Captured Carter

I’m insensitive, hence the title.

Remember how I said I’d have a Miles To Go update for you soon? Soon is now! Yup I managed to finish a chapter I’d been blocked on for awhile. I guess finishing Song For The Undead cleared that right up. Hopefully it continues! Enjoy the chapter and I’ll be back with day two of our Ten Days Of Undead.

Settled In and Writing Again

So forgive me if this post has any typos, I’m hopped up on cold meds LOL.

Sorry about the month delay on an update. Life got crazy but I’m settled and moved and at home enough to get going again. I don’t foresee anything keeping me from writing regularly anytime soon so there shouldn’t be any huge delays like that again for this story. Mainly because I love Miles To Go and how dark and twisted it shall become.

Anywho, enjoy the chapter!