We Burn The Sky – Introduction


Even though it’s been almost fifteen years, I remember the day it all began so clearly. I’ll probably remember it for the rest of my life. There’s a few other memories I have that are imprinted in my brain like that. None of them are happy, really. I’ve lost a lot in only thirty years. I’m still really young in the grand scheme of things. But in the end I guess that’s not really important.

It started on April 20th, 2993.

I was only fifteen years old that day. A typical human teen you know? Young, stupid, heh and let’s not forget stubborn as the cosmos. But that day, when Kevin arrived at the station, well, things were different. He looked panicked in ways I’d never seen him, yelling at me to pack my shit in a bag while he ran and grabbed his cousin Brian. Maybe it was his eyes, or his voice, I don’t know. But either way—it made me listen for once.

Could be why we managed to escape the base before the Lyciandans blew it up. They’d done the same thing to Earth mere hours before. Even if the news hadn’t hit the rest of our troop’s Skybirds yet. It was the only other place I’d ever known. Both my homes being destroyed in one day? No wonder I remember it so well. I could tell you everything. Explain about the war. About the now twisted and almost laughable alliance between our race and theirs that’s sprung up in the last decade…

But instead I’ll leave you with this.

I’m human, a race that no longer has a true home beyond the human colonies that have existed throughout the galaxies for the last century or so. Humans have always been a race lusting after power. It’s all over our history. Combining that with the species that once tried to annihilate us all has only made that worse. A police state has spread throughout the planets, under their united flags of their union known only as the “Dominion”. There is no freedom and the Sultanates, soldiers set to keep the “rogue elements” in line, try to make sure of that. There was always a struggle to get by. There were the elite and then there was the rest of humanity. The best way to live was to do anything. Legal, illegal, you name it. You couldn’t care anymore.

There was never mercy.

There was no compassion.

There was only survival.


Next Chapter

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