Chemical Reaction – Preview


I guess my story starts back in 1980.

I was born with a hole in my heart. I got an infection when I was only five years old. The doctors had told my parents to start preparing funeral arrangements. My fever got so high they thought there would be brain damage. All my parents could do was pray.

That, is the story the world knows about my heart condition.

That story is nothing but a lie.

The truth of how I got better was more than the simple grace of God and answered prayers. Fate had its own hand to play. Someone in that hospital heard about a very sick little boy. Me, trapped in feverish dreams with little chance of a cure. So whoever that person was, came to my parents with a solution. It was risky, and it was dangerous. But to loving parents with no other options – what else could they do? Their decision that day is what saved my life.

It was also what changed me, who I was, forever.

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