Show Me A Completed Story?

Yes, I finally posted the last bits of Show Me A Reason. Chapter Fifteen, The Epilogue, and The Letter, have all been posted here and at Absolute Chaos. I’m not a 100% sure what’ll come first – an update for We Burn The Sky or the first posting of Miles To Go. Honestly, I’m gonna let the Siamuse decide that for me. Expect updates and a completed Song For The Undead this year as well.

I hope everyone enjoyed reaching Show Me as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Show Me An Update! Give Me A Sign…

Okay so this took longer than I meant it to, but I got an update for you! Like I said, the story itself is finished LOL. I just gotta type up what’s written in my notebook. So here is Chapter Fourteen of Show Me A Reason. Hopefully you enjoy it. Also…coming soon will be a story I’m calling Miles To Go. I’m really excited about it. Not sure when I’ll start posting it but I’m working on it.

Here’s a little teaser…


New oneshot…inspired by the BSB Movie!

Who saw the documentary? OMG the feels.

So ironically, I do have Show Me finished. In a notebook. Handwritten LOL. My hand hurts but sometimes doing that inspires me more than a computer. So I just need to type it up, edit, and post. But the documentary showing on Thursday was hugely inspiring. To the point where I wrote a six page one-shot LOL. It’s called Frick Versus Frack, and I hope you enjoy it!

Also don’t forget on AC I’m the featured author next month, voted number 4 in the top ten! Thank you again and feel free to comment on the message board. Things like that are why I keep writing!

Almost done! #ShowMe

Guess who’s back…back again, Rose is back…tell a friend.

Sorry, been listening to some 90’s Eminem lol.

I’m back with another update for Show Me A Reason. We’re in the home stretch! Took longer than I meant to but I’m almost done. Once I am, expect a refocus back onto We Burn The Sky, 00Carter (nope haven’t forgotten it), Undead, and if I’m really motivated MAYBE a new story. No promises LOL.

Enjoy the new chapter!

Oh and don’t forget to vote for what story you want to see Featured next month here!



You Like Me! You REALLY Like Me!

See! Less than a month. (Barely) So I’m proud of myself for keeping my promise for not taking so long. I do have another chapter of Show Me A Reason for you guys. Also, guess what?

In AC’s top ten authors of all time? I was voted number four!

It’s extremely flattering and honestly I don’t have words for how much I appreciate the love. As a writer I always feel confident in my work or I wouldn’t post it lol, but when I think of top ten, I never thought of myself. So thank you, honestly. One of my stories will be featured in February and you can vote here to pick which one. Your choices are…

I listed Show Me A Reason mainly because I only have a couple chapters left and I’m determined to have my featured story be finished no matter what’s chosen. My life’s calming down and this will give me a much needed kick in the ass! LOL.

So go vote, enjoy the update, thanks for the love and… let me know what you think!

Random Rainbow Ramble – My friend Sara has a new BSB site called “What Happens On The Backstreet”. Check out the affiliates page for the link!

Because… #IHeartNickCarter

I really do. Nick’s show I Heart Nick Carter airs on Vh1 tomorrow. Excited? I am! LOL. Weekly doses of Nick man. It’s about as awesome as my weekly doses of Shane West were. Well, maybe a little bit more awesome than that. (I miss Salem being on once a week :() Anywho, so here’s an early dose of Nick!

An update of Show Me A Reason. Let me know what you think!

Running On Backstreet Time…(Winners Are Announced!)

First off let me apologize for the missed update last week. Life got a bit hectic between work and all that jazz that I missed updating last Monday. Shouldn’t happen again! (But I try not to promise cause yeah, life does happen LOL). I also meant to post the winners to the DRATW awards last week. So I’m sorry about the delay. However…

Check out your winners for the DRATW Awards!

Also, enjoy your Show Me A Reason update. 🙂