Why I Hate Justin Timberlake

Why I hate Justin Timberlake.

Yeah, I know hate is a strong ass word. What can I say? This dude has been that famous “perfect sibling” damn figure I’ve been dealing with since NSYNC was created to piss us off. And of course, people claimed I was the star of BSB (ain’t true) and the same people claimed Justin was the star of NSYNC. Since then, I’ve been fucking doomed.

I mean really. So what if back then we were close in age. Lance actually was my damn age. So what if we were both the youngest members both blonde and blue eyed? So what if our birthdays are so freaking close together? We were nothing alike. Hell, we didn’t and still don’t sing in the same damn vocal range. Ain’t fair I tell you. I am so sick of being compared to him. Started when I was sixteen…seventeen. He was a year younger. They started comparing us, which one is hotter? You know, those stupid teen magazines our faces got plastered over all the time.

Wasn’t it bad enough we got compared to NSYNC all the time? That they followed our asses to Jive even? Couldn’t they have found their own label. It made it that much harder for us when it came to fighting for the music ya know. Cause there was always the threat of if we didn’t do things their way, they’d hold off on our album and push up theirs. People think we don’t fight. We do, but they also have big ass guns we’re dealing with. It’s the same way now heh. Just replace NSYNC with Justin.

Why the hell did he leave them anyway? Selfish bastard. I could never see leaving the fellas. They’re my brothers. Heh, they keep my big ass sane sometimes.

And do you see any of the other fellas get compared to NSYNC members? Nope. I get to be special again. Oh goody.

What kills me, is the solo career. Now Or Never was my therapy then. My release. I look at it now, and still see a lot I needed to show when I was twenty two. I might be the only one who sees it that way, but it was. The songs that stayed in the vault reveal that more heh. But again, Jive’s ass wanted me to play it safe. Don’t go too extreme so I don’t chase my fans away, they said. Turns out they got Justin to make a solo album. Thanks to that my album got pushed back, fucking twice actually. Why? So they could have us compete again. And the comparisons soared again. Heh, I stayed true to me. I wanted to dive back to the rock flavors I loved, and the harmonies I based my career on. Justin, well he did what he does best, sold out for what was in. They saw what he was doing, whored him out and shut my fan clubs and shit that helped promote me down. So he got the career and I got the flop. Because I wanted to be me.

I ain’t complaining. I love the Backstreet Boys. I love being part of that. If I had made it, it would have been harder to force Jive to let me go back to that. But I know, I WOULD have gone back. Never Gone would have still happened. So I did movies, and of course, Justin did soon after.

Guess he made the right choice again, cause he got more movie offers. Now hell, I’m new at this, and I picked the wrong damn script to try. I’m trying again, and just wait, cause Fast Glass is going to kick some ass and I hope shock some peeps. Did I say peeps? Mmm I used to love blowing those up in the microwave on the tour bus. And have Kevin yell soon after heheheh.

I’m fighting for another solo album, for another therapy session. Justin gets whatever he damn pleases. And of course, I get compared cause “they’re both ex-boyband members” which I ain’t an ex member of anything. Justin did his r&b thing cause he knew he’d hit it big. I did my rock thing. What the hell is there to compare?

He dates Cameron Diaz, I date Paris. Yeah, okay we saw I made the stupid choice there.

I’m sick of being compared to his ass to prove that I’m so called “unsuccessful” and “not good enough”. I ain’t Justin. I don’t want to be that cocky ass bastard. He pushed a fan into a wall. What kind of shit is that? I’d be happy if him and Paris vanished. Heh, you see what Paris did to me? At least I didn’t whore that out in a song to make a career like he did. I’m so sick of those two being all over the place and hearing my name come up.

Yeah, I hate Justin Timberlake. Call it shallow. I don’t care.

I’ll still hate him.

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