to 100 features, it is also time for writers to be recognized here. I have linked up the nomination form for you guys so you guys are officially able to nominate what you feel are the best of BSB Fanfiction. For those who weren’t around last year, they can be old, new, I don’t care. As long as you follow the rules I will accept the nomination. Where are the rules? Oh…here they are!

Nominations end July 19th so get them in! I’ll let you know after when voting when begin.

See you next week with a new chapter of Show Me A Reason!

Random Rainbow Ramble – I’ve been watching a lot of older videos and listening to older songs for the new fic. I forgot just how much I freaking loved the song “Weird World”. Weird, right? lol

Show Me A Reason, Give Me A Sign

I have an update! Yes, an update. I’ve officially hit the halfway point in my new novella Show Me A Reason. Because of that I can allow myself to start posting it. Once a week there shall be updates. I stay motivated and you get stuff to read. Win-win!

There is something about this story though. Awhile back, months ago actually, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to fix the problems of Divine Intervention. I hate when it happens and I didn’t want to admit it for the longest time. I hate discontinuing anything. But I worked at it until it evolved into a whole new story. A story I’ve been very inspired for and have loved writing. So I feel like it’s for the best. Hopefully anyone who enjoyed that story will enjoy this one just as much or more.

Also don’t forget! Nominations for Season Two of the DRATW Awards start July first! That’s tomorrow! Technically… Since for me it’s 2 o’clock in the freaking morning! LMAO. I need to learn how to update at normal times…

The story is posted both here and at AC. I would love to know what you think!

PS – I haven’t forgotten about We Burn The Sky, so don’t worry ;)