Revelations – Chapter One

A few hours later a young woman no older than 26 came down, her footsteps echoing in the silent basement. Her short blond hair glittered eerily in the moonlight as her brown eyes scanned over the room for her niece and nephew.

“NICK! ROSE!” She called out, “C’mon, I know you’re here! You two were supposed to be back hours ago! I know i’m not you’re mother but I am your aunt and..” She trailed off as she came a upon a glass case about the size of a walk in closet, covered with frost. Curious, she wiped away some away to look inside, and was shocked at what she saw. The ten that were so desperately needed but didn’t know it, were trapped inside, frozen. Tears streamed down her face when her deep brown eyes caught sight of Nick and Rose, who were like her own kids, frozen in a hug she knew was for comfort cause they were so close. She then noticed a small timer attached to the door blinking ‘1000 yrs.’ in haunting neon light.

“NO!!!!” she screamed as a young servant girl came down, her black hair cascading down the middle of her back while her blue eyes were glancing about the room.

“Are you alright Queen Jane?” she asked softly as she descended down the stairs.

“No, look for yourself.”

She went up to the glass and peeped inside. She backed away immediately, horrified at what she saw.

“Don’t tell me these are the ones you spoke of?”

“Yes, sadly it is.” she admitted mournfully. Her face turned grim seeing that there was only one option now about what was to be done. “Go to James, and tell him I need a shuttle. We need to get these kids away from here and onto a safe planet. I have a feeling they’ll be needed again someday.”

“Yes ma’am,” she replied, running to the stairs. She paused as she began to ascend them, “What will happen to Venus now?”

Jane sighed and shook her head in despair. “May the gods save us all.”


During the next night the war she had been waiting for had finally began as she entered the shuttle. The good Venusian people she had ruled over after her sister’s death were now being destroyed by an evil unlike any they had ever seen. She had had visions of this and knew this day would come, but her sister had not listened while she reigned, nor would she about the chosen ten. While she left for her new destination, she took one last glance at her home just in time to see acidic clouds come out of a bomb like device, encasing the entire planet. The greenish-yellow clouds began let out a sickly green rain that was pure poison and started to eat the citizens flesh. Screams of pure terror rung out into the night, haunting her memories for many nights to come as she began to weep with the shuttle heading towards her new home.


Year: 3000

Jane Carter paced nervously around the cryogenic machine that had resided in her basement for the last 1000 years. She knew that they were to finally be free of the ice prison they had been captured in, but had no clue whether or not they’d still be alive. She had a feeling they would be however, so she had used her Venusian skills to alter a few things and set up a life for them here on earth. She knew now they would one day be needed and that they must be safe at all costs.

“It’s been a lonely 1000 years here,” she said to herself quietly as she fiddled with her light green shirt and brushed off her dark green capris. “I’ll be grateful for the company.”

Her brown eyes grew wide when the ice encased door snapped open, the ice and frost surrounding everything began to dissolve quickly. She went over and check Nick’s pulse and felt it speed up as he started to breathe again. She hurriedly grabbed her needles and injected them with a chemical, keeping them all asleep for the next 48 hours, making the adjustment easier for all of them. Once they woke up she knew they’d have no memory of Venus and would lives their lives as if they had grown up here. She sighed happily, knowing it was for the best.


Her blue eyes gazed around her room sleepily as she yawned and caught sight of her alarm clock reading 11:00 AM. She shot of bed, annoyed that she and her brother had overslept. She pushed her short golden blond locks out of her face while she went through the adjoining door that led her into her twin’s room in their quiant apartment. They had gotten it a few months ago, and it was close to the school they were now attending.

“Wake up sunshine!” she announced to the sleeping teen sarcastically. He groaned and put his forest green pillow over his head as Rose walked up to the bed.

“Oh, c’mon Ice, we’re supposed to meet Jamelet and AJ at the club in 20 minutes so we can get the quote-unquote grand tour.” She reminded him softly, using her nickname for him.

He threw the pillow at her and grumbled, “Wow Rain, who knew you’d be the one to wake me up for once. Is the world actually gonna end and you’ve become responsible?”

She grinned at the nickname, neither could remember how they had gotten them; they just knew they’ve had them since they were little kids. She walked into the bathroom they shared, grabbing a brush to do her hair.

“Nah, think about it Nick, it’s me!”

He smiles softly, getting out of bed and throwing on a red wife beater and black baggy jeans quickly. He then ran into the bathroom next to Rose, grabbing some gel and running it threw his blond locks, getting it spiked.

“Shoulda known, knowing you, you’ll never grow up.”

Rose laughed finishing the two braids she had put her hair in and pulling on her blue-green tank-top to go with her black bellbottoms.

“Life would get boring then though!” She smirks as she grabs a black leather jacket, “and I know Mr. Responsibility wouldn’t want that.”

Her brother chuckles quietly, shaking his head. “Lets go brat.” He says lovingly, tugging on her braids and gets his black trench coat as they rushed out of the house and into their crisp cool air of December. They hopped into the black jeep as Rose pushed Nick out of the way and got into the driver’s seat as he got into the passenger’s seat.

“Nah-uh, Nick…Today I’ve got da need for speed!” She cried, speeding off of the driveway and out of their quiet suburban neighborhood to meet their friends.

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