Tough Lover

It was all AJ’s fault you know.

He was the one who started everything.

I watched him out of the corner of my eye, enjoying the struggle he gave from within his cage. It was so easy, and so simple. All it took was the right sob story. He hugged me, being the sweet guy that he is. It was all too easy to inject him. Getting him here was harder. I’ve got some fun stuff planned ahead, I can’t wait. He looked so sweet there, pretending that he wanted to get away. I knew better, of course.

Why else would he have made it so easy?

Nick, ugh, he slept still, in the cage beside his. I didn’t really want him, to be honest. But he happened to see me dragging away AJ’s body. What else would I do but use my spare syringe? It wasn’t my fault, really. He wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan, but I’ve learned to improvise. So when I was stuck with that damn blonde, I made sure I brought a fun activity for him too. I’m not heartless; I didn’t want him to think he was being ignored. Any fan of the Backstreet Boys knows what a little attention whore our dear Nick is.

But, I digress.

I went over and grabbed my first play-toy. I just wanted to teach AJ a lesson. How he shouldn’t be teasing so many girls. That he’s broken too many hearts. I love him, he’s my favorite, and I want what’s best for him. It hurts, seeing the one you love suffer…but if you truly love someone, you do what’s best with them. And I love you AJ. One day, you’ll understand.


That day must not be today.

I had Rochelle by the hair. She wasn’t quite here yet. I drugged her out pretty heavily. I didn’t want a struggle, you see. I needed her in a daze, and I needed her to unable to feel what I’d do with her. It’s more fun with the pain, but it’s harder to hold them down. And the point wasn’t for her, it was for AJ. I’d know I was really helping him when I stared into his eyes as he watched me.

I laid her down on the floor, she whimpered incoherently. I knew she wouldn’t get far even if she tried to move. I was actually afraid she’d overdosed thanks to me, but so far, so good. It wouldn’t be a lesson if she died too soon. That can’t happen; I need to take care of my AJ. I smiled at him; one day he’ll see how much I love him. One day, he’ll stop fighting it. He’ll stop seeing me as some one night fling he’d tossed aside and realize the truth.

In the end, it would be just the two of us.

I knew I was doing the right thing when I saw the tears in his eyes. When I saw them sparkling in those beautiful brown eyes, eyes that always reminded me of a doe, eyes that were always hidden behind those sunglasses from his. Those sunglasses were in my pocket now, a little trinket to reward myself until later. I walked away from Rochelle, who was still trying to say something that wasn’t unintelligible. My hand stroked his face and I yearned for the moment he would be mine forever.

No, I couldn’t let myself be weak now. AJ needed me.

“Please.” He whispered, begging on his knees. It was such a beautiful sight. “Don’t do this.”

“But AJ…” I replied, grabbing my axe as I walked over to Rochelle. She was becoming more aware, and I knew at once no more time could be wasted. “I’m doing this for you…for us.”

“NO!” He screamed, once he realized what I was about to do. The sacrifice I would make for us.

“Shhhh…” I chastised. Such a silly boy.

As I slammed the axe down upon Rochelle’s vulnerable neck, it was like time slowed. I could see the head rolling away from her body at a turtle’s pace. Her eyes were open, stared out into space. A half smile remained frozen in her expression as I stared down at her, drenched now in her blood. It was like she knew that by giving up her life, she too was doing the best for the man we loved.

I turned towards him with a loving smile. “Don’t worry monkey…she’s going to a better place. For you, for us.” I eyed Nick, who was finally beginning to wake.

“Now, the real fun can begin.”

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