Revelations – Chapter Four

Jane watched on as the two young teens hit the two people she cared for most, the only family she had left.

“NO!” she screamed out into the darkness. Tears welled up in her deep brown eyes as some ran down her face slowly. She was tempted to go to them, but knew she couldn’t or she’d end up destroying them all.

She yelled in frustration, her short blond hair shining in the candlelight. This was bad, very bad, for this means Sanchez didn’t complete his mission. The two teens were supposed to be in their house, waking up with false memories, not their real ones. It was too soon, accidents like this could get them all discovered and killed. How her niece and nephew had gotten there, she wasn’t sure. Jane did know one thing however, because of the latest turn of events the twins had to gain back their memories and learn of their gifts NOW, not later. She threw her cape back and walked up to the green mirror to contact the others. They had to fix things before it destroyed them all…

He groaned softly as his ocean blue eyes gazed about the white sterile room and landed upon his twin sister, who was stirring as well. Her unfocused blue eyes, so identical to his own, glanced at him dizzily.

“Hey Ice, what happened? Do you know why were in a hospital? Last thing I remember is leaving the apartment to meet someone. Not sure who though.” She croaked out painfully.

“Yeah, I remember.” He told her, wishing he didn’t. Oh yeah, he remembered. The terrified screams as things had happened beyond his control.The pain that overwhelmed them when they had crashed. He looked over at his battered sister, Rain; when suddenly, he saw himself in a large castle. He was running through the red velvet halls chasing after his two sisters as the sun shone outside providing a beautiful view of the red planet nearby. He shook his head, thinking, ‘Sisters? But Rose and I were the only kids mom and dad had before they died. That’s impossible.And what is that red planet?’

“Ice? What happened then?” his twin’s voice interrupted his thoughts as he looked around confused at what just happened since he was back in the hospital.

“Oh, sorry. When we got there, the entire area was deserted.”

Her ocean blue eyes grew wide in horror as the memories came back to her, realizing she should be careful what she wished for, not wanting them anymore. She ran her hands through her tousled blond locks, trying to bring order to them. She was thinking of what happened. How when they were going back home, she had turned on Apocalyptic Ave., cause it was a shortcut back home. How they had screamed in fright when a glowing black ball came hurtling towards them and their black jeep went spinning out of control because she was so scared. How when the black ball impacted, everything went black as they flew out of the car.

“Rain? Rain?” Nick’s voice called, bringing her back to reality.

“I remember bro, but what was that black ball that hit us?”

Nick sighed in frustration, running his hands through the blond strands that lay messily on his forehead.

“A tracking bomb programmed to kill us. Why, I have no idea whatsoever.”

Just then a young woman about 5’2” came into the room, tying her long brown hair into a loose bun, locks escaping and cascading past her shoulders. Her peach complexion sparkled in the sunlight coming from a nearby window as her brown eyes skipped about the room nervously. The twins glanced at the door to see her, when everything shifted. Rose then saw the three of them waiting outside of a club, the red neon sign above blinking: El Silencio (the silencer) as the two moons shone down on them in the night. They watched the red planet set slowly into the darkness, and then they all entered the club. Rose looked about rapidly and suddenly she was back at the hospital in her white uncomfortable bed. She looked over to her brother and knew it didn’t happen to him.

“Oh my God, I am sooo sorry. The doctor said all you guys had was some deep bruises and a mild concussion. You guys should be out by tomorrow.”

“Sorry about what? The bomb wasn’t your fault. It’s a miracle we’re even alive.” Nick tells the girl quietly.

“What bomb? My boyfriend and I hit you guys on Apocalyptic Ave. last night.”

Rose looked at Nick nervously, her azure eyes full of confusion as she pushed herself up on her bed and ran her hands through her golden locks worriedly.

“I don’t remember that at all Ice.”

“Rain, don’t worry about it. It must have happened after we were hit. We were probably thrown out of the car from the blast and landed on the road. We were most likely lying there when they hit us.”

His sister looked back to the teen standing before them. Her blue eyes were full of pain and compassion.

“It’s alright, it wasn’t your fault. I guess the WW3 finally started.”

The girls’ brown eyes grew big as she whispered “World War Three?”

“Yeah, Earth was being attacked. It’s been all over the news.” Nick commented mournfully, “We were trying to find peace, but I guess we failed and the war started.”

“So that’s what happened.”

Nick’s eyes focused on the young woman standing before them. She looked so familiar, but he just couldn’t make the connection that he knew was there. He looked into his twins eyes that were so similar to his own, and knew she sensed it too.

“What’s your name?” they asked simultaneously as they motioned for her to sit on one of their beds. They felt a connection with her and they were determined to discover what it was. She came over sensing the same thing they did and sat next to Rose on her bed.


AJ sat outside the twin’s room silently wondering how she could do it. He had no idea how Jamelet could go in there. Once the questioning was done, the police had determined that because there was no light in that area, and the fact that the teens were unconscious before the accident; that he and his girlfriend were innocent and free to go. The minute they had walked outside the station, he was disgusted at the barren land that was once New York City. Jamelet had immediately demanded that they head straight for the hospital to see the people they had hit, but she had gone in alone; for he just couldn’t bear to go in there, knowing he had injured them. He was just about to get up and take a walk around the hospital, when two young people no older than eighteen came up and sat next to him.

“Mind if we sit here?” A young man asked, his baby blue eyes clouded with sorrow as he brushed back his sandy reddish blond hair under a navy blue cap.

“Yeah, sure. Are you guys visiting someone?”

A young girl glanced over at him sadly, her big brown eyes wet with tears as her straight brown hair cascaded down her back.

“Our two cousins were in an accident.”

“Aw, I’m sorry. Will they be okay?”

The blond teen smiled faintly.

“Yeah I think so, Kev and Kim are fighters.

At that AJ’s head snapped toward him.

“Do I know you guys? You two look oddly familiar.”

The young girl stood up, brushing off her pink baby tee, her brown locks toppling past her shoulders.

“I’m Alison, and this dork is my cousin, Brian.”

Brian looked at AJ softly; he felt as if the man was his best friend, yet he knew that he’s never met him before. He just couldn’t figure it out.

“You know I can say the same for you. What’s your name?”

“AJ, I’m here with my girlfriend.”

Alison grinned at him, her chocolate eyes shimmering softly in the light.

“Then I guess we can wait together.”

AJ grinned back for the first time since the accident.

“Yeah, I guess we can.”

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