Born To Be – Prologue

“Born To Be”


Five cloaked figures stood in the shadows of the funeral procession. It had been greatly respected, many mourners had gathered to watch the burial, the celebration of a precious yet short life that had flicked out like a snuffed flame of the night. The family was well known, the crowd large for such a young one who had gone beyond the sea into the life of the next. This wasn’t supposed to have happened. They began the walk as night fell quickly upon them. The darkness had been consuming the land since the one currently being honored had died. Light of any kind, including the natural one of the twin suns above them, was becoming extinguished more and more quickly with the passing of each day. Soon there would be almost none to keep the lost hope alive. Life itself was soon to be endangered. Life as the beings of this land knew it was far gone however few realized that fact yet. They were rightly focused on the lost one right then.

The quintet met within the hidden covens below the catacombs, abandoned long before their time. However, the time currently being spoken of was before them as well. For something had to be done.

“Howie, you know we can’t do this.” A voice with a soft, melodic accent spoke through the darkness as they reached their temporary haven. His bright azure eyes glanced about them as they activated the revealing incantation that let them go inside. For in the catacombs there was a vortex created by their own magicks, weakening with every second, where they would be safe from harm in any world. Soon their powers would be extinct, as would be the same with all creatures, when darkness gained final control over all.

“Do you have another idea?” Howie asked with evident frustration.

“Perhaps we must accept what fate has dealt us.” Pale hands removed the hood as he spoke, the eldest of the five, and so revealing the owner’s raven locks and dark jade eyes that rested within a caring face.

“Oh and I suppose knowing the world is doomed is an option? Screw that shit, I say fuck the rules and let’s go.” One with markings of spells from throughout time along his arms said.

“It will break the codes of Eos, and Thanatos, for one. Another is the fact this shall be binding us to the spell infinitely in ways we can’t even comprehend! AJ, I know you are the rebel, the one who defies all and delves into everything, including dark magicks, but are you willing to test that?” The fifth person questioned.

“I think the choice is out of our hands now.”

“If we must then Brian, then we shall.”

The five stood huddled together, a bright star-like shape developed within the center as a result from their gift. Chanting, it started softly in hushed tones between the five, grew louder as the power itself began to appear. Wind blew about them more and more fiercely, whipping their cloaks and hair with harsh strengths. The spell glowed with the strength and beauty of the heavens that would now and forever be denied to them as a result of this. But, it must be done. All must be done to save the one from it’s muddled change of fate. The prophecy must be fulfilled. If the darkness could interfere, so could the guardians. For they were the five powerful guardians told in legends past, born of Dabria and Asasiel. All was being risked to accomplish the goal. Still, would it be worth it?

It would be in his hands now.


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