Vote! Vote! Vote!

So ya know, it’s past midnight, I’m a little bored. Voting has officially started for the Double Rainbow Awards.

Who watched the VMAs last night? I dvred it out of pure curiosity to see how the NSYNC reunion went. It was kind of weird to watch if you want me to be honest. The sound went weird at the start of the NSYNC songs, JC’s mic was super quiet and then there was that whole “baby, baby, baby” JC tossed in at the end. Almost like he wanted to show that he can still outsing Justin any day of the week even if his mic gets turned down LOL. JC was always the member I liked because his voice is fantastic. Still listen to his solo album. Just ya know, not the group. (Well okay, their debut album but the two albums after weren’t my thing.) The moral of this ramble is that it’s a tragedy JT has a solo career and JC doesn’t.

Oh, and that it only takes a minute to show Justin he’s not superior LOL.

Makes me glad I chose BSB to be my boyband instead. Like I almost feel horrible for the hardcore NSYNC fans out there cause that was a ripoff after all the hype. Okay, anyway, back to the fanfic awards! Voting will run until Friday the 13th, September. I have my banners ready (well the template) and they look pretty! Can’t wait to add the winners on to them. So again if you wanna see yourself (or your faves) win, vote!