Into The Fire – Preview

Here’s the thing about Division. You don’t choose it.

It chooses you.

My life before Division isn’t something I like to think about. I was in a dark and incredibly fucked up place. To be honest a lot of it was spent high or trying not to think about how much I wanted to be high. It’s weird because, I came from a good home once. I did. It was when I met my ex that I found myself losing my way into all that. So much so that I cut off the rest of the world. I can’t remember the last time I tried to even bother contacting any of them. I think they all thought I was dead long before Division found me and decided to fake my death.

When I was offered an out after, well, what I did…

You can’t blame me for taking it.

Here’s the kicker about it. It sounds like such a great chance, you get to be reborn. You get to be trained by the best and become the 2010 version of James Bond right? In my case, the female version of course. I mean even without the whole get out of jail free card it sounds pretty awesome. Percy comes off as a total ass but it’s a small price to pay. The person who always made me feel the most at home was Michael. You could tell he actually gave a damn about us. Unlike Birkhoff who was just annoying, or Amanda with her mind games, Michael actually got concerned. Well, at least if he liked you.

He liked Alex, for one. And he seemed to treat me the same way when I joined.

It was after I graduated however, that things got complicated.

When I became Cassidy Watson again.

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