We’ll be counting stars…

So I have an update for you! Sorry it took so long but I got sick which took me down for a few days. And then I’ve been working a lot on top of it. But it’s here! A little short, but here. The shortness was necessary. So chapter five of We Burn The Sky is up here and at AC, per the usual.

So I got wind of other authors practically refusing to update without reviews. Now I don’t know about you, but as a writer this bugs me. It makes us all look bad. I enjoy reviews. Who doesn’t? If I didn’t enjoy hearing people’s thoughts and guesses as what’s to come I wouldn’t post my stories. Every writer loves feedback. But it shouldn’t be the end all, should it? Shouldn’t you write and share the product proudly because you love it, for you, first and foremost? I always thought so. I feel like saying you don’t want to update cause you had no new reviews is like blackmail. It’s bit much. But I swear we’re not all like that.

Anywho, thanks for that mini-rant. Now you can go read what you came for, the story update! Enjoy, review if you’d like, all that jazz. I appreciate your thoughts.

Hopefully I’ll churn out an update before I leave for California next Tuesday. It’s a goal.

Because there’s never enough to read…

Not an update yet, sorry. I’ve been sick so I had no time to write this week. Hopefully next week so I can post another chapter. But I was surfing around AC cause I do tend to read more fanfic when I’m sick…I discovered a little gem. What is it you ask?

It’s called Dodging the Daylight by KeepThisSecret

It’s a great story, well written and with a great hook. She’s a new writer to AC so I definitely recommend checking it out if you didn’t see me RT a tweet about it on twitter. On that same note, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile but cause I had the time…I made a list of my Fanfic Faves in the extras section. Just so if you ever want some other good stuff to read, I have a list of a few faves from over the years. Enjoy! If I feel 100% soon, expect an update in the near future!

We Don’t Need No Rocket To Get Lost In Space…

Yep, still have space themed lyrics lol.

So I have an update for you! Chapter four of We Burn The Sky has been updated. I love weekly updating. Not 100% sure I’ll be able to next week cause I’m trying SO hard to stay ahead of myself posting wise and I didn’t finish a chapter this week. Instead I was working on 00Carter if anyone remembers that story LOL. Not promising that’ll be updated soon but at least it’s being worked on. Promising news at the very least. So I’m not caught up with myself but I’m a chapter closer to it. We’ll see cause I’m trying to write more this week.

In the meantime, enjoy the update!

Another Race from Outer Space

Eventually, I’m gonna run out of space lyrics to title my posts but not yet! LOL. This one’s an “oldie” from Eiffel 65, its the only other song of theirs I like beyond “Blue” (I’m blue da ba de da ba die…). Anywho, so I just posted Chapter Three of We Burn The Sky. Hopefully you enjoy. Maybe I’m speaking too soon but so far its flowing like RMTW did, very easily.

Read, review, you know the drill! LOL. Here’s to keeping up the weekly update streak.

Look! Shiny!

LOL not an update per say. Sorry, no Triple Rainbow Update. But, I was writing and decided to take a break. I was thinking I needed a new banner. Then I found this gorgeous background and everything sort of spun out of control lol. I think the new layout looks awesome though and I’m pretty proud of it. The next chapter of We Burn The Sky is well underway cause I’m determined to stay ahead of myself. Hopefully I’ll post Chapter Two soon!

OMG Look at that Double Update!

Yes, you’re not delusional, I’ve updated two days in a row. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that. But I finished another freaking chapter today so like I said, I am inspired! Enjoy it while it lasts cause I’m on a roll haha. I bring you Chapter One of We Burn The Sky. Posted here or at Absolute Chaos. Thoughts are love and appreciated as always.


Like angels on fire…

Who else loves the song Make Believe?

So, remember how I said I wouldn’t post till I was three chapters in just to be sure? Well, I started writing today and typing up the Intro I wrote in a notebook. Basically I finished that, Chapter One, Chapter Two and got a start on Chapter Three. So with all that I’m sticking with it and running with the Siamuse! So it’s linked off right in the sidebar, or it’s posted here at Absolute Chaos. Read, review, and let me know what you think. I’ll post Chapter One soon too :). Enjoy!

New Story? Maybe

So I’ve been rewatching the show Firefly that I bought during Black Friday sales and remembered how much I love it. So it inspired a new story idea and I’ve been sitting on it for awhile. Last night I got like a creative surge cause I was able to really flesh it out and even write up the prologue/start on chapter one. I want to be 100% sure I’m sticking with this so I’m not posting till I at least have three or more chapters. But I am 98% sure lol, and decided to post my banner, the summary and three lines from the introduction. I want thoughts!

Sci-Fi is a genre I haven’t touched on in awhile so I’m a little nervous. “Awhile” = Years.

So tweet me, comment, let me know!



Like angels on fire, we burn the sky…
Across the universe I’ll be by your side…

When the world you knew no longer exists, you soon learn you’ll do anything to see another day.

There was never mercy.
There was no compassion.
There was only survival.


Also I haven’t forgotten Divine Intervention, but I’ve always been the writer who needs more than one solo project unfortunately. I actually looked at my Born To Be notes as I meant to rewrite that forever and this idea come out instead. I see it as a sign LOL.

Let me know what you think!

The Dead Still Roam…

So, yes, ladies and gentlemen, I finally have updated Undead.

First of all I’m incredibly sorry about the delay. But I really love how the chapter turned out so I hope you do too! It’s posted here over at AC, or at the link in the sidebar. Check it out, review and all that jazz.

Random Rainbow Ramble – Who’s going on the BSB Cruise this year?