Revelations – Chapter Two

Ana growled with anger as something stirred her from her dreams. She felt the pressure against her shoulder. Instincts got the best of her. She pushed against something. Jerking in surprise, but still in sleep, Ana extended her powerful right leg against the solid object. She pushed, slamming it hard against the wall. The wall shook from the power of Ana’s kick. Ana peeked her eyes open as she heard a groan of agony. Her lips curved into a sly smile as she gazed into a pair of chocolate brown eyes.

“Jezz, Kid, I just wanted to kiss you good morning,” the man moaned, rubbing the back of his head as he sat against the cold wall. His short curls were mussed and tossed about his head. There was a sweet smile plastered across his tan face. Ana felt her heart swell with an adoring emotion. She recognized the man immediately as she finally stirred.

“Sorry, Love,” Ana replied with an innocent smile, unaware of the nickname she had given the man in earlier lives. Her flaxen blonde curls fell against her soft blue-green eyes. She stretched, but moaned along with the stretching. It felt as if her body were frozen over with ice.

“Yeah, just don’t do it again, Ace,” he replied, smiling at her.

“Are you warm?”


“Dude, just get under these covers. I’m freezing, Howie,” Ana whined immediately. She opened up the blankets to have Howie immediately crawl under them. She snuggled against his body, closing her eyes. Howie snaked his arms around her, hugging her tightly, as if it were a frequent event.

“All those years in Medical School I was wishing to do this, and now you just let me,” Howie teased.

“I knew you went into Medical School just to get into my bed,” Ana retorted as she finally gazed at her long-time friend. She felt her mind swell with past memories, as if it were a rushing river crashing against a creaking dam. She watched Howie roll his eyes, and she immediately did the same.

Howie and Ana had grown up as youngsters in the same house. They were almost destined to marriage, just as their family had planned, if Ana hadn’t been so standoffish about the ordeal. Their mothers had been roommates in College, and never wanted to part. Ana’s father had disappeared years ago, never to be mentioned in the home ever. Ana’s lived with Howie’s family until the car crash, then it was just Ana.

As the years passed, Ana found herself almost too comfortable in Howie’s family. She had a strong passion for curing things when she broke them. Her rage was almost too extreme at times, but Howie seemed to calm her down even in the wildest times.

When Ana reached seventeen, she was lost. She hadn’t a clue how to express herself. So, on a tangent of rebellion, she enrolled in Medical School. Her intelligence was never challenged during school, and she became a Paramedical Surgeon. The top of her class, but Howie had enrolled the same day.

So, he was second in the class. They always competed to be the best, but Ana had nailed the medical portion while Howie was good with people. They were a great team, although an air of sexual tension always encircled them. Ana was just glad to have her best friend with her when they joined the same team. Now, Howie was her partner for the Paramedical Surgeon Teams.

“Off in La-La Land?” Howie teased as he ran his hand in her tightly knitted curls. Ana growled as she tried to push his hand away, but it remained. She sighed with defeat as a large alarm sounded against the bed. Ana groaned as she watched the wall light up with information.

“Looks like another call,” Howie chuckled as he sat up. Each watched the information scroll against the white wall. The glow brought a pale yellow against their flesh-tones. The words came across quickly, dispatching them to a playground where a child had fallen. A severe injury had been sustained as the child fell against glass.

“Guess we’re going,” Ana answered, pulling the blanket off her. She jumped off the bunk-bed, hurriedly pulling her black boots onto her feet. Her small frame was tucked neatly inside her Paramedic uniform. She smiled as Howie grabbed her around the waist, pulling her to the ambulance.

“Looks like you get to heal again.”

“I love surgery, blood, and all that gore,” Ana admitted honestly as she pushed her medical bag into the ambulance. The other Paramedics poked their heads out of the bunks, and rolled their eyes when they saw Ana. Each knew that Ana was at the top of the station. She held the most power, besides the Chief, who seemed to have a thing for her, but she ignored it.

“That’s why you’re almost the head of the team.”

“And you’re still lagging!” Ana teased, poking Howie in the ribs.

“Hey, now! That’s just because I’m waiting to seduce you to get into a higher state of power,” Howie teased.

“Not if I get her there first,” their Chief, Barbaoi, called out. Ana and Howie glanced over to see the over-weight man leaning against the wall. His gray hair was slicked back with a bucket of grease. His eyes darker than black, shimmering against the whiteness of the sterile room. There was something so odd about the man. “Ride with me today, Honey!”

“I’d rather puke, Dear,” Ana muttered under her breath. Ana made a face of disgust as Howie tucked her inside his arms, shielding her from the man. Howie hated the Chief with a passion. He never wanted Ana to be treated with such mannerisms. He growled with disapproval as Barbaoi gave Ana a meaningful glance.

“Let’s go baby!” the Chief called again.

“Go kiss an-“

“Come on, Ace, you have a kid to save,” Howie answered, ignoring Barbaoi and stopping Ana’s quick temper. He kissed the top of Ana’s forehead, pushing her into the passenger’s side of the vehicle. He quickly ran over and jumped into the driver’s side. “Remember, you have to marry me first, okay?”

Ana finally gazed at Howie, giving him a humorous smile. “I’d rather have you than that slime-bucket any day!”

“Good,” Howie laughed, “Then I can buy the engagement ring today.”

“Sure! It better be expensive, too, Love,” Ana answered with a roll of her eyes. Howie grinned as he punched her arm lightly. She gazed out the window as Howie revved the engine. She sat back in her seat, closing her eyes. “I just wish Barbaoi would ram his head against the wall and knock himself out.”

Ana’s request was granted as the sharp shatter of bone against wall was heard throughout the room, and Howie sped off into the bright morning sky.


Jane sighed softly as she ran her hands against the green mirror. She watched as Ana and Howie laughed as they sang in the ambulance. Things were slowly appearing to be working. Ana’s habits had been reformed in the cryogenic machine. She waved her hand quickly, shattering the image before her. Jane rubbed her throbbing temples as she sat down on her throne, pondering.

Jamelet and AJ were lead to believe they were married and opening up a club, which would serve the purposes of the secret meetings. Nick and Rose were lead to believe that they were normal teenagers completing their last months of high school while they worked in Jamelet and AJ’s new club.

The other four were joined together also. Kimberly and Kevin were fooled into believing the story of being contractors. This would allow them to build the new empire. Brian and Alison were hired underneath Kimberly and Kevin as designers, allowing them to create the safety nets within the empire.

The other two were placed away from the others for safety precautions, incase one deceived the group. The destiny of one would haunt the others in their stay. Therefore, Ana and Howie were formed into Paramedics, creating Ana’s safe haven of protection from evilness. These two would never know of the others until the right time. Until the worlds collided.

“My Lordship?” a thick accented voice called.

Jane glanced up to see her former appointer on the gelled-screen. His image crackled slightly. Jane stood up to throw her cape upon her shoulders. She needed to check upon her niece and nephew. Her worries were increasing since the separation of the group. Too much was weighed upon each of their shoulders. “Yes, McLean?”

“Where are you going? Do you not remember the instructions given to you by your superior?” the man asked quickly.

“No,” she lied.

“You cannot contact the twins!”

“I wasn’t off to contact the twins!”

“You were off to destroy what we so patiently tried to create in light of the twins’ actions. You must have patience. Stay hid, or all will be lost. Once you are discovered by the Darker-Elitions, you are dead, as well as Jamelet, Alexander, Nick, Rose, Brian, Alison, Kevin, Howie, and Kimberly.”

Jane collapsed against her chair. She rubbed her temples again. She had been so drained since the arrival upon Earth. The ecosystem had affected her health worse than she could have imagined. She took a deep breath, going over the special group. “What about the other?”

“Which other, Madam?”


Before the man could answer, the call ended. Jane was left in a room of darkness. She made no move to exit through the portal. She merely closed it as a sign of defeat. She sighed heavily as she lighted the lanterns to fuel her home. Darkness surrounded her, and she was left in the darkness to fear the fate of her dying world.

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