Born To Be – Chapter Four

Nick slept within a cot of her home. Tawny however could not let herself rest. Much had to be done. A smile was earned however at seeing Gwyn sleeping peacefully upon Nick’s cheek. She had liked the newcomer whether the faye would admit it or not. With the exception of the Tinkerbelle comparison. She did not know how Nick knew of the most glamorous, powerful, and famous of faeries, but Gwyn never liked Tink, always loathed her. Seemed like some things crossed from the realm she knew, to his. A suspicion she had now confirmed. Unsurprising. His story was unsurprising to her, of how he got to the tombs. The only surprise she had was having been discovered by the Cyhyraeth, how did they find them so fast? Was there a traitor within her small circle?

It was interesting, having someone else other than her or the tiny creature in her home. It had been a long time since the last time it happened. Obligation, duty, and the darkness had isolated her despite how she always was seeing the villagers as she did her best to protect them. But, she did what she had to earlier. She was the only one who could keep Nick safe and she knew it. Just like she had known who he was the moment her eyes had laid upon him back in the burial grounds. Duty had come full force once more, but at least now, it might have brought along a possible companion. A welcome change for her. For now she let him sleep, because who knew how little they would get when trouble came. With what he has dealt with, the rest was well earned.

He was what he was supposed to be at that age she supposed. At least in the world he traversed over from. Even here, once he knew more, or so she hoped. He couldn’t remember anything, but how would he? Such a thing would be impossible right then. She shouldn’t be affected either way on what was a trivial matter at best. But at the same time, Tawny still felt the tiny sting despite such simple logic. She stood with a stretch before resting her eyes on what she needed for her next task. She carried a small cauldron to the table from the kitchen, and filled it with water. Her eyes gazed within as she gave a silent incantation. Her amulet glowed ever so slightly for despite the immense amount of energy it took, the spell itself was simple. Just draining, but it was necessary. The young woman needed a sign of what was to come.

Four faces reflected within the water as if a mirror. They stood beside the very one who slept within her home now. They were in a sterile area, and their heads were bowed in what seemed like a prayer. She had to explain it to Nick eventually. Before others came and made the situation far more dangerous to them all. Her hands two became clasped within the stance of a prayer.

A small turquoise light shone from within the cauldron as a faint pink glow came from the charm upon her necklace. The two met above the cauldron and forged together to make a glowing sphere before her. Her prayer continued as her energy surged within her body and through her soul. She needed to hear it. Tawny had to have some sort of sign before this continued further. A voice then came from within the light.


“Well lookie who it is, hey Tawny.”

“Long time, no contact dear one.”

Her eyes opened and she smiled at the light and what it represented. “I know.”

“Why is that?” Another voice said from the object.

She shrugged as her hands idly played with her necklace. That necklace had transcended time itself and it amazed her it never faded from existence. “Been working on keeping things stable here.”

“We still needed contact from you.”

“Why are you unable to reach me as I do you?”

“We’re still not sure why.”

“You wouldn’t have contacted us unless it was important.”

“You’re right, I wouldn’t.”

“So what is it Tawny?” The more impatient one asked.

“It’s about the spell we cast…”

“What of it?”

“It’s finally active, he’s here.”


“We should have known.” Brian said, agitated.

“It explains his condition.” Kevin agreed.

“Fuck so we gotta do something now.”

Howie nodded at AJ as he turned on the TV in the corner of Nick’s hospital room. It was more to drown out their conversation from wandering ears. Then something came on that actually caught the young men’s attention.

…This is MTV news, here with your latest bits about your celebrities and your music. I’m Kurt Loder and we have the latest for you.

“Great D, perfect…MTV, first thing we want to hear man.” AJ commented with slight disgust. He was about to say more but was cut off by what the VJ said next.

There seems to be no change yet with the condition of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. Just two weeks ago during their concert in hometown Orlando, Florida on their Millennium tour, he collapsed during a performance of Larger Than Life. We are told he has been in a coma since with no evident cause and with no sign of waking up. The Backstreet Boys could not be reached for comment and their management team released to us this statement…

“The Boys have put the rest of the tour on hold till Nick is able to perform once more. We don’t know when that will be and we hope the fans understand. Refunds will be given for all the missed concerts and we hope to possibly make them up in the future. His health is important to us, and the Boys are there with his family praying for his recovery. They do not feel right trying to continue without him. We ask the fans for understanding and prayers during this very difficult time.”

Our thoughts are with you Nick, and your family. In lighter music news…

Brian flicked off the TV, all it did was shatter their concentration anyway. Besides it also drowned out the connection with the other side. A shimmering light in the form of a young person was what shone before them. It was the sending of partial consciousness between worlds. It was almost impossible to do upon normal terms. But these weren’t normal. But still, they did it rarely, when communication was vital. Few knew of how to do it. And even less had the power anymore to do so as the light began to fade from their home lands.

Home lands. Sometimes it all seemed like a dream. That other life before they had come to guard the young one. They had all been reborn when they had come to be there. All had grown to live separate lives but were fully aware of what was to come. They had always been aware of what they were before this, and what they had to do next. All the events leading up to that very second. This moment, with Nick comatose within his bed, a man Brian had come closer to than before as a friend this time around. Someone who made their purpose, their next move very evident.

It was far too clear, especially right then.


It was the startled squawk/shriek combination that emerged from the faye that had caught her attention. Suddenly Gwyn had been fluttering about the room, and a booming roars of winds that weren’t there, suddenly was within her home. She raced over to the cot Nick had been sleeping on, only to discover that had been the exact source. He seemed so peaceful earlier. Now he was awake, his eyes were a blazed with panic as he looked around him, looked through him. Light radiated from all around his body, from within his very soul. She knew what was happening. She had seen something hauntingly similar once before.

She knew what it meant, and it was the worst thing that could happen.


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