I’m alive, and back!

So lets see, I haven’t updated in ages. But I still adore fanfic. It’s just real life got in the way a bit. I also happen to help run/contribute to the TDS blog if you guys go there. THEN, post DWTS after life was settling, my computer died. So things got in the way. But I’m back and with a new oneshot! I’m not sure what fueled this besides listening to that NG b-side “Memories”, but it got me thinking about Remember Me This Way, and this followed. I’m working on Miles To Go now that I have my notes for it back. So I’ll update when I can. Till then, enjoy Memories.

Another one shot bites the dust…

I have Queen playing, as you can probably tell.

Anywho, my life’s calmed down considerably. So I’m writing more. I KNOW I promised an Undead update. And I’ll have one! Definitely before Halloween. I also have my next Divine Intervention chapter started. Yay me! So some way or another I’ll have more for you to read. Until then, I posted a new little one-shot ramble called Family. It’s linked on the one-shot collection page here on the site, or as always linked at absolute chaos.

Enjoy and comments would be awesome!

Tale As Old As Backstreet Time…

So last month or so we did a challenge on Absolute Chaos. We had to anonymously post stories on our own BSB spin of the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. We just revealed who wrote what so I finally posted mine here. Check it out, review and all that jazz. It’s posted under the one-shots here, or over here at AC. There were some awesome submissions so check those out as well!

I should have a real update to a fic soon. 🙂


One shot, one chance…

LOL not really. So, I don’t know if any of you have heard Nick’s new song, well possibly a new BSB song that he performed at his whole “Hang With The Band” thing he did HERE in Las Vegas. Yeah, trust me, it killed me not to be there. But I do not have the cash for that sort of epicness haha. Anyways, it’s very pretty and it inspired a one-shot out of me about just about him and reminiscing. It’s posted here, and it’s called “Just Kids” like the song, and it’s also posted here at Absolute Chaos.

So read, enjoy, feedback is spiffy!

The Most Personal Thing I’ve Ever Written

I don’t know how many of you know this, but on Halloween 2012, my mother passed away. It was very sudden and they say she went peacefully. I was very close to her and in a lot of ways I feel like this might be why I have focusing issues with some of my novels. Earlier today, I did some writing. It was out of nowhere I felt inspired even if it was for another One-Shot. However, it’s Original Fiction, and it’s extremely personal. I practically sobbed while writing it out.

It’s not that long, but I think it helped me get out some of the emotions I feel when it hits me hard now and then.

Thoughts would definitely be appreciated. It’s not often I bare my soul this much.

It’s called For You.

All my One-Shots in one place, and hey! Previews!

So I updated a few things. I added the rest of my one-shots so those are all up. I also managed to get up all of “Here We Stand” that’s written anyway lol. And as a special little treat, there’s some previews of stories I haven’t written yet. Most are just banners and summaries, but there’s two prologues I put up as well :). Eventually I’ll write these but for now I thought putting those up would be kinda neat.

Also, everything but my very first collaboration is linked up or posted on the collabs page.

Thoughts on pretty much anything here are totally DRATW :). Enjoy!