Back from the dead (braaaaiiiins…)

So real life has kicked my ass royally. Between work and then the cruise, and then I’m moving and then more work… I’m sorry. It really sucks cause I’m so close to finishing Show Me A Reason that it’s criminal I got delayed for about three months. So for that, I’m sorry. That said I’m really working on getting myself back into things. I’m still in the process of moving so it might be staggered but it’ll happen. My other goal is finishing Song For The Undead with Julie cause we have a GREAT idea we’d love to do next if we can find the time LOL.

So with that, I leave you with a chapter of Show Me A Reason and a promise the wait won’t be nearly as long before the next chapter.


Random Rainbow Ramble – Who’s as excited as I am for the BSB Documentary! Next month! NEXT MONTH! *fangirl squee*


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