Updates In Times of Corona

Writing is my escape. Enough said.

I should be on a trip to Chicago to see Julie (y’all know Julie), my ZDR partner in crime along with our friends, and we should be getting ready to see the Boys three times this week. Sadly that’s not happening. But that’s okay. Now we have a crazy road trip planned for next year and we’re seeing them five times together. And I added an extra show to see with my friend Andie in LA. Still depressing but this year I’m focusing on myself, bettering myself, and doing what makes me happy. Writing is one of those things. I’m on vacation which is more staycation, but it also means writing! It could mean blogging on my BSB site The Dark Side, and it probably means fiction writing too. Either way I’m in my writing cave for a week.

So enjoy Chapter Three of When The Daylight’s Gone

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