Brains! Brains! Brains!

So apparently I got inspired despite my Writer’s ADD cause I just wrote an entire chapter for Song For the Undead in one night. A little insane? Probably but the goal is to try and finish before the end of the year. Our hope is to finish before Julie and I go on the cruise. That and we have some great plans for what’s next. Y’all don’t even know.

Enjoy your dose of brains during this Double Update!

Don’t forget voting for the DRATW Awards starts Friday, the 25th!

Double Update All The Way! #SorryDeadNick

So having been talking to my partner in crime and ZDR Julie (aka RokofAges75), I got inspired to write a Nick death. Nick’s gotten off pretty easy for awhile from me LOL. Now I’ve killed him yet again in the round robin “1000 Ways To Kill Nick Carter” with Death #63 – The Power of Backstreet Compels You! So between that and my update of Show Me a Reason I have a Double Update!

Hopefully you enjoy!


Show Me An Update – Five More Days To Nominate!

So of course I updated Show Me A Reason here and at Absolute Chaos even if it is a little late in the day. Sorry, I got distracted by Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family LOL.

Keep in mind also, nominations for the DRATW Awards end on the 19th! Only five more days!

Voting will start soon after that.

Enjoy the update!

Random Rainbow Ramble – Pretty sure Jordan Knight is bringing Nick down in terms of musical quality LOL.