On the Last Day of Undead

My zombie gave to me…a completely finished Song For The Undead.

I don’t even have words for the fact this story is finished. Julie and I have been writing it since 2008 (though we didn’t start posting till 2009). We lost a cowriter in the early stages but the amount of love and support this story has gotten has been unreal. I remember when we started it as 4.15.12, and I never thought this story would become the epic it became or that it would take this long. But I’m so happy we wrote it.

And don’t worry, Julie and I have collaborations that will come in the future!

So, enjoy the final chapter of Song For The Undead.

10 Days of Undead

So first off I wanna apologize for the lack of updates from me. I suck and I fail. I’m sorry. Secondly, I do have a Miles To Go chapter very close to completion that I will post in the semi-near future. Third? I have a blog called The Dark Side of Backstreet that I’m writing for if you guys wanna see my non-fanfic projects.

Fourth? Julie and I have FINISHED our collab. Yes, this is not a drill. Song For The Undead is not only completely done but we’re ready to post it. So for the next ten days we’ll be posting a chapter today. Starting today. So please enjoy Chapter 111 of Song For The Undead and let us know what you think!