Miles To Go before I sleep…

One thing this year has done, is make me look at things I haven’t in a long time. Yesterday I looked at Miles To Go for the first time in over a year. I forgot how much I loved writing that story honestly. It’s dark, it’s twisted and I’m proud of it. It got my brain thinking about it and I started reworking the chapters I never posted, figuring out what had me so stuck before. And today I started writing.

So I’m posting an update to Miles To Go. I’ll be honest and say I don’t know if I’ll be back to this story consistently. But I wanted to post this anyway, because this story deserves that.

So enjoy the latest chapter. Remember I also cross post on Archive Of Our Own if you like the format there better.

It’s been too long…

But I never dropped my stories. Life (and planning said story out properly) got in the way. There’s nothing I could say besides…I’m sorry. Hopefully some of you are still reading! If you are, thank you for sticking with me.

Enjoy the latest update for…Miles To Go.

It’s amazing what random feedback does…

Life got in the way, and Miles To Go had fallen to the wayside. It sucked but my motivation was in the toilet, essentially. But then, I got a review out of nowhere. Just general praise but it made me go back and look at my twisted little story. It reminded me of why I loved it. And it got me writing. So thank you reviewer. This is the effect reviews can have on a writer.

Enjoy the new chapter of Miles To Go!

Captured Carter

I’m insensitive, hence the title.

Remember how I said I’d have a Miles To Go update for you soon? Soon is now! Yup I managed to finish a chapter I’d been blocked on for awhile. I guess finishing Song For The Undead cleared that right up. Hopefully it continues! Enjoy the chapter and I’ll be back with day two of our Ten Days Of Undead.

Settled In and Writing Again

So forgive me if this post has any typos, I’m hopped up on cold meds LOL.

Sorry about the month delay on an update. Life got crazy but I’m settled and moved and at home enough to get going again. I don’t foresee anything keeping me from writing regularly anytime soon so there shouldn’t be any huge delays like that again for this story. Mainly because I love Miles To Go and how dark and twisted it shall become.

Anywho, enjoy the chapter!

It’s Raining…

So it’s raining and I lacked a title for this update post. I updated with the last officially “peaceful” chapter of Miles To Go. Shit really does start to hit the fan in the upcoming chapters so I hope you guys enjoyed my kindness to Nick while it lasted! LOL.

Enjoy the update and let me know what you think?

I mean I won’t hold updates ransom LOL. I’d never! But I do love feedback. Reviews just help show us writers our work is appreciated. :).

Insomniac Writing Means A Well Fed Muse!

Basically the title speaks for itself LOL. I’ve been writing a lot after midnight each night lately and it seems to be working so far! I have another chapter of Miles To Go for you to enjoy. Also go check out my thread at AC about my feature this month! I only have 4 days left :). Thanks again to any who helped vote me to the number four spot.

Enjoy the update!

Two updates in one week? No the world isn’t ending…

I’m just super inspired. Maybe it’s because of that documentary. Or maybe it’s because I’m a sadist who loves torturing the hell out of the cute young blonde we call Nick. More than likely it’s a combo deal though LOL. So chapter two of Miles To Go is posted. Let me know what you think? Besides Undead it’s the first suspense or horror even, that I’ve tackled in years. I’d love your thoughts. 🙂


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