It’s been too long…

But I never dropped my stories. Life (and planning said story out properly) got in the way. There’s nothing I could say besides…I’m sorry. Hopefully some of you are still reading! If you are, thank you for sticking with me.

Enjoy the latest update for…Miles To Go.


It’s amazing what random feedback does…

Life got in the way, and Miles To Go had fallen to the wayside. It sucked but my motivation was in the toilet, essentially. But then, I got a review out of nowhere. Just general praise but it made me go back and look at my twisted little story. It reminded me of why I loved it. And it got me writing. So thank you reviewer. This is the effect reviews can have on a writer.

Enjoy the new chapter of Miles To Go!

On the Last Day of Undead

My zombie gave to me…a completely finished Song For The Undead.

I don’t even have words for the fact this story is finished. Julie and I have been writing it since 2008 (though we didn’t start posting till 2009). We lost a cowriter in the early stages but the amount of love and support this story has gotten has been unreal. I remember when we started it as 4.15.12, and I never thought this story would become the epic it became or that it would take this long. But I’m so happy we wrote it.

And don’t worry, Julie and I have collaborations that will come in the future!

So, enjoy the final chapter of Song For The Undead.