I never disappeared…And I miss updating.

I miss fic writing. I actively still write but it’s typically for my BSB fan blog The Dark Side. But the thing is I never stopped writing fiction, crazy as that is to believe. I know I practically fell off the face of the fic world. It’s because I became so inconsistent that I felt bad making promises that I wasn’t keeping. Posting new ideas because I was excited and then watching as I failed to follow through. What happened is basically I would get new ideas, start them and then repeat the process with newer ideas.

But I never stopped writing. My goal for 2020 is to try and get out this fic I’ve been working on. My partner in crime, Julie… (y’all know Broken Julie, the Choppage Queen!) knows about this idea. I literally brainstormed it while at a museum with her. She helped me flesh it out in fact. But I promised myself I wouldn’t post it till I have ten chapters.

I’m not there…yet. But here’s the banner for my upcoming project, and the summary. I’ve gotten a lot more productive since I bought a Chromebook back  in November and I’m hopeful. So if you’re reading this, know I haven’t gone away from the fan fic world forever. Life just has a way of moving and getting in the way the older you get.

It’s always darkest before the dawn…

They say there is a reason for everything, that God has a plan for us all. Nick didn’t know that what started off as just another day would set off a chain of events that threatened everything that mattered most to him.

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