Revelations – Prologue

Year: 2000


The soft moonlight splashes down on the smooth clear pond. The green lily pads floated gently back and forth in the cool breeze as the last fireflies twinkle into the darkness. He gazes intensely at the water’s surface. It was so beautiful, the pond. It’s so peaceful away from the loudness of the beating music and screaming of people. He wanted to take a break free from all the loud noise of the club music as he stares at the pond. He felt connected to it somehow as if it belongs to him and is a part of him. But he shakes his head believing how ridiculous that sounded to him. His soft ocean blue eyes reflect the gentle pond as the reeds sway softly in the wind. He runs his fingers through his short blond locks as he gazes at the quiet pond. He looks at his watch and mumbles knowing he should head back. He has to be the responsible sibling and guard over his sister. He couldn’t leave her in that nightclub alone without him watching her. But he didn’t want to leave the peace the pond brought him. Something about it, called him to remain and stay in its presence. He fumbles with the pockets of his black leather jacket and makes his way back to the loud incessant Latin music that was blasting through the club. He looks back at the pond and smiles, something about it he feels brought him pure tranquility and with that heads off to the club to get his sister.

The black Mercedes creeps along the sidewalk until it halted to a stop in front of the nightclub. He turns the ignition off and stares at the woman sitting besides him in the passenger seat. He smiles and places his hand on her knee.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” He whispers to the woman.

She glares at him and angrily whispers, “Don’t touch what you can’t have.”

Startled from the anger in the woman’s voice, he backs away and slumps further into the driver’s seat. “Damn girl. I said I’m sorry. She’s my cousin. Why you bugging?” He sighs and regrets what he just said, he wished he could take back what he just said.

She glares at him with her light brown eyes and swings open the car door to get out. Turning to face him, she whispers harshly at him. “I’m sure you’re sorry. I just didn’t know you had a blonde hair green eyed cousin running in your family. It must have skip your family genetics then.” She states sarcastically as she slams the car door violently closed in front of A.J.’s face.

He sighs and grumbles following the bitter woman. He knew she had every right to get upset with him after all, the woman he hugged wasn’t his cousin but a beautiful woman who was his classmate back in the days of high school. He stands next to a large built bodyguard at the front of the club as his girlfriend discusses with the large built guard that she knows the owner.

“Miss, you want me to lose my job here.” The guard states as he runs his thick dark chocolate hands over his bald head.

The petite woman giggles and with her tan peach colored hands bats her light brown eyes at the guard. “Come on Jamal, stop acting up and let me in. I gotta pick up the rest of the posse.”

Jamal laughs and notices the tenseness between the young couple before him. “Ok, Jamelet but you know the rules. Don’t stay in there for no more than fifteen minutes. The cops could come by and might see you and I could get in trouble for letting a minor in the club.”

Jamelet nods her head and smiles, “No problem , I’ll be in and out before you know it.” She giggles and runs her hands down her black knee length skirt and brown tank top under a long black leather jacket. She walks in the entrance of “El Silencio” (The silencer), her heels of her black boots echoing in the night.

Jamal smirks at A.J. and shakes his head, “You having problem with her?”

A.J. rolls his chocolate eyes at the guard and sulks. “It’s nothing big. She’s just being a little pissy. She all mad cause I saw a friend of mine from my old high school.”

Jamal laughs, “J there has to be more. She wouldn’t be mad if you didn’t do anything now would she?”

A.J. sniffs the chilly air and shrugs his shoulders innocently. “Well the person was a woman and I hugged her. But Mal man that’s all I did. She said it was an intimate hug and started complaining that even she don’t get hugs like that and she’s the one dating me.”

Jamal took a big gulp of air and gently laughs. “Well J, looks like you were looking for trouble. Go in, Jamelet is calling you. And yo J, watch it next time man. One hug can go a long way in a relationship.”

A.J. smiles, “I promise I won’t mess this relationship up. She means too much to me. She’s the only one who knows me inside out besides my mom.” And with that he gives Jamal a handshake and quickly walks in the loud club.
She stares around the pulsating salsa music as bodies full of sweat and alcohol crash into each other like waves on a shore. She makes a disgusted face as the dancing bodies in the club swarm over each other. One Latin man approaches Jamelet and with his breath full of the intoxicating liquid, speaks to her in incoherent Spanish. She backs away from the dancing area and reaches a stairwell in time to see Nick and Rose descending down it.

“Hey guys I’m so happy to see you’re still here. Listen we have to get the heck out now. I can’t stand the smell or the people in here.” Jamelet states as laughter interrupts her.

“Honey, that’s the smell of fun. But you wouldn’t know what that is now would ya?” The voice of Howie states as he climbs down the stairs smiling at her.

Jamelet laughs and points, “You’re lucky I know you’re joking or there would have been some serious issues happening here.”

Howie smiles, his tan complexion glittered in the soft dim yellow lights as he stifles a yawn. “Hey I’m about to close the club and clear these people out. I’ll meet up with you at Kevin’s place. I have to pick up Ana from night school and then we’ll head over there to meet ya.” He grins, deep chocolate eyes looking tiredly at the others. “They behaved by the way if you’re interested.” He states pointing to Nick and Rose.

The average height, blonde hair, blue eyed adolescent woman giggles as she leans on her identical twin brother’s arm.

Nick gazes softly at A.J. and Jamelet and smiles, “We only behaved cause I felt a bit tired trying to think of ways to tire out Howie. I think it worked.” He states, gazing at the club owner Howie.

Jamelet smiles and throws her arms around Nick as she kisses him softly on his lips. She turns to see A.J.’s mouth drop open in pure surprise. “Well baby, didn’t you know this is my cousin?” She states as A.J. bites his lower lip softly to control his anger. He knew that was the same statement he had told her earlier today when the woman he met hugged her. But the kissing crossed the line.

“I didn’t kiss her.” A.J. sneered shouting over the salsa music.

“You might as well, that was all that missing.” Jamelet growled at him as she smiles as Nick who’s grinning from ear to ear.

Rose, Nick’s sibling and twin, laughs and runs her fingers through her blond locks. “Ok guys that’s enough. Let’s get out of here.” And with that A.J. leads the way out of the club.

Yawning, she waits for the printer to finish printing out her paper. Her dark brown strands topple carelessly over her shoulders as she holds back another cough. She hears the front door open downstairs as a group of voices infiltrates the metal basement. Smiling, she knew company arrives and runs up the metal stairs to a small bedroom where Brian was staying over.

“Yo Rok! They’re here, what you doing?” Kimberly states, her dark brown eyes glimmering happily, the ambers rings in her eyes shining brightly in joy. The thick metal door open as Brian steps out with a belt of tools wrapped around his waist.

“I was setting up the tools. Kev said the machine busted again. I don’t get why he’s so fascinated with the stupid thing. He thinks he can find a way to mess with time.” Brian grumbles, his soft ocean blue eyes glimmering in the hallway light. His dirty blonde hair lays lazily on his head as he smiles and heads down the stairs, the clumping sound of boots hitting the metal echoes in the hallway.

“Hey Rok, there you are. What’s up?” Nick states as he gives his friend a greeting with their own handshake.

Kevin smiles and runs his fingers through his black spikes. “Yo Kim, come down here, the guys arrived. I want you to meet them.” He shouts up the stairs in the metal hallway.

Rose stares around what seems like a large laboratory. “Kevin, what do you work in?” She asks curiously, her blue eyes gazing aimlessly at the large unusual gadgets around her.

“Oh, this is just my hobby. Nothing serious. I just like messing with machines and building things.” Kevin states, his deep voice vibrating in the metal hallway. The bright florescent lights gleam down on them as a large gray metal table full of car parts and pieces of scrap metal lie scattered across it.

A.J. touches a large rectangular glass door which swings open. Curiosity taken over, he enters the doorway only to see two shelves full of canned foods of such. “Yo Kev. What the hell in this for?” He asks as he runs his fingers through his black short hair highlighted today in brown. His chocolate eyes gaze in the small room.

“Oh that’s what I’ve been working on. No success of course. It’s a cryogenic machine. I haven’t fully been able to test it yet, so I don’t know if it works.” Responds Kevin as he peers in the doorway smiling.

A.J. gives him a strange look and picks up a peach can laughing, “Yeah this’ll be hot of the market Kev.”

Kevin smirks and playfully pushes A.J. “Shut up, you’ll be first one to eat it too, I bet.” Rose and Nick stick their heads in the doorway and walk into the closet like room. Besides the two shelves, there are blankets and quilts folded neatly in one corner. A tiny fridge with bottles of water in it was aligned in the left end corner. A dark blue beanbag was found in the right end corner as a dull yellow light gleams down in the room. Two emergency kits were placed in the last corner of the room near the doorway.

“This place reminds me of that movie “Panic Room.” A.J. mumbles as Kevin joins him in the closet like room.

“Cute, it looks like you have everything set up in here in case of anything. But why a cryogenic machine?” Jamelet asks suddenly entering the room with the others.

Kimberly answers that for Kevin, “In case one gets tired of living in the present you can get away and go to the future.”

“And you are?” Nick asks extending his hand.

“Kimberly.” The young twenty year old responds. “I’m Kev’s cousin. I’m staying with him for a while ‘til I make enough money to go to college.”

“Nice meeting you.” Jamelet states as the group introduces themselves to Kimberly.

Brian opens the ringing front door as Howie and Ana smile at him. “Hey you came just in time, the guys are downstairs already. Why didn’t you use the basement door?”

Ana, Howie’s best friend, breaks into giggles. “He couldn’t find parking.” Her bluish green eyes gleam in the moonlight. Her broad shoulders and average height showed off Ana’s figure. Her blonde locks topple down her shoulders carelessly as the moonlight reflects her snowy complexion.

Howie and Ana go down the metal stairs and enter the laboratory where everyone had entered inside the glass booth. They join the others to see what the commotion was.

“Oh lookie! Ana’s here!” Rose giggles as she jumps on Ana.

Ana laughing, enters the closet like room to greet the others. Brian and Howie walk into the booth as well, amazed at Kevin’s work.

Skipping was heard coming down the stairs by a young woman. She reaches the group in the glass booth. “What are you looking at?” She states, her dark straight brown hair tied in a tight low ponytail. Her chocolate eyes gaze at the group that had gathered in there. Smiling at Brian, Brian decides to introduce the others to his cousin Alison.
She walks in greeting the others, not realizing the glass door behind her closed locked. After a few minutes of talking, Alison turns around to open the door but yelped out in surprise.

“Alright as much as I like hanging out with you guys, I have to go the bathroom, and there is too many people in this place.” A.J. states: running his tan complexion hands down the seams of his black jeans.

“Oh there’s a problem.” Alison states, her eighteen year old eyes locked in fear.

“What’s the problem?” Kevin whispers, thinking Alison was pulling a joke on them.
“Well, the door locked behind me, we’re stuck here.” Alison states, her voice raising an octave higher in fear.

“Real funny Ali. You can open it now. I wanna get something to eat.” Brian states.

Alison shakes her head in dread as Brian and Kevin try opening the door.

“Oh, no, no! We can’t open the door.” Brian whispers, panicking.

“Calm down, B. Here let me try.” A.J. states as he and Howie kick and slam into the door.

Kevin gulps and looks around the ceiling of the small closet room their in. The metal walls and metallic ceiling shine brightly. At the top of the walls five ventilators were there as a sudden stinging cold chill enters through it. Kevin sniffs the cold air that is entering the room and stares at Brian.

“What? You called me over to fix the stupid vents. I didn’t think we were gonna be locked in here when it started.” Brian states, his voice full of worry.

Nick and Rose huddle together as the cold air begins to fill the room. “It’s freezing!” Nick shouts as Jamelet and Ana run to the folded quilts and begin passing it out.

“We’ll have to stick together so we won’t freeze!” Ana shouts over the humming of the ventilators.

Howie gazes at A.J. as both young men gulp and take a quilt given to them.

“Wait, my cell. I’ll call to get us out of here.” Howie states, as he reaches on his belt of his dark blue jeans.

“You can’t use the cell in this room. There’s no frequency.” Kevin mumbles. He tries looking for over ways to get out of here, but the vents are too small to fit any one in there and he didn’t get the chance to connect a phone in this room. He never expected to get stuck in the room ready to freeze. Gulping he closes his eyes over the screaming and arguing that has broken out in the room.

“Kevin I swear if I die, it’s your fault!” Kimberly shouts at him as she shivers and trembles from the immense cold in the room. Kevin could feel the cold stinging on his lips as the walls were getting covered in ice. Cold wisp of air filtered out of everyone’s mouth as they all huddle together for warmth. Kevin walks over to the others as Ana throws a quilt over him. He stands with the others and feels the clutches of the others bodies all pressed together for warmth against his.

“I’m sorry guys. We’re stuck in here until someone opens this door from the outside.” Kevin whispers as the icy air infiltrates his bodies numbing his senses. He could no longer feel his hands, arms and legs and his face is beginning to get anesthetized.

Brian closes his eyes and cries out, “Dear God please help us!” And that was the last he said as the icy air starts to freeze the warm bloodied mammals in the room.

Rose and Nick stare each other and hug knowing they’re meeting their death. A.J. gazes at Jamelet and clasps his hand in hers, he whispers, “Forgive me angel.”

Jamelet nods her head and smiles and she freezes and the icy air captures A.J. freezing him, his hand still in her grasp.

Alison and Kimberly hug each other and Kevin as the icy air encompasses them. The quilts did nothing for their protection as they all freeze. Waiting for the booth to open they stare at the door until they freeze completely, chucks of ice landing on their skin.

Ana and Howie smile and hug each other for warmth hoping they will live to tell this tale. Ana pulls the quilts over her body and Howie’s and stares in his chocolate eyes until her body freezes and her eyes glaze over in frost.

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