I never disappeared…And I miss updating.

I miss fic writing. I actively still write but it’s typically for my BSB fan blog The Dark Side. But the thing is I never stopped writing fiction, crazy as that is to believe. I know I practically fell off the face of the fic world. It’s because I became so inconsistent that I felt bad making promises that I wasn’t keeping. Posting new ideas because I was excited and then watching as I failed to follow through. What happened is basically I would get new ideas, start them and then repeat the process with newer ideas.

But I never stopped writing. My goal for 2020 is to try and get out this fic I’ve been working on. My partner in crime, Julie… (y’all know Broken Julie, the Choppage Queen!) knows about this idea. I literally brainstormed it while at a museum with her. She helped me flesh it out in fact. But I promised myself I wouldn’t post it till I have ten chapters.

I’m not there…yet. But here’s the banner for my upcoming project, and the summary. I’ve gotten a lot more productive since I bought a Chromebook back  in November and I’m hopeful. So if you’re reading this, know I haven’t gone away from the fan fic world forever. Life just has a way of moving and getting in the way the older you get.

It’s always darkest before the dawn…

They say there is a reason for everything, that God has a plan for us all. Nick didn’t know that what started off as just another day would set off a chain of events that threatened everything that mattered most to him.

And I’m still here, I keep sticking around

Random fact – I’m not a big fan of that song LOL. I adore the music video though.

So I know I haven’t been here in awhile and honestly it’s because of family issues I’m not eager to delve into. Suffice it to say that I’m using that to channel it into something productive. I am writing. It’s a new project but no worries! I haven’t forgotten We Burn The Sky. In fact I still have a couple chapters I haven’t posted. I want to be sure I’m writing regularly before teasing, by posting, you know? It’s the same reason I swore to myself (knowing it’s a novella and I can stick to this LOL) I’d wait till I was finished or over halfway finished before I started posting my new project weekly. But it’s there and I’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

On another note – would you guys be up for another round of awards? It’s almost that time and I thought maybe doing it during the summer might be easier for everyone.

And as a token of good faith I am posting a teaser of the new project. Just so you can see I really am writing. Comments are awesome!

Check out the new teaser at the beep……BEEP!

Back From The Dead With Possible Awards

I promise. Long story short, my life and family are insane lol.

Moving on, I’m jumping back into the fanfic world. I’m writing and should have an update in the near future. That said, I’m sure a lot of you might remember my Torture Awards over at Pain Is Just Pleasure. While I loved those and WILL do them again, it’s too soon because they’re genre specific. It’s gonna depend on when there’s more variety when Season Two of that will happen. But I kind of want to do an awards to celebrate fanfiction anywhere.

Doesn’t matter if it’s here, at Dreamer’s Sanctuary, My Confession, Absolute Chaos, wherever.

Doesn’t matter when it’s been written either.

If you feel it’s an amazing fic, you can nominate it is basically my stance on it. Unless it’s by me or has me collaborating on it. Because I’m the one hosting it obviously. I’m thinking it’ll be an annual thing. I’m going to call them the “Double Rainbow” awards. And I want your opinions. Here’s what I’m thinking for categories.

Story Awards
Best 1st Person POV – “So Vivid”
Best Angst – “So Intense”
Best Novel – “I Can’t Even Capture It On My Camera”
Best Romance – “So Bright”
Best Horror/Suspense – “Oh, Oh My God”
Best Oneshot – “That’s a Whole Rainbow There”
Best Series – “It’s Starting To Look Like A Triple Rainbow”
Most Creative – “What Does It Mean?”

Character Awards
Best Villain – “The Baddest Fuckin’ Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen”
Best Hero – “Full of Awe”

Author Awards
Best Author – “Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky”
Best New Author – “Look At That Rainbow!”

My Inspiration

Tease, Tease, Tease

So, I already gave you a line from Here We Stand because at four am it felt like a good idea LOL. Now I give you a preview of a story I might work on with Divine Intervention once Here We Stand is finished. It’d be a crossover, something I don’t usually do anymore but I’m sort of in love with the idea. I finished this prologue last night instead of finishing that Here We Stand chapter. (I know shame on me!) It’s for a story I call, Into The Fire. I don’t know if it’ll be what I write in the future or not, but it’s got definite possibilities!

It’s the first preview on the Coming Soon page, so click, share thoughts, that sort of thing.

I’m also curious to see if this changes anyone’s opinion, so I’m sticking this back in here.

Happy reading!

New Ideas…

So despite my inability to focus on novels lol, it amazingly doesn’t stop me from getting new ideas! So I added the banners and summaries for the two newest ones I outlined. One’s an old idea with a new twist that I liked better than the original idea. They’re the top two on the Coming Soon Page!

So please go look, see what you think, then come back here and answer this little poll…

I want to at least make sure I finish Here We Stand or Divine Intervention first, but still, I want opinions cause the new ideas excite me LOL.

All my One-Shots in one place, and hey! Previews!

So I updated a few things. I added the rest of my one-shots so those are all up. I also managed to get up all of “Here We Stand” that’s written anyway lol. And as a special little treat, there’s some previews of stories I haven’t written yet. Most are just banners and summaries, but there’s two prologues I put up as well :). Eventually I’ll write these but for now I thought putting those up would be kinda neat.

Also, everything but my very first collaboration is linked up or posted on the collabs page.

Thoughts on pretty much anything here are totally DRATW :). Enjoy!