A New Era



That’s the name of our album. Unbreakable, that just came out. Dammit I’m proud of it too. It’s true, and it fits. More than the fans see though ya know? And ya know why that is? Cause it ain’t just cause the group kept on after Kevin decided he was tired of fame, and it’s time to settle. Hell nah. Our bond is Unbreakable. All five of us. Kevin’s still with us, and I ain’t trying to be talking like the man is dead. Ya know a lot of LiveDaily people do that shit. He ain’t dead. But he heard the tracks as we recorded em, gave us advice and shit. Yet not too much. It was hella weird, cause, we had to keep on without him keeping our asses in line ya know?

Our place in music is unbreakable. Why? Cause we’re still here. Our music is unbreakable, cause it is what it is, good pop music. We never try to be anything else. We’re unbreakable, cause nothing has gotten to us to bring us down. No matter how hard the fuckers try.

Interviews. For example. I hate em. Man do I hate them. Some are cool, cool dude talking, we can joke, get some new damn questions, and chill. Then you get the asswipes. The fuckers who want your asses to fail and the only damn reason they’re even giving you the damn interview is cause their boss is making them cause we’ve done enough in music to get it. Aight I know it ain’t 1999 anymore, but we did start a damn pop evolution. Heh that blew up boybands and eventually bit us back in the ass, but we did do it. It will be remembered, like the whole British thing back in the days of Beatles and stuff.

I ain’t saying we’re like The Beatles. Oh hell no, I ain’t that cocky. You think I’m Justin Timberlake or something? Boy thinks he’s Prince or Michael Jackson or some shit. I’ll never be that damn cocky. Anyways, interviewers, heh they been focusing more on me lately. Kevin ain’t there to take the questions anymore. We all try and tackle em, but they started on me and so I handle em. I take em on. People think I’m stupid cause of old mistakes. I never could focus. One fan told me I could have ADHD she thought, and was a psychology major. Heh, I don’t know. But I’m an adult now, I can handle my shit.

Like on TRL. TRL is shit now, not like when it was big in the 90’s. Fuck that shit was 10 years ago now. I feel old. But Jive said do it. We did. That Damien dude, he’s a bigger tool than Carson. Maybe that’s why no one watches that shit now. Ya know, he kept bringing up how long we’ve been in the game. The fact we’re a boyband. Man fuck that shit! Yeah we’re a boyband. Yeah we’re still here. Last one standing bitches! Proud to be a boyband too!

Unbreakable ain’t doing good on the charts. We know. We care. No matter what we say otherwise. Ya know we’re lying when we don’t. C’mon, it’s our lives, we have to care. But we fought tooth and nail for the songs on the album. “Helpless When She Smiles”, and “Inconsolable” making it were what Jive forced us to put on it and have as singles. It was the deal we made for the gold songs, like “ One in a Million”, “Panic”, “Downpour” and our baby, “Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon” to get anywhere near our record. Sacrifices. We made one ten years ago, naïve and shit when we had that contract. We didn’t know control would mean so much later. It does, and we’re fighting. We’re paying the price.

But we ain’t gone yet. We’re down, we ain’t out.

So screw it. We’re here, down a man, making music. We’re Unbreakable.

New era, here we come.

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